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10 Things I Hate About Me

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If you could change 10 things about yourself- and please, don't just list things about your body- what would they be? I think I'll start, if you please...


1. My strange 'phobias' or extreme dislikes. They include not only the more acceptable phobia of needles, but pregnant women, old people, people with diseases and- this is one that I never say for fear of bashing- the phobia of people with 'learning difficulties' such as Down's Syndrome. I feel horrible typing this, but I can't look after ill people or old people at all. Those who are 'weak' make me afraid and angry, even if it's my own mother. I feel uncomfortable even hearing the voice of someone with Down's Syndrome; I don't know why and I wish I didn't, but I do. It's something that seems to happen without my control.


2. My awful eyesight. I'm severly short-sighted. 'Nuff said.


3. Occassional racist thoughts. I hate them, but they just slip into my head when I'm not looking and make me feel sick. If I'd never dream of saying it out loud, when why would I think it? Urgh, I hate it...


4. Inability to make myself work. If something's hard or giving me stress, I hide my head in the sand and do other things. If I'm having difficulty with an essay, I panic and make it seem more important that it really is. Then the stress and the percieved importance of the essay make my brain stop- I just go blank, no matter how many ideas I'd had before I sat down and tried to work.


5. I can't tell how much time I've spent on something- too much time, usually, or not enough. I take ages on the loo, it annoys people.


6. Easily and happily distracted. I have the attention span of a toddler sometimes.


7. Very low self esteem- everything that happens around me is my fault, I'm stupid and ugly, I always do the wrong thing in every situation, and everyone who knows the real me will hate me. No matter how ridiculous it may seem to other people, that's what I think about myself, and I never believe people's flattery. I think they're feeling sorry for me or lying. My Mum even threatened to buy me anti-depressants if I didn't stop "being so down on myself", because I was "being silly". Now I just don't tell her much.


8. I'm not pretty, despite what everyone says.


9. Easily angered and very insulting when made angered, somewhat passive-agressive. I get that from my mother.


10. Oh, and I'm selfish, cowardly, enjoy insulting people (I don't know if I would change that, though), not loyal at all, bitter, I hate children and I used to steal things from everyone. My whole personality, basically.

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I'm awesome. Job done.

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Oh, well. It made me laugh, anyway.

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To be completely honest, I have one thing to put in every slot:



As I see it, I am the way I am because I have shaped myself in that way. In the end, WHO you are is what will be remembered. WHO you become is decided ONLY by YOU.

(Not counting all of physical attributes. Troll-faces are a bit beyond control. dry.gif )


"and- this is one that I never say for fear of bashing- the phobia of people with 'learning difficulties' such as Down's Syndrome."

...Does Asperger's Syndrome (Autism spectrum) count for that classification?

{I ask because that's one of my lovely problems.}

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To be completely honest, I have one thing to put in every slot:



As I see it, I am the way I am because I have shaped myself in that way. In the end, WHO you are is what will be remembered. WHO you become is decided ONLY by YOU.

(Not counting all of physical attributes. Troll-faces are a bit beyond control. dry.gif )

So completely ignoring all theories of personality development there. Good work.

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...Does Asperger's Syndrome (Autism spectrum) count for that classification?

{I ask because that's one of my lovely problems.}

I have Asperger's Syndrome- that'd mean I was afraid of myself.


I put 'learning difficulties' in marks like that because I wanted to type... something else, but I didn't know if it would be judged too rude. I mean serious problems, so I suppose severe autism would trigger a response in me...

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(not really supposed to be posting, or even here right now, but this topic seems like it'd be calm enough to risk it)


1. My inability to accept change that I didn't get to help decide about. This can be anything as small as someone telling me we're going to x destination instead of y if I'm not ready for it. I'll be stressed, unable to enjoy myself, and might even have anxiety issues that last for days after and even weeks.


2. Difficulty trusting people. It can take me months and even years to be comfortable talking to someone with more than just small talk. It's easier online due to having more dangerous experiences face to face.


3. a. Unless a person is very, very close to me, I will hold a grudge and I can't shake it no matter how hard I try.

b. If the person is close to me, I'm forgiving to the point of damaging my own health.


4. My pessimism. It takes a lot of work to get me pumped up and feeling good about life but the slightest thing can send me plummeting back down. Part of this is actually caused by how I was raised and being trained from childhood that feeling good was bad.


5. My difficulties understanding voices, especially over the phone. If there is any other noise, it's nearly impossible for me to focus on the speaker.


