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Secret Hatchlings

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A beam of yellow light sweeps across the plain. The swooping beam touched six nests. You are one of those eggs. Instantly, all six eggs hatch and the leader, Windsflight, gasps in horror. Long ago that same beam of light came and it hit three eggs. Each of the three eggs was told when they hatched that they would become great, and they all did, in their own way. Windsflight was very ambitious and, his ambition was steered the wrong way. He was stingy and did not want to give up leadership and his power without a fight. He thought that the six hatchlings will take over the whole kingdom, like he and the two other powered dragons did. Your parents were bawling and your siblings haven't hatched yet. Your mother reached out a talon to touch you and Windsflight hissed. Your father stepped up and roared "Who are you to take away our babies just because they are special!? Era treated you like a normal hatchling! Why can't you return the same favor!?" Windsflight swiftly knocked your father into a rock. "Do not ever speak that name again!" he growled, thinking about Era. You and the other hatchlings look at each other and huddle close as Windsflight comes near. Suddenly a big white dragon with black specks lifts you on his back and flies away. He swoops and dives, leaving your cliff homes far behind. He comes to rest beside a small pond. He puts you down beside each other. "Forgive me, it was an order, and orders are orders." He bowed and then he lifted off and was gone.





You are in a barren land and five other hatchlings are with you, banished and alone. There are two options in front of you. They are, try to go back or forget about your old home and move on. There are many dangers out there, your job is to survive or die out here, where only five others will ever know.






1} Only six people may join this RP as one of the powered dragons from the main clan. You may join with as many other dragons as you want (For example, you may join as a dragon from another clan who had a similar experience as the other six hatchlings and you might join their group; or you can join as a rider with a dragon. Basically, you may join with as many other random dragons from random other dragon clans or, rouge groups, or anything! )

2} Keep you dragon limit to 3 and keep your human limit to 3. You may only have ONE of the six hatchlings, your other two may be in Windsflight's Clan or anywhere you wish.

3} Do not copy thus RP in any way, shape, or form.

4} Do not fight, if you do will be banned from this RP (A biggie, your dragons may fight, BUT you may not fight with other players in the RP)

5} You may have mates, eggs, etc.

6} No random OOC messages. The ONLY thing I will allow is Gtg and/or I'm Back. THATS IT!

7} It’s my RP, so my word is law and I reserve the power to change rules any forbid something

8} Your minimum post has to be five sentences long. This is an advaced RP.

9} No God Modding or Powerplaying. You can get kicked for that.

10} If I say that you are kicked for doing something that is against the rules, then your gone, don't argue.

11} Don't make your dragon super powered, [unless your one of the six, duh! lol]




Rider: (optional)

One of the six hatchlings?

Not one of the six hatchlings? (if not one of the hatchlings, then put what your dragon is and how they met the hatchlings or how they are going to meet the hatchlings.)


Type of dragon:



There are NO more spots for the secret hatchlings! You can be another dragon though!

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(Sorry Guys! I Totally Forgot About This!)




I flex my lavender and light sky blue wings and breath a blast of cold into the air. It surrounds me and freezes. The cold now comes down as ice. I pick some up and freeze little spots of cold and stick the ice to the spots of cold on my wings. Now I had icicles hanging on the underside of my wings. I smile. I breath a puff of cold into the air and fly through it. All the loose scales fall off and new ones grow back. All my minor wounds heal. I look around. We are alone. I walk a few paces and see a big crevice. We are in the middle of a rocky land. About 100 miles from WindsFlight's Cliffs. I walk into a crevice and list what I can do with my powers in my head to keep me busy. Can heal myself and others with cold, can make things real with cold, can blow cold wind and made sand, Leaf, stick, ok I can make anything not too heavy blow, that means sandstorms! I love sandstorms. Or ice storms. I look around. The crevice is wide enough for the five Hatchlings to live in. I know them all. We were good friends before WindsFlight kicked us out. Luna,Xaphan,Toni,Sterling, And Me. I shake. All my scales are gleaming, and cold. All my little wounds are sealed up, never to be seen again. Ugh! Why did I have to get a power? I have always wanted to be leader, but not like this, outcast. I will probably have to kill WindsFlight if I ever want to go back. He has made it clear the he hates me, all because of my stupid power!I have two Cold Spirits (Hope you don't mind me using Toni's idea!) their names are Nevia, and Nora. Nevia is a girl and Nora is a boy. They are mates. Us three, we share a strong telegraphical link. Shimmer, do you know where Nora is? Nope. I'm right here sillies!



