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VOTING: DC Photography contest #44

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It seems my chosen theme, 'communication', was not very attractive or a bit too difficult, only 5 entries this time. Or maybe everyone was just too busy communicating...

Thank you to those who did send in an entry!


Upside: it will take less of your precious time to vote now, so please vote for the picture you like most:


SickThing: entry

St. Jimmy: entry

Xyzag: They aren't moose; they're caribou

tikigurl91: Happy Hawkhead

Chiaki: Phone Line Park


Voting ends wednesday november 30th.

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Woah, this topic is about to disappear completely! *drags it up, hoping it'll get some more attention before voting closes*

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It says voting ends on november 30, meaning that it should be closed by now, and that also means that SickThing is the winner. So, I suppose the next contest will be starting once SickThing drops by to see that she has won, and decides on a new theme ^^



Congratulations, SickThing smile.gif

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