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Fell Haven 2 ~ OOC

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Character Form (FH Graduate)


Character Name:

Age: (Must be 18 or over)





History: (Doesn’t have to be in depth, but should contain why they were sent to Fell Haven to begin with and what they are doing now.)


Character Form (Hero/Villain)


Character Name:

Age: (Must be 15 or older)



Alignment: (Hero/Villain)





RP Specific Rules


1) Only three characters per person.

2) Only four powers per character.

3) No duplicate powers. If somebody already has Telepathy or Gravity Manipulation, then you can’t have it. Exceptions may be made for common 'super' skills.

4) I reserve the right to add more rules if/when needed.


This OOC is for Fell Haven 2 related posts only. Please try and keep them on topic.

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Villains ~ Closed


Username: Fortune86

Character Name: The Shadow

Age: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Looks: The Shadow

Taller than a human, The Shadow has five sharp claws on each hand which are capable of tearing through flesh. Being very skinny it can fit into tight and small spaces even when not using its powers.

Alignment: Villain


1) Intangibility: The Shadow can phase through any physical object, dead or alive, and pass through water, gasses and fire without harm.

2) Soul Steal: The Shadow can reach into a living thing and tear out their soul, killing them instantly. For humans and most animals, the targeted area is the chest.

3) Wall Crawl: The Shadow can bend the laws of gravity to allow it movement across any surface, moving up walls and across ceilings.

4) Superior Strength: The Shadow does not possess ‘Super Strength’, but is stronger than most humans.

Weaknesses: Holy magic can bind, repulse or confuse them. Daylight can temporarily rob them of their first two powers and can hurt them. Artificial light can only cause pain.

History: Nobody knows what The Shadow really is, where it comes from or what it is after. It seems to possess some kind of grudge against Super Heroes and has been linked to the mysterious death of four of them after being seen by a chance witness.



Username: Laura-Lana

Character Name: Cizzur Sal

Age: (Must be 15 or older): 24

Gender: male

Looks: Cizzur is over 7 feet tall and does bodybuilding in addition to his various fighting courses so he has a lot of muscle too.

He has various tattoos and keeps changing his haircolour every other week.

He usually is wearing heavy boots, spikes, skulls and he is rarely seen without metalclaws which are slipped over his fingers.

He likes wearing red contacts just for giggles.

When shopping for new clothes he seem to find invariably the items that are most likely to offend and/or frighten other people.

Alignment: Depends on the way you look at it. Let's put him down under villains for now.


Superreflexes: Cizzur's reaction time is zero and he has a higher chance to react in the correct manner even in a situation that is unfamilar to him then other people. Please note with reaction time I mean the timeframe from detecting a problem to sending an impuls to your muscles to do something. He can NOT move faster than normal people.

Since human reaction time is rather low anyway this is a very low level power, which is almost impossible to detect unless you are specifically searching for it.


Superstrength: With the begin of the RP Cizzur is developing Superstrength. Unfortunately he isn't developing the superbones that should have come along with it.

If - for example- he punched his fist into the wall, he'd make a tiny hole into it, but since bones are more fragile than stone, the most damage would be done to his own arm which would break.

Having lived 24 years of his life and trained in various martial arts without this power he is more dangerous in a fight if he can keep it offline. If his Superstrength interfers it's going to distract and unbalance him.


Regeneration: Together with Superstrength Cizzur is developing another power at the begin of the RP - Regeneration. He can heal in hours what should have needed weeks (for example a broken arm wink.gif ). In a fight this is not of much use, because fights usually don't last long enough for the effect to be useful, but if left to his own devices he'll recover quickly from the damage done to him.


Weaknesses: Cizzur is known to get into fits of rage. It's not that hard to provoke him. That his martial arts training suffers in such situation goes without saying, but his superreflexes become less effective too, because he stops noticing the things he should have reacted to. These days he has to fight with the additional problem that his superstrength emerges when he doesn't pay attention.

He really needs to develop some selfdiscipline, but that is one thing he has tried for over a decade without success, so it's unlikely to work now.

History: The Sal family consisted of scum. Low level criminals who would do everything for a few dollars. Noteable are Cizzur's brother Ruben who once slaughtered a dozen people in a shopping center out of fun and his brother Gabriel who was discovered to have used his charm and good looks to seduce a string of young girls and then butcher them.

There is a streak of superpowers running through the family that tends to manifest itself in superstrength, regeneration or occasionally an oddball power.

Cizzur (actually his true name is Christian, but he is not willing to use that one) is the seventh child out of eight (surviving) children in his family. He was severly abused as a child, but no one wanted to meddle in the affairs of the Sal family and what he learned about social interaction is: Hit hard before you get hit harder.

When he was 12 a group of Superheroes finally got around to deal with the family. The adult Sals with Superpowers got executed, the nonsupers ended in prison, the superpowered children (like his cousins Raphael and Goliath) were send to Fell Haven, his little babysister Magdalena (who actually was a baby at that time) was taken away and Cizzur hasn't heard from her to his day.