Italicized is Shimmer's thoughts

Blue is Nevia

Purple is Nora

Bolded grey or grey is Shimmer

Green is going to be Laural

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((Can I keep Ventus and Albus, then? <:) ))


"Ouch!" squeaked Toni as she collided with the ground. She got up and watched Windsflight's worker fly away. She had fallen off his wing not far from Shimmer. "Shimmer!" she called, running up to the purple Ice hatchling. "You're okay!" Sparks flew out from under her feet, like a trail of green glitter. It was not under her conscious control; she couldn't help it. Who are you? "Ah! Who was that?" said Toni, looking around to find the strange voice. Albus! Leave this poor hatchling alone! Whatever. Albus! Fine, sorry. "Hello? Who's there?" said the extremely confused Toni. "What is Albus? Show yourselves!" Sparks were flying off her body, going in every direction. The two wind spirits flew in front of Toni. I'm so sorry, confused hatchling. My name is Ventus, and this is my sister Albus. I can introduce myself, you know. Well, too bad, you've already been named. Albus just glared at Ventus and sighed. It's not often we find one wih the ability to hear us you know. It's a very rare talent, consider yourself lucky. Toni reached out to touch Ventus. Are you real? Wow, I'm speaking inside my own head! Cool! Of course we're real, don't you know anyth- ALBUS! Be nice! Albus just stuck out her tongue and continued to glare. So.. what can you guys do? Would you like a demonstration, it's more fun that way. Sure! Wish granted.They lifted Toni up into the sky with wind and tossed her up into the clouds. "This is so much fun!" she said. "It feels like flying!" You can harness this power for yourself, just ask any wind spirits. The nicer ones will cooperate. Wow, really? Yes. Then can I try? Sure.Toni felt as if the wind was rushing into her as their powers were given. She could control it with her mind; she just had to think about what she wanted to happen and poof! It happened. "Wow, this is really easy!" She made a ball around herself and flew around, looking at the clouds. Having fun? Yeah, this is great! She brought herself to the ground and felt the winds rush away. She shook her head and padded over to Shimmer. "Where will we go now?" she asked, realizing that they wouldn't survive for long out in the open.


((Ventus, Albus, Toni... I'll just keep adding it.))

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(yeah, but didn't you have one more? And please repost their coloring, it gets confusing. If you have a color just put it in your siggie ok? Like say Venus is green in the secret hatchlings or so drying like that unless you want to repost it all the time. Please put it in your siggie.)

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((Yeah, Ictus. But you said there was a three dragon limit, so I got rid of him.))

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((I changed Xaphan's name to Draco >.>))


Draco picked himself up off the ground and surveyed his surroundings... they were alone, there were no other dragons in sight apart from them. Draco slowly started to feel depressed... he wanted his parents... he wanted his mother to tell him stories. Rain clouds started to form in the sky, his mood had affected the weather. Draco ran into the crevice where shimmer and Toni were in order to escape the rain. Reaching the crevice entrance, he shook his scales to get rid of the water. "Where... where are we?... why were we kidnapped?..... Are our parents safe?...." he asked.

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Twinsal flapped her great wings, soaring though the clouds, bomb-diving in them swiftly but however playfully. She span around, creating a hole in a cloud and then she swooped like an arrow, folding her wings and lisened to the wind rushing pass her ears. She grinned as she was falling down at great speed. Then when the clouds cleared, she spreaded her large dull brown wings and caught the wind, which made herself get thrown back as she almost hitted the ground.