6. My eyesight. It sucks.


7. My back problems. I can't even go down a steep hill in a car without being in pain.


8. My inability to stay warm. I'm frequently left shivering at 80F (26.7C)


9. Sensitivity to noise. I have a hard time understanding voices, yeah, but noise of all kinds can be painfully loud and I can hear other noises no one else can--such as the tubes dying in the neighbor's dinosaur of a TV when our livingroom windows were both open.


10. My phobias. Some of them seriously impact my quality of life but I have no idea how to fix them because the harder I try to get over them the worse they get.

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Hmmm, things I hate about myself are these:


1. The fact that I have a low self-esteem and this pretty much triggers my other flaws.


2. I am not a nice/friendly/happy go lucky person. I wish I were much more friendlier and able to smile more.


3. I can be mean and brutally honest and I end up hurting people. -.-


4. I am hot-headed and I enrage quickly.


5. I am very sensitive to certain things that make me cry easily.


6. I believe I am unable to drag a lover by my side.


7. I hate the fact that I am not sociable. Wish I were like everyone else.


8. I am the envious kind, which I also despise and I don't think I can change that, because this, again, contributes to my inability to keep friends.


9. The fact that I consider myself evil, because I have a hard time trying to be good.


10. I tend to enjoy more activities that are not as important as the ones that I make a living from. And that I procrastinate a lot.

10*. My depression. I wish it could heal somehow.

10**. My hair. It's annoying, gets greasy all the time and it's falling off. -.-

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You sound like me, earthgirl, apart from the hair bit...


Mine's just shiny, heavy and dreams of looking like Margret Thatcher's... Seriously, I don't straighten it for a day and it turns into a 70's-80's wavy job.

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Hmm...ten things I hate about me, in no specific order.


1. My hair. I wash it every night and every day it gets greasy again. Plus, it's this really awkward color that seems to be a blend of red, brown, and blonde, and at some times looks greenish :/ It's neither wavy nor straight- it has this one weird little wave at the end that just looks odd and out of place -__-


2. My voice. It's flat and relatively squeaky, yet deep-ish for a girl.


3. I'm short and "thin" according to everyone else, but that's not what I see when I look in the mirror. Because of my petite stature, and because I'm so ridiculously tiny for my age, it's hard for me to find clothes that I want to wear that fit me properly.


4. My on and off depression. It's not really depression, like the kind of depression you get diagnosed with, nor is my "bipolarness" but I have drastic mood swings- more than the mood swings you get during puberty. They're much worse. At times I really, truly, honestly wish I could just die, and sometimes I'm happy as can be and bouncing off the walls.

** Side note: another thing I hate about myself that is somewhat related to this is the fact that I tend to have suicidal thoughts. Because of this- and something that happened about two years ago- I hate talking about suicide. Hate it.


5. My struggle with making friends. I'm picky when it comes to friends, and careful because of an incident from a few years ago. My friends never last long for one reason or another- it kind of sucks :<


6. I'm very, very envious of many things, and easily made jealous. 'Nuff said.


7. I'm inwardly violent- when I get mad I have to lock myself in my room to keep from seriously injuring someone. I've never had a terribly violent outburst but I'm often very close to one. I also have bursts of rage where I scream at people for no reason.


8. My eyesight. I can't see red, orange, and sometimes brown when it's more than four feet away from me, so when my teachers write on the board in any of these colors, I get so ticked because I can't freaking read it.


9. My obsession with all things sweet- basically anything that will lead to obesity problems when I get older. And I'm the least active, least athletic person in the planet, I swear. I despise sports, I'm in no way flexible, and I tire out easily. I'm thin but I'm out of shape.


10. (Originally, my 10th thing was "Everything else about me" but I have one more thing to put so...) I cannot keep my own secrets. I can keep my friends' secrets, but not mine. This is very, very bad. I've confessed some of my deeper secrets because of this, to people I normally wouldn't confess to :c Like my whole suicidal thoughts thing. Now half the kids in my class, and people I don't even like, worry about me. LEAVE ME ALONE I DON'T WANT YOUR HELP I DON'T EVEN LIKE YOU- yeah.

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I like this.


1. I am too shallow.


2. I'm too much of a perfectionist sometimes. I'll get very hard on myself if things don't go as expected (mostly when it's my fault that it happened).


3. I don't talk enough.


4. I can sometimes say things that offend others without noticing or caring.


5. I have mild strabismus (think of Kate Moss's eyes, how they sometimes go in two different directions).


6. I have too many inner thoughts.


7. I can never find clothes that fit me. I'm 5'9 and still growing (even though I'm 18) and I'm a size 0. My legs are way too long for my body.