The heroes determined that Cizzur had no superpowers (they looked hard, but missed the reflexes anyway and Cizzur didn't even know about them himself at that time). He was sent into prison for a while, but when the authorities found out he was only 12 he was given to a foster family.

His foster parents turned out to be more often drunk then not and so Cizzur spent most of his time with the people he had had contact before his family had been dealt with. Gangs, brokers and independent criminals, who could occassionally use a child for some sort of job or the other.

Due to his antisocial and agressive behaviour he was enrolled in a school for children and teenagers with behavior and discipline problems, where he spent most of his time getting into fights with the other children.

A young social worker had the idea that a group therapy with other children might help him, so at age 15 he was dragged there and told he had to do the therapy or go back to prison. It was there that he met Moira Freeze, the first human being who seemed to pose no threat, the first one he could allow himself to be gentle with.

Over time he fell in love with her and tried to change his ways somewhat but didn't know how.

That is until he met a boy named Tegan who offered him help. It was rather strange for Cizzur to obey the words of someone four years younger than him and it didn't help that Tegan's way to use his looks and charme reminded him of his brother Gabriel, but it turned out that Tegan was not only willing to help him figure out how to solve problems without trying to beat the other person into pulp, but that if the empath was around he could actually keep Cizzur from losing his temper.

It was Tegan too who introduced Cizzur to video games. After watching him a few monthes and noting that Cizzur was able to get scores which he shouldn't be able to get without cheating the two of them finally discovered that Cizzur had a superpower too even if it was a hidden one. Tegan convinced Cizzur not to tell anyone about this.

Their relationship changed to a somewhat more equal footing after Cizzur managed to save Tegan's life, but when push comes to shove it's still Tegan who says what to do and Cizzur who listens.

Having come from a world where physical strength was the one thing that counts Cizzur has striven all his life to become stronger and to increase his fighting skills.

He is proud of them yet by the same token he is afraid that one day he'll murder someone. What disgusts Cizzur even more about himself is that he has found himself too have a deep sadistic streak. No matter how much he fights it seeing others suffer delights him to no end.

Despite his rather sorry education on his former school Tegan (getting sick of having to bail Cizzur out, when one of his less then legal jobs backfired) managed to get Cizzur enrolled on Amigne where he now studies sport and plays in the football team.

His size, muscle and the edge his reflexes offer him make Cizzur a good player, but his abysmal team skills make him the most hated member in the team and the only reason he hasn't been thrown out of both the team and the college so far is The Dean.

Cizzur doesn't feel in his element at the academy. He has a reputation for bullying those that are weaker than him and getting into fights with the rest, so that is not likely to change anytime soon either.

He lives in one of the New Mansburg Plaza Apartments and divdes his spare time between Moira and training at the Buff and Tuff Gym - well maybe not only training. He's one of the few that know about the fight club.

His room is rather sparsely furnished and rarely untidy. Which is good, because if it was one wouldn't be able to fail the two sets of balett slippers of which only one are tiny enough that it could have belong to his girlfriend Moira...

And then he probably would have to kill someone after all.



Username: Silver_Voices

Character Name: Melodee

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Looks: Melodee

Alignment: Villain

Powers: Regeneration, Siren's call (her singing is so beautiful it will cause men to fall in love with her until she stops singing), and Telekinesis

Weaknesses: Telekinesis takes major amounts of energy, so when used it will take a while before she can use them again. She can not use her telekineses in items bigger than herself.

History: Was caught stealing. Doesn't remember much about her past, just a lot of fire and smoke. Has been living on the streets

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Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Caim

Age: 300+

Gender: Male

Looks: Caim

Alignment: Hero…ish


1) Immortality: Since he is already dead, Caim can not be killed or injured, although he can still feel pain.

2) Shift: Caim can revert at will between his usual appearance and his skeletal self. Since there is no difference in his abilities in either shape this is more of a scare tactic than anything else.

3) Strength: Super Strengh. Says it all really.

4) Spirit Realm/Land of the Dead: Like his master Caim can travel into the Spirit Realm at will. Unlike his master he can stay there for as long as he likes, as he does not need to worry about those that reside there.

Weaknesses: His only ‘weaknesses’ are holy magics and relics which can paralyze or confuse him, but his existence in this world is tied to Eli. If his master is dies (no matter for how long) then Caim will be dragged back to the void.

History: Caim was a powerful Necromancer who lived over three centuries ago, but made the mistake of breaking the rules that govern his kind. Stripped of his powers and flesh he was cast into the void, a special kind of hell for Necromancers and Demonologists, where he suffered endlessly until he was taken in by Eli after he passed the Rite of Mavet.



Username: Warewolves

Character Name: Moonshine

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Looks: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/319...ves-d4gblnc.png

Alignment: Hero(She would say Villain if asked.)