"Wait for me!" she heard someone. The spitfire dragon peered behide her and saw the smaller black dragon panting while flying his wings rapidly trying to catch up. Oh no. That was Kack. Some annoying little dragon which was told to follow her around cause he was a messager. He needed to follow her cause they both work for the same guy, also Twinsal needed to use him as like a postbox or something to tell their leaders and boss if they found anything importent. "Why do you have to fly so fast...?" he panted loudly in a annoying voice. Twinsal didn't bother to answer back as she was already flying ahead of him. "Oh come on!" he complained and flapped harder to keep up, flying besides her. "Our boss, he wants us to find some hatchlings"

"Easy," Twinsal rolled her eyes as she flew above the rocky landscape.[/color]

"No I mean't, that he wanted us to find some hatchlings blessed with rare powers..."

"Rare powers?"

"Yes, rare powers which may can kill Windsflight and these hatchlings could take the main power over all dragons and his clan. I believe that the hatchlings would seek revenge on Windsflight for making them leave their old home"

"But how would some hatchlings have the power to kill Windsflight? He is one of the most strongest dragons in history!"

"Like I said, rare powers"

"Hmm... very well. We will look for these 'hatchlings' and do whatever Windsflight wants us to do with them," Twinsal told Kack. She span around again, dodging a large tree. Kack was about to say something but then saw the tree in their way and just at the last second, flew up and just missed the tree's spikie branches.


Onrage = Background, telling everyone whats going on.

Blue = Twinsal talking.

Black = Kack talking.

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Toni gave a deep sigh. "I don't know... what will we do?" she asked, sighing again. The air around them began to crackle with electricity, making it warmer. Suddenly a giant neon-green lightning bolt struck the ground with an echoing crash! Toni glared outside, hot sparks dancing around her. "Why couldn't Windsflight accept the fact that we were special and leave us alone?!" she growled, shaking with rage. She walked over to a wall of the crevice and scored her claws down, leaving deep scratches in the stone. Another lightning bolt crashed to the ground, sending a shower of sparks in every direction.Dragon, what are you doing? Calm down, please! Toni took her claws out of the wall and turned to face Albus and Ventus who were gripping her shoulders with their featherlike paws. Please stop. She sighed once more and looked at the wind spirits. I-I'm sorry... and please, call me Toni. The lightning stopped striking and the wind had stopped rushing through the wasteland. Without her meaning to, she had snatched the spirits' powers and channeled her anger into part of the storm. "I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to do that." Toni laid down on the floor of the crevice and watched the raindrops fall.


((Toni, Ventus, Albus))

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(I changed her to a nebula since that would make her much more like her power, this means she was born with wings since nebulas are born with them and don't have front legs also her wings have small claws on the very tips like a bat so she could walk. She is stil the size of a normal hatchling. Is this okay with you?)

Luna lifted herself of the ground "What happened? Why did he just leave us here?" Luna walked over to the others. She used her front wings like a bat when she walked. She looked around the area. She looked around "Well at least we have water, what will mom and dad do? I hate windflight how could he do this! not only are we now alone and without them but they are without their babies!" Luna layed down. Tears streamed down her face but she hid her head not wanting to show the other hatchlings how sencitive and scarred she truly was. "Why would he send us away? " Luna thought as she sobbed into her tail. She rubbed her head against her wings and wiped away her tears. She wanted nothing more than to be a normal hatchling at home with her mom and dad, but the light had touched her and she was who she was and there was no changing that. Luna never wanted to show her weakness and sat upright "What do you think we should do next?"



thoughts are the dragon or persons color and are italicized.

Luna's words are blue and normal.

I like how everyone is making a spirit and i wanted to know if I could make a star one?

Green will be Jilinx's words.

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"If you were Windsflight, were would you put a hatchling?" asked the spitfire dragon. The small black dragon tilted his head to his side and thought hard.

"Hmm... somewhere were they cannot get home?"


"In a forset?"

"Windsflight isn't like that."

"What about a cave?"

"I don't think so..."

"What about a clearing? Like in the middle of the forrest in a clearing?"

"I dunno."

"Okay then," Kack says in a annoying way. "If YOU were Windsflight, where would YOU hide the hatchlings?"

"Somewhere far away. Pehaps somewhere... like the pond? That place is really far away from the clan of Windsflight."

