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The thank you thread

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Several people have been super nice to me about the stupid auto-abandon nonsense I did to myself. ❤️ Thank you, SethissFuzzbucket and Ruby Eyes!


That said, as hilarity demands, I managed to catch siblings (for extra hilarity points, of the opposite species I was going to keep):





So I'm busy dying of laughter. Don't mind me. ❤️

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I have several people to thank this year, but I'll save the best for last :P

1. Thank you @Montre for giving me my very first chicken (also unbreedable) which I have properly named :)

2. Thank you @Zimtie for the several AP CB Hatchies that you gave to me! It really helped me reach gold trophy...although some of them were traded away, I wished them nothing but a happy life!

3. Thank you @The Dragoness for my very first Neglected Dragon which I won from Glittering Gold Giveaways (also my first win in a contest) :D

4. Thank you @Artius for my second prize won from GGG which is a 3g Argent Shimmer!

5. Thank you @jennyworld for giving me some free dragon eggs a long time ago!

6. Thanks @Harebelle for being nice to me...although you are 15 years older than me X)

7. Thanks @AharkiraNighthawk for also being nice to me although being a completely random stranger :P

8. Thank you random people who posted free stuff in the Trading Hub!

9. Thank you more random people who abandoned several goodies in AP XD

10. Thank you more random people who gifted me random free stuff :P


And most of All...

11. Thank you @QueenAquariusDragon for entering into my life! You showed that you care for your friends and you are also worried about them. You are always strong and happy despite having emotional difficulties at the present. Although I only met you like only 3 weeks ago, I feel like I already know you a lot! I first noticed your presence throughout the forums and I got to communicate with you when you suddenly PMed me saying that you care for me. I may often trick you because you're a year younger than I am, but only because I'm the youngest in my immediate family X)


The time I spent trying doing your sweet dragon requests, the times we spent talking to each other, and even the times I teased and tricked you...I did them all with care and passion!


I'm sorry I have not gifted you a physical gift this christmas, so instead I decided to gift you a 3g Argent Shimmer!


"You don't deserve someone better! I will make myself better to deserve you!" :)



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Thank you, person who also has "cat" in their name, for accepting my offer on the most unusual trade I ever saw. I'm happy. :) 

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thank you RNGesus for dropping a leetle tree in the forest, i'm estatic and so happy :'D

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I have so many thank-you's; I am very far behind. I cannot possibly remember them all ... 


Thank you @Princess Kiara for my special eggy you gifted me. 


Thank you to those who bred Mistletoe x GoN for me when my GoN refused her.  @Astreya  @greycat  @PrincessLucy for helping and to others who offered.


Thank you @Confused Cat for breeding that lovely eggie for me. 


Thank you @Fuzzbucket for bouncing the wrongly influenced egg and for offering to help with the GoNxMistletoe fiasco.


Thank you to all who have dropped lovely lineages in the AP or CBs (I haven't gotten to that thread yet!) for me to pick up.


And thanks to all who have been so helpful in answering questions, or if you did anything else for me and I forgot to mention it (my memory isn't the best!) 


Thank you all. :wub:  ^_^

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Posted (edited)

On behalf of many players (who am I to say that), thank you, TJ! Now we don't have to worry about checking the Trading Hub consistently whether a trader has cancelled the trade or accepted someone else's offer :D

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word typo oops

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Thank you @DragonLady86 for the beautiful free 2G Monarch from Black Tea father. The more unrelated 2Gs not from my scroll, the better chance I have of making my lineage goal. Only at 3G checker so far, but it's so pretty! Any little gift helps.

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Seriously, I can't remember how or why I managed to ninja this: but I "found" it recently and had no idea I even had it, let alone how I got it. I wanted to thank the Anon who bred it because it is pretty cool 🙂





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