1: She can't teleport to somewhere she hasn't been before, unless someone she knows is there.

2: She can't teleport to someone unless she knows them well.

3: If she teleports, and gets stuck in a wall she can get seriously injured.

4: She can only teleport someone whom is touching or, in the case of a large group of people, inside a circle she has specifically crafted.)


Moonshine’s history is a rather hazardous one. She changed schools frequently until she came to the school called High Reach. She made two friends there, Moria and Tegan. As Tegan and her slowly grew closer together, Tegan’s empathic abilities allowed him to notice the slight changes in her facade of no emotion. While they are close, Moonshine does not want to admit that she is his girlfriend yet. Mainly due to the reason that he likes to flirt with girls, and she doesn’t want a ‘one time fling’. There was also Moria, a girl with no emotions whatsoever. But Moonshine has come to understand she won’t be able to ever understand Moria completely. Moonshine believes that they get along, but only barely. She always keeps one eye on Moria, some sixth sense tells her to watch out.

Moonshine eventually graduated, and moved into a small house in the Inner-Circle Estates, paid for by money she had spare from her time at the school. She takes some classes at the Amigne Academy when she is not spending time at the Hell’s hangout/Spyder Nightclub(Depending on her preference) or training at the Gym (She will never stoop to calling it by its name. ‘Whoever thought of naming it that needs to get their head examined’) Moonshine, strangely enough, is never seen working. As if she doesn’t have a job. If she does, it would probably be a thieving one.

Moonshine’s house is fairly cluttered. She has three bedrooms, one for company, and one for Enemies(Or Tegan). (‘OH he’ll love it. It’s got a torture chamber and all. happy.gif’) Her kitchen is small, but has the essentials. She rarely cooks, preferring to go out for pizza. Her room is neatly furnished, with a double bed and a bookcase. In the dining room there is a wall that flips out. One side has an array of weapons she can teleport to if she needs to, and the other has a TV with surround sound. She has a three person couch, which she normally lays down on. She has a huge collection of DVD’s. Strangely enough, none are horror movies.



Username: Laura-Lana

Character Name: Tegan Larksong

Age: (Must be 15 or older): 20

Gender: male


He has wavy brown hair with copper highlights, smooth golden skin over a body plainly made for sin and sparkling blue eyes that hold just enough ruthlessness to make things interesting.

Alignment: (Hero - more or less.)


Receptive and Projective Empathy


The closer he is to someone the better his powers work.


1. Receptive Empathy: Tegan can sense the emotions of other people.

He's not fond of that part of his powers and hasn't full control of it. In fact the question might be asked how much he is controled by that part of his power. Some Supers seem to be able to actively hide their emotions from him in which case he gets a blank.


((Note: If you are near Tegan and want to describe your charries emotions but don't want Tegan to read them, please write that they have kept them hidden deep inside or something like that.))


2. Projective Empathy: Tegan can project emotions into others making them feel what he wants them to feel.


He can do it subtile in which case his victim doesn't realize what he's doing - unless they have the ablity to sense powers being used- but in that case the influence is so weak that it can be shrugged of easily.

(Imagine it more as a suggestion to feel something then a command)


If he forces someone to feel something they'll usually know it doesn't come from themselves.




a. His influence won't hold if he stops using his power unless the emotions of the person have changed themself by then.

b. He can't influence more then 2 people at the same time. If he is influencing two people at the same time they have to be close together and the emotion he sends has to be the same for both.

c. He can't pick the focus the emotions are going have nor the result

Example for focus: Tegan can make someone feel love (temporarily at last), but he can't make someone fall in love with him. The other person will feel love but it's up to them to decide for whom.

The emotions should attach themself to a likely target though (please don't let your character fall in love with the soap bar unless they have an unsual fondness for soap bars to begin with)

Example for result: Tegan can make someone feel panic, but if that person runs away, freezes, attacks, or crys for mommy is up to them.

d. He does not require touch to influence someone, but without it the other person can fight the influence of if they put some effort into it.


3. Hightened resistance against mental powers: Having a rather strong mental power himself, Tegan has an easier time resisting mental powers directed at him then other people. He's not immune though.


4. Linking mental powers: It's nothing he has discovered yet, but Tegan could theoretically link his powers with someone else who has a mental power and work in tandem with them. It differs from doing something simultaneously in that linked the pair of them would know what the other is doing with their power without having to talk about it.

He can't link with someone against their will.


Weaknesses: Close combat - Though Tegan has gone through a basic fighting course and his body is in good shape a fight puts him at a disadvantage. Pain is an intense emotion that tends to get trough to him, so that he would have to deal with his own pain AND that of his opponent.

Intense emotions - Very intense emotions tend to get through Tegan's shields no matter what he does about it. As a result he prefers people around him to be happy or at least not misearable - unless they are his enemies. But even in that case he prefers being elsewhere when misery finds them.