"You want to cheak it out?"

"Pehaps we should," smirked Twinsal. She flapped faster and there was a loud Whosh! The dull brown dragon was zooming away with the black dragon panting loudly as he chased after it.


((M'kay, i'm not gonna be writing in onrage any more))

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Draco curled up at the back end of the cave, it was cold here and the rain did not help at all. Desperate to keep himself warm, he instinctively let loose a small jet of fire from his mouth. The flame hovered in front of him, taking the shape of a small sphere, next it multiplied into several small spheres of fire and formed a "hoop" around Draco, the heat managing to evaporate the water that accumulated on his scales. Draco missed his parents, he missed the sense of protection he had when his mother placed a wing over him..., he missed her soothing bedtime stories. Draco did not feel like this power of his was a gift, he felt it was a curse. If his egg had not been touched by the magical stream of light, then he would have been safe in his nest living a normal life... thats all he wanted... to be normal... Yes power is great, however to achieve it this way... to Draco, it was not worth it....


Draco let loose a hatchlings roar, the sound reverberated off the Stalactites and stalagmites that filled up the cave. It was a roar of a dragon in pain...

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Toni walked over to Luna and patted her forehead gently with her paw. "It'll be okay, you are not alone. We walk in two lands, that of the spirits and that of the dragons. Your's will show up soon enough." Albus and Ventus floated over and sat down on each of her shoulders. Guys, Luna is not a chair. So? Please get off. We just wanted her to feel the touch of a ghost. My apologies, Tonitruum. It's fi- wait how do you know my real name? We are connected. When you are angry, we feel it. If you are hurt, we know. If you are afraid, we know why. Wow, really? Yes. We can read your thoughts, too. That's how I got your name. Tonitruum Scintillae, meaning Sparks Thunder. That's so cool! You can read our thoughts and emotions too, you know. Sweet. Toni got up and looked outside. Please stop this rain, we are cold. She willed the rain to stop, not knowing she was not yet strong enough. It wavered and lessened, but soon broke out of her control. "Ugh!" she growled in frustration. Another green bolt of lightning crashed down to Earth with a deafening boom. "Ah! I'm sorry!" she squeaked, retreating to the back of the mini cave. You need to learn to stop doing that. Really think so?! Yeah. That helps a lot, thanks. You two, please do not argue. Fine. Whatever. Sorry. Ventus just sighed and sat down on the floor. Toni walked over to her and nuzzled her shoulder. I'm sorry. It's okay, young one. I know Albus acts like a child, but we are 566 years old! In other words, immortal in spirit form. I DO NOT ACT LIKE A KID! "I see your point," Toni whispered to Ventus. "Shimmer, do you have a spirit guardian too?"


((Toni, Albus, Ventus, multicolor words are two speaking at once.. ex blue and red= Toni AND Albus))

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((Can she have a pet that follows her around and shares thoughts with her... Like how you guys have spirits?))


Lightning and thunder crashed. Sterling was jolted awake and her first instinct was to huddle closer to her mother, but then she realized her mom was not there. Frantically she tried calling out, but her cries were lost in the wind. She saw Toni, Luna, and Shimmer and then she remembered where she was and why she was there. Why did Windsflight have to throw me out? Couldn’t we live in peace? Using the light provided by lightning bolts Sterling made her way toward the small cave. Soon she had reached the cave entrance. One bolt came down right behind her and she went running inside the cave. Literally in a second she was at the back of the cave. That was the power the light beam had given her, whenever she is in danger she is able to run at very fast speeds. It wasn’t as fancy as the other hatchlings but Sterling didn’t care. She approached the small group of hatchlings consisting of Shimmer, Toni, and Luna. “Hello everyone. Do any of you know where we are?


((Red is Sterling talking

Italics is thoughts))

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"No sign of them here," Twinsal told Kack.



"I CANNOT HEAR YOU," Kack yelled back at her. They were at least 30m away from each other and the wind was picking up. The weather was getting worse. It started to grey and get dull colors and the black clouds were covering the sun. Twinsal was going to yell back then Kack was like "Just kidding! I can hear you perfectly fine."