8. My hair. It goes poofy when I don't blow-dry it.


9. My maturity. I'm the grown-up one out of my group of friends.


10. I'm too honest.

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I don't really hate anything about myself. All in all, I'm pretty awesome. There are some things I wish I could change, though. I'll just number them until I run out. Doubt I'll get to 10.


1.) My myopia. I wish I could see without some form of correction!


2.) My allergies to pretty much all antibiotics. It makes it very hard for doctors to treat even simple problems like UTIs or sinus infections. ;.;


3.) I'm too nice to people I care about. I tend to put them before myself, which leads to me feeling "left out" of my own life.

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1. I'm too stupid.


2. I'm an introvert, so I find talking with people to be unpleasant and draining. Unfortunately I can only get customer service jobs until I finish my degree, so I have to spend all day talking with people. It takes me so long to recharge from working that I usually have to get back to work before I'm finished recharging. After a while this adds up and I usually quit my job prematurely because I get so exhausted and stressed.


3. Too ugly.


4. I'm not good at anything, not even a little bit. I hate those commercials that are like "Everyone is good at something!" NOT TRUE. I suck at everything.


5. I have a lot of trouble conveying my thoughts, and I forget words so often that I dread talking to people in real life. At least with the internet I can take my time, but I still make lots and lots of errors.


6. Clinically depressed for the last 12-13 years.


7. I have no motivation to do anything or aspire to be anything.


8. I have no will power. Pretty sure I've been trying to lose 15 pounds for like the last 6 years but I give into tasty food too easily.


9. I'm terrible with money.


10. I'm too emotional and sensitive. Every movie makes me cry. ALL OF THEM. Even the really happy ones make me cry because I'm jealous of the characters happiness. It's frustrating. I also cry when I'm frustrated. Wah. :<


EDIT: this should be like the 50 things I hate about me. I've got way more stuff to complain about.

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I'm reminded of the movie Ten Things I Hate About You. xd.png


My ten things:


1) I'm argumentative. I will argue about anything, with almost anybody, at anytime, at any place. I'll get on my soapbox, as my grandma says, and I will rant and complain and argue until I either run out of steam or someone tells me to just shut up.


2) I'm mentally violent. I will not hit you, but I will think about smashing your head in with a pick axe. I have never been in a physical fight in the 16 years of my life. I've never hit anyone hard enough to hurt them. But I have hurt a lot of people in my mind.


3) My bouts of... I don't want to say depression, but that's almost what it's like. I heard today that I have an F in Algebra, and for an hour, all I wanted to do was cry and scream. At random times, little things that I don't want to care about will upset me greatly, and I'll start feeling like there's a weight in my chest and my entire mood shifts.


4) My inability to accept change. If my grandma rearranges the furniture in the house, or if we get a new seating chart in class, or something along those lines... I get so... Out of whack. I get very, very frustrated and that frustration turns to anger, and then that anger makes me sad. I almost cried on the bus yesterday because we had to take another route. It was a change I had no control over.


5) I'm too forgiving and trusting. You could tear me down and break me, and leave me as a puddle of nothing on the floor, but if you apologize and I think you mean it, you are automatically forgiven. This has lead to my downfall multiple times.


6) Mental judgments. I will never say anything outloud, but sometimes I see people and I think the most judgmental, ugly things...


7, 8, 9, 10) ... N/A. These are all I can think of right now.

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1) my hair

2) my voice (it's deepish for a female, imo...not to mention I can't sing for a censorkip even though I do it all the time when I'm alone)

3) my height. I wish I was taller. :/

4) my inability to trust people

5) my inability to actually voice my opinion to anyone but myself

6) my extreme shyness irl


I had some other ones, but I forgot them already. -.-


EDIT: 7) I guess depression/whatever mental issue is haunting me (if there even is one...it sure does feel like it) could be added to the list

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OP has quite a few similar issues.


1. I'm lazy.


2. I dumb down my opinions, then can never find a sturdy backing for them.


3. I weasel around and try making friends with certain people. I'm the worst kind of social climber.


4. My phobias.


5. Even though I'm struggling to fix it, the fact that I'm still a compulsive liar.


6. I'm annoying.


7. I'm constantly seeking approval and compliments.


8. I get upset with the wrong people for all of the wrong reasons.


9. I'm selfish.


10. I sometimes feel like I lack emotion.


It could go on. =|

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10 things about me I could change


1. Being very argumentative. I'm a red head so yes I like to argue a lot

2. Being very stubborn. I have a bad habit to get very stubborn about things.


3. Being more patient. When I want to do something ((like get out of the house)) but can't due to reasons beyond my control and have to wait the next day I pout and get very up set over it. ((poor hubby has suffered threw 10 years of this so he knows what I saying here xd.png ))


4. Get rid of my bad habit of biting my nails. I can not tell you have much money I have spent on fake nails only to bite them off about a two weeks or so later. Oddly enough I get them put on to stop this and yet I bite them off too.