History: Tegan is the adopted son of Arthur and Elaine Larksong, who belong to the rich, influential Larksong family. Elaine is infertile and when a young woman showed up on their doorstep, begging them to take in her baby she accepted.

They were quite amazed when Tegan began to develop a superpower and relieved that Empaths were unlikely to see much fighting.

Tegan was sent to 'High Reach' the best school for young Superheroes they could find.

Tegan never doubted the love and devotion of his parents but aroung the age of 14 he began to wonder about his biological family. With the help of his cousin Finn he finally located her and found out he had a twinsister somewhere. His mother claimed to have given him away to hide him from his biological father. Tegan never found out more (not even the name of the family he had been born into) because shortly after that she killed herself by jumping from a bridge.

A few days later he began a friendship with his classmate the slightly insane Moira Freeze, who happend to be the adoptive daughter of professor Freeze and her boyfriend Cizzur Sal - a young man of very bad reputation with no superpowers.

His parents were not happy with the situation and especially worried about the bad influence Cizzur might have on their son ,but when Tegan was ambushed by three (non super) cutthroats a year later and Cizzur saved his life ending in hospital in the progress they decided to trust their son's judgement.

Being rather charming and a born flirt (being rich and attractive didn't hurt either) Tegan has had a lot of other friends too, the majority of them being girls. In fact besides Moira and Cizzur his neverending stream of girlfriends is the one thing that irritates his parents.

Lately though girls don't seem to receive more then smiles, compliments and galant gestures from him. His parents suspect their sons fascination with a young heroine named Moonshine might play a part in this. Having befriended her in High Reach he spends more and more time with her.

Their feelings about Moonshine are mixed, because though she makes them hope their son might settle down for once Moonshine is not what you'd call a young woman of good family. That Moonshine's objections to Tegan might be the reason the two of them aren't officially a pair yet never occured to them.

After Tegan had graduated he was sent to Amigne Academy. The Dean of the academy is Tegan's uncle and likely to take his side in any matter.

The obvious favoritism didn't endear him to the other professors but by now Tegan has won most of them over.

The remarkable exception to that is Professor Airth, who insists that Tegan is a liar and manipulator and will most likely become a mastervillain.

Certain tounges say Tegan's parents might have spoiled him a tiny bit. For example one could debate the wisdom of gifting him a minor pharmaceutic company as graduation present since Tegan neither knows anything about pharmarcy nor knows how to lead a company.

His parents actually intended that to be more of a gesture and run it for him, but Tegan solved the problem by using his empathic power to find people with the necessary skills that he could trust and hired them to lead the company for him.

Tegan is studying politics but for obvious reasons takes some economy courses too.



Username: Laura-Lana

Character Name: Moira Freeze/Moira-Doll/Puppet

Age: (Must be 15 or older): 20

Gender: female


Her most prominent features are her eyes. They are uniformly black, neither iris no white is distinguishable from the pupil. She wears shades most of the time to hide them. Even if she is not wearing shades her eyes remind people looking at her of them. It's almost impossible to figure out what she is looking at. Moira is rather frail and has very pale skin, but shining black long hair, which has the luster her eyes lack.

Her face rarely shows any expression and if it does it doesn't look quite right. Putting any kind of emphasis into her words seems to be an effort for her.

She walks surprisingly gracefully, or maybe not quite so surprisingly since she has done a lot of ballett.

Alignment: good question. Let's go with hero for the time being

Powers: Earth Elemental : Moira can melt into stone or metal. This enables her to walks through walls if she wishes too. She can also take another person with her.

Her atoms shift between that of the substance she melts into so it's size doesn't get greater, but the weight does.

Moira is close to master melting into regular earth and sand too. Plastic, Glas and organic materials like wood are still beyond her.

(for me the greek four elements (earth, water, air and fire) stand for solid, liquid, gaseous and energy which may not be a state of matter but is necessary if one wants to change them. As such fully developed Moiras power will allow her to melt into anything solid provided it isn't too hot (she is not a fire elementar). If she is surrounded by water or floating in the air she won't be able to use her powers even then.)

Weaknesses: Lack of willpower - Her lack of emotion results in next to no willpower with which she could have fought against mental powers like for example mind control


Moira can feel nearly no emotion (being able to love for some reason being the sole exception). As such she has a great problem relating to other people and understanding concepts which are intuitivly understood by the majority of the rest of mankind like oh... let's say why something like murdering children is considered evil or why she should be angry, if someone dunked her head into a toilet.

She has learned to smile, frown, shrug and show other signs of emotion, but she is playacting and so it never looks quite right.

Moira is the adopted daughter of Professor Freeze. She was found as a baby on her doorstep with a note saying that the author hoped Professor Freeze had a use for the little freak. Her eyes marked her as different even then.

Professor Freeze immediately suspected that the girl had some mental deficiency and decided to take her in and treat her. She later adopted the little girl formally.

The Professors fears turned out to be well placed, but Moira's conditon worsend instead of becoming better. By the time Moira was 11 she had stopped doing anything but sitting in a corner, staring at nothing.