Twinsal growled with annoyance and spit a jet of flame at Kack. The black dragon yelped as the flame hitted his face, burning it a little. Kack was lucky that dragon scales were fire-proof but it still hurted a little. Twinsal turned her forus back to the ground, scanning the area for the hatchlings. There wasn't a single sign of them anywhere. She was starting to wonder if it was possable to ever find the hatchlings before they reached back to Windsflight's lair. Then all of the sudden, she saw a green flash in her eye cornor. Straight away, she knew that it wasn't any normal lighting strike. It seems that Kack was thinking the same thing. She nodded to Kack, giving him the signal that it was time to cheak it out. She heard more booms as they flew towards the place where they saw the lighting strike.

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Luna felt strange like she was being watched. She turned to the sky, and felt even worse. She looked towards the horizon and was sure she saw two dragons flying before they went behind a cloud. She could see in the dark as a Nebula and couldn't understand why dragons other than nebulas or nocturns would be out at night. One of the dragons was smaller than the other. "should I tell the others?" Luna thought. She turned away "I better go over to the others and see what they are doing" Luna thought walking to the group. A cold misty breeze swirrled around her giving her chills and making her jump "Please don't be scared..." Luna thought she heard a voice and jumped up into the air and almost ran to the others but it spoke again. "Please don't be scared I won't hurt you." out of the mist a hatchling nearly Luna's size apeared from the wind. Its scales glistened with the stars. "I am all alone here, I am a spirit dragon but I can only connect with those connected with the stars. " Luna then felt safer and walked up to the ghostly dragon. "I can read your thoughts, I never have been able to read any other dragons thoughts only you you are the only one that has ever had such a deep connection. There is a great power that lies within you." Luna walked up to the dragon and he sat upright " What is your name?" Luna smiled "Luna is my name" " I'm afraid I don't have a name" Luna sat down next to him " How about Shine?" He smiled at Luna " Then my name is Shine. "



italized + dragon or humans color = thier thought or talking through thoughts to spirit or human

Luna is blue

Shine is red

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From the back of the cave, Draco watched the other hatchlings converse with one another and their respective spirit companions. Draco had no intentions of going over to them... heck he had no intentions of just staying in this cave and doing nothing. He was cursed with this immense power, and by god he was going to use it to get what he wanted... and right now all he wanted was to be in his nest, snuggled under his mothers protective wing being lulled to sleep. Snuffing out the several orbs of flame that danced around his body. He ran out of the cave, knocking into the others in the process, Draco never looked back though... all he knew was that the life he longed for... the life he would have had, if not for this curse was out there somewhere....Draco ran and he ran, the cave entrance slowly becoming smaller behind him. Draco was unknowingly running in the direction of the two dragon's, hunting the hatchlings.

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Toni's anger had faded away, causing the lightning to stop. "Ouch!" she squeaked as Draco cannoned into her. "Watch where you're going," she said irritatibly, not knowing he was already gone. She stepped out of the crevice, watching Draco flee. Where is he going? We do not know everything, dear Toni. Hey, what's that? Not falling for it, Albus. No I'm dead serious, who's over there? Albus, please stop. No, really! Fine, what? Toni's eyes widened as she spotted the two dragons coming towards the through the storm. A couple sparks shot away from her, hitting the raindrops and dying. "Um, Shimmer? Everyone? I think there's a problem..." I will go look and see what is going on. Thanks, Ventus. Toni smiled at Ventus as she flew out of the cave and into the storm. So Albus, Ventus said something about being in spirit form? Yeah...? Do you have a real dragon form? Yes... Can you show me? Please? Yeah, sure, fine. Thank you! Albus glimmered for a second then vanished into a puff of fog. Toni waved a paw to dispell the fog, revealing a dragon the size of Toni standing on the ground. She had the build of an average four-legged dragon with ghostly white scales. Her eyes were a gentle but bright blue color. A silvery mane ran down her neck and a silver tuft sat upon the tip of her tail. ((Like a Silver dragon mane, 'cept it's not blue/pink.)) Just then, Ventus zipped through the opening of the crevice.Get everyone else, there are strangers headed directly towards the cave. With a flash, Albus returned to normal form and Toni ran over to the the others. "Guys, there are strange dragons headed this way!