5. My lazy streak. I have a lazy streak from here to kingdom come. Its due to this my house work suffers as well my over all work effort.


6. My tummy. I have a mommy pooch I can not stand! However I am too lazy to work it off yet if I could I would make sure I did something to tone up and work it off.


7. My strange need to make the bed before I go to bed. I didn't start this until I was married. I always slept in the middle of my bed before I was married. However when I got married I noticed hubby likes to move a lot more than I do so I would get up in the middle of the night and remake the bed.


8. My asthma! I would get rid of it so quick its not funny. I like the snow yet I can't stay out in the cold for very long other wise I can count on a asthma attack *sighs*


9. To go for my dream. When I was in high school my dream was to be a writer. A horror novelist much like Steven King or H.P. Lovecraft. However that dream as yet to ever come to pass and thanks to my mom who always brought me down on the matter I only have rping to keep my creative mind afloat.


10. To go and get tested for MS. My mom had it and she passed away this February due to an over dose on her meds. I'm actually scared to get it due to fear that I might have it as well. I watched my mom slowly waste away while she was living with us. I don't want have to go threw that nor do I want my hubby having to watch me slowly waste away like she did either.


Well there ya go. The top 10 things I would change about me.



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1. My weight. I have been trying to lose some, and it's slowly coming down, but I've been overweight my entire life and it just... sucks.


2. My inability to fall in love with someone who actually wants me. Every guy who likes me, I can't stand, and every guy I like, only likes me as a friend. And I hate seeing them with other women.


3. My lack of trust. It takes me a long time to trust people. And even those I do trust, I will still never completely and fully trust. There is no one who knows everything about me. And sometimes I wish there was someone who I could share all of my thoughts with without fear of judgement.


4. I complain a lot. About everything. And I just can't seem to stop. Sometimes I catch myself and I'll stop for a little bit, but then I'll just start right back up again in a few minutes. I'm just never happy with anything.


5. My lack of motivation. I want to do better in life and I want to be successful but I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm afraid to putting myself out there. I'm afraid that if I try, I will fail. I know that if I don't try, then nothing will ever come of it. But it's just that chance of failure that scares me.


6. My fear of interacting with other people. I work in retail, I interact with hundreds people every day. But when I am put in situations like having to go to the post office, I get this ridiculous fear. Or if I have to call someone for something, I just get so scared that I try to put it off as long as possible. I don't know why...


7. My fear of using the phone. I hate calling people and I hate people calling me. I just can't stand it. I can't understand what they say on the phone half of the time, and the other half is just spent in awkward silence. I just hate hate hate using the phone.


8. I tend to repeat myself a lot. I know that I am doing it, and that it is annoying, but I do it anyway. It annoys people and it annoys me, but I still do it.


9. I am too quiet and shy (most of the time). Some people can really get me to come out of my shell, but if I am around people I don't know, I rarely talk at all. I wish I could be more outgoing and confident, but I just fear that I will say something stupid or something that other person doesn't like and they will hate me. I don't like being judged. Although I shouldn't care about what other people think of me. I do, a lot.


10. My fear of a relationship and intimacy. I really want to be in a relationship, but at the same time I am scared. Scared of being close to someone and being hurt again. I have been hurt too many times by people I love and I don't want it to happen again. But I really, really want a relationship.


11. I am always unsure about everything. I never know exactly what I want and I can't even make the most simple decisions.

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2. Difficulty trusting people. It can take me months and even years to be comfortable talking to someone with more than just small talk. It's easier online due to having more dangerous experiences face to face.




5. My difficulties understanding voices, especially over the phone. If there is any other noise, it's nearly impossible for me to focus on the speaker.


6. My eyesight. It sucks.


[snip snip]


8. My inability to stay warm. I'm frequently left shivering at 80F (26.7C)

1. My inability to control how I approach a situation, including my voice tone. It's gotten me in trouble my whole life and I've tried to change it...problem is most of the time I can't tell I've done anything wrong.


3. My height. It's difficult living in a tall people's world. I have trouble reaching for things so I have to climb to get them and it gets irritating.


4. My inability to focus. I wish I could concentrate, but even forcing myself to get something done won't work. My mind wanders and half the time I have to wander around with it when I lose my focus.