In the vague hope that exposure to other children might help Moira was put in a group therapy where she met Cizzur Sal who had been sent there because of his violent behaviour.

To everyones surprise an attachement formed between the fifteen year old boy and the little girl.

Moira was allowed to see Cizzur for a few hours each day if she was a good girl. And a good girl she was, doing exactly what she was asked to do, which earned her the nickname puppet.

Her mother eventually concluded that it was possible to send Moira to a Hero School and enrolled her in High Reach.

Moira was not allowed to participate in the combat classes and her normal sport lessons were restricted to balett. People were a bit worried what would happen if her problematic boyfriend ever asked her to stick a knife into someone and wanted to make sure that at least she wouldn't be good at it.

At age 15 she suddenly and very surprisingly started to follow her classmate Tegan around, who to the relief of her teacher reacted by taking her under his wing and even going so far as to do the same with her boyfriend Cizzur.

Her teachers were very relieved about that development, hoping the young empath would be able to counter Cizzur's influence on Moira.

The only other person who ever made an effort to befriend Moira was Moonshine and Moira seems to have a vague attachment to her as well even if the bond isn't nearly as strong as the one she has to Tegan or Cizzur.

These days she is visiting Amigne Academy and studies Computer Science. Her hobby is studying law though, in a helpless attempt to figure out they mysteries of right and wrong.


---- If you can keep your knowlege apart from that of your characters highlight now----


There was nothing wrong with Moira's mind at all when she was a baby. She had the bad fortune of falling into the hands of the Freezes who were trying to create the perfect soldier.

Professor Freeze opened Moira's head cutting of some very specific neural connections in an attempt to make sure neither pain nor fear nor hopes or any other emotion would ever distract Moira.

She succeeded all too well. The professor realized too late that without emotion it was downright impossible to motivate Moira to do anything at all.

Moiras attachment to Cizzur gave her the handle she needed to regain control of her troublesome daughter though and despite assurances to the contrary she does support it.

Moira was trained as an assasin and is sent out whenever the Freezes decide someone is getting to bothersome. Neither Cizzur nor Tegan know about that part of her.

Moira realizes that neither of them accepts murder and thus is not willing to reveal what might drive them of.

What connects her to Tegan is not just friendship but that he can give her back some of the emotion she has lost. She never explained that to her mother or how her relationship to Tegan differs from that to Cizzur who gives her life meaning.

The Freezes are not happy about her friendship with Tegan at all. They realize that if Tegan finds out what is going on with the backing of his powerful family he has the potential to bring everything down around them.

The Professors husband tasked his son Tommy with getting Tegan out of the way. He hired a group of thugs who should kill him, but Cizzur got into the way and Tegan has been careful since.

Tommys attempts to befriend Tegan have been in vain because the other boy is all too aware of Tommy's hostility.



Username: sailing101

Character Name: Yamaha

Age: Appears to be 22

Gender: Male.

Looks: Yamaha appears to be an ordinary 5'9 bald Scientist. He is always wearing a white lab-coat, and he always has his dark circular blast goggles over his eyes.

Alignment: Hero :?:


1. Yamaha is actually a cleverly designed plastic based robot disguised as a human. Nearly all of the wiring and circutry is made from a conductive ink. This is so that he can go through an ordinary metal detector without setting it off.

2. Hacking skills. Yamaha is a very skilled hacker, due to the fact that he is technically a supercomputer himself.

3. Collective Uplink - Talon's full consciousness is shared between three bodies: Talon, Yamaha, and Cyrus. They remain separate for the most part, but always share their memories. Of the three, Yamaha is the more creative and sadistic one. Yamaha actually looks up to Sheffield, unlike the rest of Talon.

Weaknesses: Issac would be able to see him for what he really is behause he has almost no metal. He is also quite fragile. Because Yamaha needs to keep up the charade of being human, he is of no use in a crisis other than for his creations.

History: Talon created Yamaha as a front for phase three of his plans, build a big-time corporation that provides a useful service. He eventually founded Yamaha Tech. I.N.C. To study super powers.



Username: sailing101

Character Name: Cyrus

Age: Acts about 15

Gender: of Masculine programing

Looks: Unlike Yamaha, cyrus is very obviously a robot. He is 6 feet tall. Cyrus's body is made from sturdy steel that has been painted green on the main body, hands, feet, and face, and black everywhere else.

Alignment: Hero


1. Compression field. Yamaha fitted Cyrus with a prototype space warping devise capable of making an object take up less space. however, this does nothing to decrease weight.

2. Remote control. Even if cyrus is knocked apart, his individual limbs can still move, allowing him to pull himself back together.

3. Spin Shot. cyrus keeps in compression a modified six barrel midigun that fires sticky pellets, grappling lines, paint balls, toothpaste, firecrackers, slinkys, cupcakes, beans, instant clown makeup kits, Groucho glasses, his own head, or one 15 foot jump rope.