((Man, it's been so much fun giving the spirits a personality. They even have speech patterns/the way they talk. It breaks down like this:


Albus: Funny and a jokester, almost never serious; hyper. Acts like a little kid often.


Ventus: Twin sister to Albus, complete opposite. Serious and never fools around. Feels like Albus's babysitter all the time.


Ictus: Not related to Albus or Ventus, usually quiet and dark; not very pleasant to be around. However, he is very kind hearted; his shyness keeps it hidden away. (If I'm allowed to keep him, of course.)


Toni, Ictus, Albus, Ventus))

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Shine turned his head and disapeared into the air again "Luna, somone is comming two dragons, we need to get out of here." Luna turned to were he had disapeared. "What?" there was no answer a few seconds passed and he returned and became visable again. "They are looking for hatchlings, you and those who were touched by a light, they are not freindly and are from somone named windsflight, I overheard them." Luna quicklly relized that the two dragons who she had seen were them and that was the reson they were out when it was dark. She dashed back as fast as she could and Shine ran by herside. His feet never touched the ground and he looked like a shadow dragon. "Faster!" she relized how far she was from the group and knew she was a easy target for the dragons. She ran faster and faster quickly glancing over her shoulder to see what was behind her. She watched felt as the stars began to shine light on her and she began to feel energised. She glanced up again and didn't see were she was going and hit Draco head on flipping her in the process. Shine flew over her and landed in front of her "Draco?" Luna stood up "What are you doing here!" "You know him?" shine quickly asked "yes" Luna thought. "Okay" Shine quickly dissapeared. "Draco we need to get out of here there are dragons trying to kill us!" Luna glanced up towards the dragons in the sky "You may not see them but I do, just trust me you need to run!" Luna looked at Draco and looked at the sky again seing them getting much closer. Luna is a Nebula and can see in the dark better than any other speciese of dragon. She hoped he would belive her and that he would run. She was afraid to leave him "You run first and I will follow you making sure they don't see us or catch up, don't light any fires or give them any hints as to were we are." Shine apeared through the air again "No you are going to run right now!" Shine shoved Luna past Draco and swirled the air around them running in a circle trying to earase thier scents, but spread them everywere but at least if they found there scent it would be everywere and not just in a path. "GO!"

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Draco was momentarily caught off guard. "Ow.. what... what was that..?" he had crashed into something, or rather he had collided with someone. "Luna?" he shook his head, trying to regain his focus.


"Draco we need to get out of here there are dragons trying to kill us!" Luna glanced up towards the dragons in the sky "You may not see them but I do, just trust me you need to run!"


"Run?... No!" Draco glared. "We were cursed with this tremendous power. A power so great that even Windsflight fears us!. He took us away from our Family... and you expect me to run?!. NO! I am going to use this curse, and stand up to his tyranny!" Draco paused. He was consumed with his desire for revenge, his desire to grasp any remnants of the life he once had... Draco stood motionless as Luna's spirit companion erased their scents, the inside of his mouth glowing orange. The storm was getting fiercer, thunder clouds formed over them splashing the ground with sparks and painting the sky yellow with every strand of electricity it shot . The wind howled and caused the cold rain to hit the sides of Draco prickling his scales (Sort of like pins and needles).


Draco was no longer in control of his powers, his powers were in control of him. Draco sank his claws into the ground, readying himself for a fight.



((Trying to R'P Draco as the type who people are not sure "Whose side he is on?" sorta. You know the saying "Not everything is black and white and that there is always going to be a gray area" Like we don't know if his intentions are pure or not etc))

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((Toni needs her own power, Draco can produce lightning and wind, Shimmer can do wind. What should I do? >n< I want something totally unique to HER.))