7. My ungodly bad memory and "black outs". It's hard enough for me to remember to do something, but it's embarrassing and sometimes creepy when I can't remember what I did 5 minutes ago. I've completely blanked out random times in my day where I can't remember doing anything. It seems normal enough, but when I am completely positive I can't remember certain actions like taking a shower it just weirds me out.


9. My complete alienation from human life. Ive had trouble fitting in and feeling human and it's only gotten worse in the past years. Being by myself does not help. My mind starts to wander about other world possibilities and the only thing to keep me calm is to read some philosophy or paradoxes.


10. I can't take a compliment. I can't react to anything that is directed to me in a positive nature, so I just try to ignore them. This has also gotten me in trouble and hated in some places.

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Ho-kay, let me try this. c:


[1] My forgetful self, which leads to me looking like an irresponsible person. I keep forgetting a lot of things, especially the times that had just happened recently like yesterday or a few minutes ago.


[2] My workaholic habits and over-the-top focus on things. This can be a bit of a problem for me sometimes since I wouldn't start doing something else unless the task I'm doing at the moment isn't through yet, no matter how important or insignificant the current task at hand is. (Example; writing fanfictions instead of writing essays before the deadline, and vice versa)


[3] My extreme short-shightedness. I'm not sure what my grade is in the U.S, but in my country it's 525 left, 500 right (Maybe -5.25 and -5.00?). I can't even find the soap while taking a shower without my glasses. D8


[4] I'm an extremely soft-spoken person in real life, and it's hard for me to talk to unfamiliar people face-to-face. Hence why I tend to be extremely chatty on the internet; conversing on the internet is so much easier than in real life since you get to think through and choose your words carefully before 'saying' it. Except for a group of friends I've known since elementary, I always shy away from other people, but if I do try to converse with others, I try to use polite language to steer myself away from possibly upsetting the other; I'm too afraid of getting myself into an arguement, plus I was never good at debating. This way of speaking even leaks its way into my life on the internet. Old habits die hard.


[5] I read too much into words and easily misunderstand other people. Can't help it since I tend to confuse words with double-meanings. @.@



Uh... I can't think of anything else I hate about myself. Five points seems like a fine number. :3

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(please no one hit me -looks at siggy- >w< bad keriel)


1. lack of self control and disciplin (as displayed by posting here)


2. my pessimism ruling my life and every decision


3. the laziness which makes me neglect grammar (not really but others hate it)


4. my reliance on other people to pick me up and care for me so damn much


5. i'm too submissive it's actually dangerous


6. too easy to upset


7. panic attacks -.- nuff said


9. couldn't kill to save my life


10. i keep hurting people no matter how hard i try not to!

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Hm.. not much comes to my mind straight away But I'll try


1: Much to helpful for my own good

2: Am a sucker a person in need

3: Much too Quiet and Shy

4: I dont voice my opinions, mostly let people walk all over me

5: My Laugh, people have a good giggle whenever I laugh



Thats all I can think of at the moment


6: My soft heart, I cry during every movie I see. No matter what the genre is

7: My self confidence and self-esteem. Which is extremly low at the moment

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I'm terribly rude; I care nothing about anyone else's problems.


I'm absolutely spoiled rotten because my parents are more high-class than most, and I'm the youngest child in my family.


I can't stand stupid people. Not people with issues; just people who don't use their brains. People who I know know the answer, but they just don't think.


I get offended very easily.


I get irritated very easily, too.


edit: because the last half of my post magically poofed.


I have about negative two percent self control.



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1) Way too jealous

2) I cry a lot behind closed doors

3) I'm really boring

4) I feel so awkward around crying people. I don't know how to make people feel better.

5) I'm really unhealthy in my diet.


7) My boobs are too big.

8) I get way too nervous during auditions for ANYTHING /:

9) I'm stubborn.

10) I wish I could make myself work. I always procrastinate

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I'm awesome. Job done.

this, guys. I'm out.


JKSSSS, I wish I was awesome.


1. I hate my nose. It's so flat. I wish it was more narrower and prettier.


2. ...I'm fat. Especially around the belly. Everyone says I'm not fat but if they ever saw my stomach they'd be floored LOL.


3. I'm not great at volleyball. I wish I could play as great as those club volleyball players, and I don't think I can ever reach that level ... so I wanna change that.


4. I think I'm conceited in some ways, and it makes me feel disgusted with myself.


5. Not being able to complete stuff all the time. I NEED to get off the computer but here I am.


6. I have a strange hatred of my brother.


7. I wish I could do better through the house and my grades for my mom.


8. I get scared easily. I can't even properly sit through the trailer for Paranormal Activity 3 or The Thing.


9. ....

10... I honestly can't think of any... yet?

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