4. Collective Uplink - Talon's full consciousness is shared between three bodies: Talon, Yamaha, and Cyrus. They remain separate for the most part, but always share their memories. Of the three, Cyrus is the most reckless and carefree. He is a hero for the attention.

Weaknesses: Cyrus's joints are not held together well. A basketball, a good punch, or changing directions too suddenly while running are all enough to take his head off. Not that that's much of a problem to him.

History: Yamaha Made Cyrus to test some of his more dangerous gadgets. Cyrus has since become a more comical hero figure, making people laugh as well.



Character Form Hero

Username: warewolves

Character Name: Reivy(Ray-vy) Darknight

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Looks: Link

Alignment: Hero


Luck:(No one considers it a power, they just call it luck) If she tries her hand at games of chance, or on certain things that require a short amount of luck, she always seems to have it on her side. However this is a negative thing for people around her. While she had insurmountable luck anyone within a meter of her or anything she touches seems to come to a big case of bad luck.

Photographic memory: She can remember every fact, every face, every word she ever sees.


Due to her 'power' she is very disliked by a lot of people, however she was lucky enough to manage to get into the Department of Supernatural Research at the university. She spends most of her time in there, learning more about supers and powers.


Character Form

Username: DragonlordJT


Character Name: Warren "Ryan" Andrew (Experiment #849)


Age: 19


Gender: Male


Alignment: Hero, technically speaking.


Looks: Caucasian male. He is about 6' 3" due to his age. He has long brown hair that is at times rather unkempt and somewhat dirty. He doesn't tend to stand normally upright, rather, he prefers to hunch on all fours. He wears brown leather most often. Tan leather pants and a darker brown leather shirt (long sleeved). While his clothing is leather and more primitive, he has two plates on the back of his shoulders which help to carry 10 metal claws (bladed.) While he doesn't often take the claws off, he sometimes has to, to draw or read or something. He can use these claws to climb walls.


Powers: Can talk to animals of any kind after he exposes himself to them for long enough. He has a special process of doing this however. He tends to keep this process a secret to himself. He can already speak with most common animals.


Can redirect any kind of energy-based damage that he has been exposed to before. Be it magic or otherwise. HOWEVER he cannot ABOSRB IT. If he holds the energy for too long he risks damaging himself. If the energy is enough to kill on first strike he will more than likely die. Physical damage is not included in this. A bullet will still hit as will a blade. Electrical and fire based attacks are obviously more of an energy-base and can be redirected. The energy redirected has to go somewhere, so typically he'll cast it to the side or send it back to it's owner.


Weaknesses: See his power of energy redirection, he can only redirect energy that he has been hit by or touched before, holding energy inside can kill him by tearing his body apart. His split personality (see below) is also a great weakness as he could go berserk, endangering himself and others.


Claustrophobic. Fear of enclosed spaces. If forced into a small cramped up area for long enough, he will either go berserk or his mind could potentially crack.


Personality: Rather to himself. He doesn't typically speak with people as he doesn't know what to say most of the time. He has a mix of emotional turmoil inside, his main wish is typically to have never existed because of how different he is from the rest of the world. However, his animal side doesn't easily let him commit suicide. After he met JT, his personality changed a little. The two go pretty far back and Ryan would gladly die before anyone hurt his best friend.


History: Altered genetically to enhance mental growth and adaptability before he was even born, however it wasn't first triggered until the age of 3. At that age, the lab testing him wanted to see if it had actually worked. It did, beyond their expectations. He was already solving Algebraic equations before he ever reached the age of 4 and his memory surpassed that of the average human by a great reach. At 6, he was at a secondary school level, his testers decided to perform their next experiment on him.

They connected the communication and control centers of his brain to that of a rat's. They wanted to see if his mind could adapt to that of the rat's. At first it was just a communication issue, they wanted to see if he could communicate efficiently with the rat. He started squeaking and generally, the rat seemed to understand what he was saying. The rat was in a maze. They would ask what Ryan (at the time called Experiment #849) was telling the rat. As he told them, they would watch what the rat and notice it obeying orders. The rat had already seen Ryan as a leader.

As the test went on for a few days, they then decided to connect the control centers of his brain to the rat as well. There was a problem, setting up Ryan as the one in control. The rat's brain wasn't willing to let go. As a compromise, Ryan accepted a part of the rat, and the rat accepted a part of him. Ryan soon gained control, but there would later be a cost to these tests of control.