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(Draco technically can't control wind, he can create it but not control it. He can control the weather and manipulate fire. Sort of like a mix between Storm and pyro from X-men. How about, Manipulation of water, Manipulation of Earth, Manipulation of gravity, Control over Kinetic energy (You touch something and can easily increase its momentum forward etc)

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Luna wanted to attack Draco just for not running but heard Shine "Luna run and get out of the way, he can fight and protect himself, your..." "I'm what?!" Luna snapped in her mind. "you don't know what you can do yet.... you need to run now... then we will see if you can do anything" Luna growled at Shine "If I can do anything! that light touched me and I had to give up everything for this my family, my home and my life, I will do something!!!" Luna shouted out loud and picked a rock up in her mouth and launched it at Shine. He quickly disapeered and the rock hit a tree. A glow emit on Luna's skin after she had launched the rock. She didn't focus on the glow and instead noticed how fast the rock had shot and the small trail it had left of fire as well as the huge burns on the tree. She picked up another rock and shot it into the night, her glow disapeared and she felt weak, the rock flew at a very fast speed and a tail of light followed it. When it hit the ground a small blue explosion took place. She dashed back into the light feeling she had to. She began to glow again at a suprising speed. She rushed back to Draco and grabbed another rock. "Fine you want to fight, I'll fight with you." She then took of towards the dragons holding the rock in her mouth. If she tried harder to shoot the rock, she thought she might be able to really do some damage. The full moon shone brightly on her scales and her eyes glowed and peered through the dark. " Ya Shine I realy can't do anything, ya right!" she was filled with rage and wanted to destroy something but she didn't know what. Luna needed to call the others "Shine, I'm sorry I attacked you, I need you to please tell the others what is happening and lead them here" Shine spoke in her mind "I shouldn't have said what I said, I wanted you to be safe. I can see that isn't the way maybe the others can help you, I will be back. I will go and tell the others, I can't communicate with them but maybe I can wright it.. if they have spirits maybe they will be able to see me and understand me..." Shine dashed of and Luna saw the outline of his figure leave her. She felt alone but turned and saw Draco and felt saffer. She relized she was no match for a real dragon and fear took over her. She stopped and the grass around her glowing making her a target with no were to hide. She managed to mutter out three words "Draco are you comming?"

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Shine ran towards a group of hatchlings "How am I going to do this, I don't know if this will work. I never have even met another spirit dragon what if I can't communicate with them!" Shine worried more and more but began to disappeared and run faster until he was clear and only a outline remained of him. He launched into the air and his wings left a cold grey mist following shortly behind them. He became clearer and clearer untill only a breeze remained and then nothing.

He reached the hatchlings in a matter of seconds and returned to being visable "Can anyone hear me! Luna and draco are in trouble they need help."[color/] He dashed around until the hatchlings and created a breeze of wind. The breeze was so cold it was chilling to the bone, the coldness always followed him. "Please somone hear me!!!"

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Twinsal looked around the area carefully as she flew around at great speed. She thought she saw something running then there was bumping then there was something wanting on the ground.

"They look like they want to put up a fight," Kack told her calmly. Twinsal took a quick look at him then back down at the hatchlings below them. She never actully knew that his eyesight was stronger then hers.

"Well we here to fight them anyway?"

"Well. Nope."

"Nope...?" Twinsal spoke in a cold throne.

"Haha! You say that as if you almost sound scarie!"

Twinsal growled again, opening her mouth to breath more fire at him. Kack whimpered and flew away from her. But then Twinsal remembered that it wasn't worth it. It wasn't worth wasting her time on this annoying black dragon when she was on a importent mission. The when Kack saw that she wasn't going to breath fire at him, he flew back closer towards her. "Well Windsflight wants them dead but he doesn't want himself to kill them. And we wouldn't be able to take on hatchlings which were blessed with such strong powers which would almost be able to kill Windsflight. So we should call the other dragons and let them know that we spotted them."

"So, no killing?"

"Nope!" Kack yelled in a cheerful but annoying way. "Well I would love to see you kill at least one of them then you get showered in lighting and ice blasts"

"Then what do we do?"

"We call in the other dragons. Well what I would call it, Call in the Raid. They can handle killing the hatchlings."

"Very well. I'll call it-"

"Nah, i'll call it in," Kack winked at her. He flapped his small wings and threw himself upwards. He paused in a spot when he got high enough and breathed in a huge breath...

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