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xhunters poems

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i brought them over from other sites so people can enjoy them i will add more to them later. updateded poems and new ones will be at the top if there is anything special about them i will let you know.


(just crossed my thoughts to type these)

The harlequin No one Knows


The harlequin No one Knows

Has more than one woe

Ever lasting as it may be


Hardly the end of it though

Are the long days of preforming

Reacting every same advent

Living a life of sadness

Ending nothing as she puts her mask on

Quickly like a shadow

Under cover of shadows

In the changing rooms

Never giving up unfinished business



Over the years she would reflect


One true meaning to her life

Never could live without that one inspiration

Ever so careful because her life means not as much as what she inspires


Knowing it is not the end

Never caring but for the next show

O the never ending drama of the play!

Woeing silently and continuing the pointless and passionless play

Seeing everything for what it is but on longer caring, just board




Party everything that happens

after every move

in every day of life and down every street

never too weak to conquer




Woeful things arn't they?

Over and over i hear them

Reading them or hearing them

Doing what they will

Sounding out emotion like a thousand thoughts


probably not the best i will be working more on it later.

What can you say


what can you say

when a child ask why the sky cries

what would you say to it

when there are no real way they can understand


what can you say

when you look into the face of someone that has lost something

what would you say to them

when there is no way you possibably can't help it


What can you say

when there is nothing to say

What would you say

When there is nothing you should say



(personalty i don't consider this one of my bests though i think that it still is one of the most memorable ones i have. ))


I am

I am the song in the trees

I am the burdon of soul

I am the sound of my heart

I am no more


I am not the person you want me to be

so back off will you and let me speak,

I am what the world turned me into

I am the one who stands at the shore

I am the one who liens on the wall to watch as it draws near

I am the one who is no more

I am no less

I am no person

I am a object

I am the one who will always save them all

I am without religoin

I am without creed

I am without a desire


I am without a care

I am Xhunter


((most of my poems like this one and a few others i have are about nature))




have you seen a sunset?

tell me what you seen,

was it gold or blue?

do you have even a clue,


did it make you think?

or did you just blink,

was it a good one or a bad one?

or have you never seen one,


((this is a set of poems that i made for a few of the seasons))


Green Forest


Growing again after a seasons sleep

Rising all its greens

Ever green here

Ever green there

No stop to the Ever Greens


Filling the empty spaces

Over the trees the leaves grow

Right into the ever growing canipy

Ending at the trees fingers

Starting at the Ground and contune growing again

Till the Start of gold


Gold Forest


Gold starts to form on the leaves

On the top to the bottem

Layers the canipy with new found riches

Downing the last of the greens


Forming over the forest like a virus

Only to stop as the green is dead

Resting the forest in sick riches

Ending the growth of green

Saying around for a little longer

Till the riches starts to lessen and white starts to form


Snow Forest


See the white?

Near the trees

On the ground and on the leaves

With the grey in the sky?


From the sky to the ground

Over the land to the sea

Running for sun to the moon

Ending at the start of green

Staying for another day

To last till spring


((i thought up a conversion between the snow and sky it was rather funny to make))




…how sweat my kiss is…

…Cold and bitter you say…

…my love may be as bitter as the cold…

…or it may be as the thorn you say…


…you with the sad heart…

…don’t be discovered don’t you realize…


…My song my be as the snow…

…Like the storms of the north are say…


…My passion is of the night…

…You mock my words why?…


…My joy is of the moon…


…You talk of the stars you say?…



…You say how sweat your kiss?…

…For it is cold and bitter dearest one….


…You say your love my be as bitter as the cold…

…For your love is not like the cold at all,

It is like a thorn sharp and deadly…


…You with the lonely soul…

…Never be you tamed, but by me only…


…you say your song is of the snow?…

…Your song is like the storms of the north,

Fast, swift, storm, and strong…


…You say your passion is of the night?…

…Yes it is of the night I agree my diamond love…


…You say your joy is of the moon?…

…For I am of the stars that guards the offal guardian…


OK i just have to add a few of the others ones too because i'm going to update a few and the subjects were just to inspiring for me to not after reading the poems by me and a few others.

sense Halloween is coming up i will add some new ones about symbols and masks over the next week.


((These are a few about emotions threw masks and harlequins, why masks and harlequins? what better to describe different emotions. notice on the old ones and some of the new that i was inspired by certain emotions, i will let you figure them out for yourself though))




I am not what you hear of me

I am not what you say I am

I am what I want of me

I am what I say of me

I lie on my bed lone day after day

I lie on the bed looking up at nothing

I am not a lazy person

I am not what you think of me


I am not a unpatant person


I could lie there for days and not get annoyed

I am in my thoughts

I never care for what comes up in it


I am cold still inside as I watch a bug go by

I am traped in the past forever

I don't see a end to the past or the thoughts

I am always remended of the things that past


I am the loner of the soul

I am the center of my thought

I am what I am

I am not mad at the thought


I know the answer

I know the truth

I will not let no one try to make me think it a lie

I will not let myself into the future thoughts





This morning i set and watch as the window grows brighter

my legs are pulled under me and my masked chin is resting on my legs

the sun starts to rise

the sun throws twisted shadows on my silver twisted mask


my mask wears a twisted grin

even though the naked lips under it are frowning

Its hollow eyes show my ice blue eyes


which holds as much ice as a frozen lake


as i watch the sun rise my shadow starts to leave

like the blanket of time as they pass

but the shadows within stay to greet another day

another time another moment


i start to think

is it all only a play?

is it even real?


did someone just put strings on it so it can be drown up into that starry sky?


as the sun rises i see cars

as the sun shines i sense a trueth

but even so i just turn over and sign

let thy sun rise but leave me the night. . .