As the tests continued for a long while, they tried him on other animals. He adapted phenomenally to their speech. He could soon coordinate a wolf pack as an alpha, lead a horse to water without riding it, calm an elephant from a mouse... the list was endless. As time went by, he started acting more like an animal himself. He walked on all fours and preferred to eat with his hands. The main problem was whenever the scientists connected Ryan to the control centers though... their last experiment was their least successful. They connected Ryan to an Alpha wolf of a pack. The Alpha was much too stubborn to relinquish it's control. The usual compromise didn't work. Instead, Ryan got control of the wolf... but the wolf gained control of him... The new Wolf-Ryan went on a rampage. Many scientists were killed in the process. Having control of the Wolf's body, Ryan coordinated the wolves to hold down the Wolf-Ryan long enough for Ryan to regain his own body. There was one last problem though, the Wolf body was now dead and there was no mental activity from it ever having received the old Wolf mind. The Alpha wolf, was just as much an owner of Ryan's body as he was himself.

At the age of 10 the lab was seized by the government when word got out that they were testing Human subjects, however the incident involving Ryan's psychotic break remained a secret somehow. Ryan, during this, was also seized. The government decided to name him Warren. He didn't really like the name as it was, but it was better than being called "#849 all the time.

As he was being retrained to fit in with the outside world, there were several problems. Sometimes the Alpha wolf inside him would take control and go on a rampage. Sometimes they even had to tie Ryan down in order to contain him.

During the times he was locked in a cage, there was only one man who ever helped him or visited him, a scientist named Brenan. Brenan would assist Ryan in regaining control over the wolf. Over time, Ryan and Brenan learned the wolf hated the human reflection and asked that people always carry a mirror on them when near him or working with him. The wolf inside would react in a negative manor long enough for Ryan himself to regain control. Brenan also soon asked what Warren would like to be called. Warren asked that he be called Ryan instead, cause he liked the sound. Brenan complied and was the only one who ever called him that.

At 11, the government needed testing for a new energy defense system involving human bodies. Ryan found it rather hypocritical that the government was now testing on humans when they had seized the lab Ryan was in for testing on them as well. He decided to volunteer in it. This new mutation allowed energy-based damages to be deflected. Ryan could soon take a match to his arm and put the fire out his finger or breathe it out his mouth. There was a limit though, it only worked if the subject had been hit by it before. Soon they upped the level of the test. They strapped Ryan to an electric chair did zapped him only long enough to hurt but not kill. Then they did it again. Ryan arced it into the generator of the chair and broke the system. The room was shut down for maintenance the next few days. Another test was done to see if Ryan could hold the energy. However, he passed out from the intense pain it brought on. After arcing it again into the generator, he woke up in the hospital wing having had some serious internal bleeding. The energy being held inside him had started to tear him apart and made him pass out from lack of blood.

At the age of 12 Ryan escaped, after an accident at the government lab led to the death of Brenan. Ryan had lost control again and the wolf had killed Brenan. Ryan just before then was in a weapons testing unit. They were testing special metal claws and a holster system (the very ones he has now.) He grew attached to them, liking their more animal qualities. The wolf had used them to kill Brenan. During the chaos, he managed to escape to the outside world.

Ryan still feels guilty for Brenan's death, however, in recent years, he has devoted himself to science. He has come up with several complex concepts that most people don't really understand for instance, his process of genetic manipulation and growth being changed during the growth of an adolescent to change psychologies of the subject for the better, these theories were thrown out as "insane." His more recent ones are involved in alternate energy sources. He has been testing these through androids he creates. He has been working on connecting supernatural objects to technology. So far it has been a success with some minor set-backs. Most androids he made have gone berserk, however his most recent cyborg, Psi, hasn't.

Ryan recently met a dragon named Treasach, who was quite interested in Ryan's studies on energy. He helped in the process of making Psi as the way Psi uses the energy source is based off of how a dragon does. During Psi's creation, Treasach disappeared for a while, more than likely because he didn't like being so close to the city.



Username: DragonlordJT


Character name: Cybernetic Organism - #7, "Ψ" (pronounced and spelled Psi, like psychic, but without the second syllable.)


Age: About half a year old, however he is a cyborg and was made to be about 20 years old physically. He is far older mentally.


Gender: Looks and seems to be male as far as anyone can tell.


Looks: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/222...ontes_Makua.jpg



Somewhat like this, however he is in fact dark green and black instead of red. The yellow remains and the pelvic armor is green as well, the crystal on his helmet is a light blue colour. He also has a tail that can be detached and used as a bladed whip (view second picture for an idea.) Detaching it doesn't hurt him as he's a cyborg. Don't feel sorry for him if you cut his arm off. The inner structure can be rebuilt and the tissues regenerated. He can replace parts as needed, however the tissues need to regenerate in a special way. He looks a lot like Ryan due to sharing similar genetic and (artificial) bone structures.


Alignment: Hero




1. He is faster and has better reaction times due to being a specially designed combat cyborg. He has special rocket boots that allow him to 'dash' but he cannot fly. He is also slightly stronger than the typical man, but it isn't in excess. He can only lift about 300 pounds maximum, using all of his body.


2. Can copy any movement that is observed in battle, however this only works if the gem on his head is working properly. If it is broken, he can only copy what he has seen up until it was broken. It cannot copy powers, nor can it copy anything involving limbs that Psi doesn't have.


