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2011-11-17 - Haunted House Available Again

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Those who completed the Haunted House event can now run through the event again with a fresh inventory. Any items you collect will not actually be saved or shown to other users. You can access it by clicking on the badge on the "Dragons" page.

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Awesome! That means I can actually take the time to read all the awesome descriptions at my leisure once I've finished my thesis!


Thank you so much, TJ!

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That was fun. I'm trying to see how few items I can complete with, since I got all 40 for the event. smile.gif

This past time was 26, but I'm sure I could do it in less. Do the items in your "non-saving" inventory ever reset?


EDIT: I collected all the items, and now I've come back later and it's been reset, so I have my answer.



EDIT2: And the answer is, you can complete the Haunted House with as few as 20 items.

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