We Wear the Masks

We wear the Mask to school

We wear the Mask to work

We wear it with others

We wear it at specil events


Why do we wear them?

only to remove them when we lie our heads down to sleep

Why do we not show our faces


when they, the masks, are but a clay thing that sits cold to the skin


What does your mask look like?

is it red, gold, blue, green, black, or white?

What does your mask look like?

is it got tears runing down it or a half moon smile with the large eyes that are curly?

What does your mask look like?


is it got blue eyes behind it or a chestnut color to it?

Once i heard a famour person say

"All the World's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players.

They Have their exitsand their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts!"

Do you know who i speek of?

Yes. No. Maybe?


When, like he said, play our parts

Is it in the park

Is it in the Schools

Is it in the work place




Is it too our stage

When we close the door and go to our beds and sit down and slowly remove our masks?

When we are with someone we see as the same and removing our masks is but ok and we fear nothing when we see our real faces?

When we sit by the window and look out at the other Actors on the ground in the night or the day?


Think of this when you think of me

What do you see under your mask of half moon smile and curly eyes?

Are you vile and ill tempered

Are you sad and lonely

Are you happy and just wear the mask for Appearance?


What do you see under your mask of flowing tears and Narrowed eyes"

Are you happy and can't think of a better mask to exsperce it

Are you just scared or neutral to all feelings and wear it only to trick people to leave you alone

Are you just tired of this world and its Actor ready for your next act to come and move on to another stage?


Think of these mask when you think of me this is what i will say and what i will wear

When you wear the mask of war i will say 'let the better actor prevale' and wear the mask of reason

When you wear the mask of tears i will say 'do you need help with your act?' and wear the mask of understanding

When you wear the mask of happyness i will say 'you need not me, for i am a searcher' and walk away to my queit place and meditate and will wear the mask of no calm


when you wear the mask of consern i will say 'what is on your mined today?' and wear the mask of the tempest.


now that you heard my part in this play

and seen my acts on this small stage

and see my many masks of trueths and lies

and heard my sarcastic and lulling voice

and hear my bowing steps and my stepping back off of this stage

and felt my passions and buzzing tone

and feel my precense on this small stage leave


i will now step off and take a breathe

and i will pull my mocking mask out and pull it onto my head

and under its laughing mouth i will grin

and look at this world and think of my preformance and will only show my eyes of insane laughter,

i will take a step off and start my newest act

and i will become the Harlequin of this new stage saying my practiced part

"Another stage, another act"





The mask of non-emotion is my present mask

I sometimes wonder why

Though the answer is behind its eyes and the eyes that see threw it

I wonder why sometimes


I realize that the answer is not only one answer


Though about the answer

I know that it is like a coin

Miss understood for how many sides it really has

Most see it as only two but most have little groves on there sides

Which brings me to my mask


I search for the answer as I would search a coin

And follow the possibilities of the many sides

Both the horizontal and parallel

Though like the answer the lies are just as many

There can never be just one answer and always for one answer it is one lie too


What do I mean?

I mean for every truth you get a lie

It can’t be removed unless you focus on only one point of view

But ignoring one point of view you get two sides

Truth and a lie


The truth can be parallel to the lie

Or it can be horizontal to it

Sometimes it is both when there is more than one answer

When humans search of it we find many truths from the lips of many of the same subject

But we ignore the lies that come with all those truths


My truth of my non-emotion mask is that its is many

Experience, passion, and fears, and dreams,

Though that is not the point of the poem,

For the truth is too the lie and the other answers are

Fear, sadness, depression


Our different points of view makes my truths lies as it makes yours lies too

The riddle of this poem is not that it is about only a mask

But a second subject too

Many things happen in twos that is why they become many

Just ponder it a bit and you many see

Or will you?


((i know, i know, though just tell me its not true sometimes for you.


Poem, Our sins are Beautiful


Over and Over

Using it, enjoy it

Reminding use of who we are


Sins that flow like water over rocks in a stream

In our minds we muse

Never really thinking twice of what we say

Singing them like some amusing psalm for the ears of others


Around and around with no stop

Running the little wheel

Even when it is not needed


Beautiful our sins

Ever so sweat, Ever so vile

Around and around

Using them, enjoying them

Telling them for all to hear

In the end they may be found

Fowled by our own devices

Using them still

Loving them, Cherishing them


poem, The muse


Telling me a story

Having a good time doing nothing

Enjoying our company, Enjoying the muse


Musing over what he say

Using nothing but time to please us and words to amuse us

Sounds of laugh our voice

Even to the end as the days pass


if you have a suggestion make one! hope you enjoy

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More (i think this will help quick spot the new ones by having it on another reply.)


Poem: existence and none-existence


a riddle that can't be solved and a question that can't be spoken

who would find the right words?

Though our question can be answered because it is the answer


Existences and non-existence support each other

They both create each other

There meanings slip out of our minds


Who can explain it?

Look deep down

and you might see


but a little spark

then it is gone

and you will understand it

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