3. Regeneration. When he returns to his master Ryan, his master can help him to regenerate lost tissues with the help of some special capsules. Psi must rest inside of them for at least a day or more to regenerate, depending on how much he has lost. He doesn't have any blood however, his tissues are artificial, but still organic all the same. They're only made to make him look human, even though his armour gives him away entirely.


4. Advanced weapons systems. As a combat cyborg he has several useful weapons that only work with him. They work off of a special energy source in his body. Some of his main ones include:


A small energy pistol that takes the energy from his power source and turns it into a kind of slow moving bullet.


An energy blade that turns the energy source into a solid form that can slash through most materials with ease. He keeps the handle on his right arm.


His tail, the bladed chain whip. It can be used for many things and can extend and retract at will. He most often uses it as a grapple. It disconnects from about halfway up his back.


A new module that was recently added on his left arm to be an energy shield. He can also throw this shield like a chakrum. (This also throws the module that generates the shield. It is currently the only object that stays functional when it isn't on Psi... for a short time at least. He tends to carry a backup module on his back.) This module is attached to his left arm.




The gem on his head isn't only a scanner, it's his source of power. It's a synthetic crystal that is constantly producing an unlimited amount of energy for the cyborg (it is part magic and part science.) If it is broken through (cracks don't cut off power, they only start to hinder it), he'll slowly start to lose energy and won't be able to copy attacks. He also will start to lose many functions, some of his weapons will go offline because of this as they also use this same energy source. Break this key item, and you've just about destroyed the cyborg... until a new crystal is installed that is.


His rocket boots don't work underwater.


He can't swim, however he is resistant to water... until his skin look-alike is cut that is. Once water gets under his skin his internals are typically damaged pretty badly. Luckily his memory is stored inside his solid carbon skull, which isn't easy to get into and is airtight.


He can't remove his armor, so it's always apparent who he is. If his helmet, the only part of his armour that can be taken off (where the energy crystal is) is removed, he enters a state of near-permanent hibernation. He'll only wake when his helmet is put back on, with a working power-crystal of course. His helmet can be difficult to remove however, as it requires a special key that Ryan and his partner JT always carry.




Psi was created by Warren 'Ryan' Andrew as a test for alternate power sources. So far Psi has been the most successful creation as he hasn't gone berserk like his previous versions. Psi was made specifically to take down the berserk bots before him.


While Psi looks human, you can entirely expect that he doesn't act it. He often doesn't care when someone talks to him and will ignore them unless they say something pertaining to his current 'mission.' Don't get it confused though, Psi is as much of a free-willed AI as Talon, but he would much prefer to complete the missions his master gives.


When Psi completed his first mission to destroy the berserk bots, a few people even asked him if he regretted doing it. His reply was simple. "Why should I keep reviewing old files and missions? They've been completed successfully. No more information needed." People were appalled how cold the robot was towards others, but he served well. Since Psi refuses to be used as a lab rat or testing object and recognizes himself as a combat machine, he has declined many requests from Ryan involving being any sort of test subject, something Ryan hadn't anticipated.


So, instead, Ryan gave him a special mission, this current mission is on-going.


"Help people live better lives."


So Ryan has offered his cyborg's services to the police. The robot does his mission quite efficiently and is probably one of the best on the job.


Recently Psi met a dragon named Treasach, who has been his rival ever since. They both may be on the same side, but neither of them like the other and are constantly trying to prove which one is superior. Neither have done so yet, as they always tie and are constantly trying to improve themselves. Both are capable weapon's masters and both have very strong wills. It is here that Psi has started to develop some more human qualities, in his competition with Treasach, he starts to feel some more purpose than just doing his missions. His purpose now is to grow stronger and keep growing stronger.


The reason the synthetic magic crystals work on Psi and not his predecessors is because Ryan based his design off of a dragon. The way his body uses the energy and the way he does things can sometimes be associated with a dragon. It is why he and Treasach rival each other. Dragons from Dawn are naturally competitive and will usually fight until a superior is decided. Ryan based Psi's design off of Treasach's body and the way he used magical energy. Thus, Psi was born into an idea and from there, Psi became a reality.



Character Form

Username: DragonlordJT


Character Name: Treasach


Age: 43 (still quite young for a dragon of his kind actually.)


Gender: Male


Alignment: Hero, but typically neutral. He works with Warren and JT privately. He doesn't actively help anyone but nor does he take part in criminal activities.


Looks: A 6'8" tall anthromorphic fire dragon. He has a 18 foot wingspan (tip to tip) and is a bronze colour. His eyes are orange. He has three main horns, two larger swept back horns at the top of his head and a very small one atop his snout just above his nostrils, a bunch of smaller ones protrude out the back of his head, almost like very spiky hair.


He wears armor that would only fit a dragon like him, it's lightweight and doesn't cover his whole body. Only his vital areas. He wears as such; a breastplate, bracers on his forearms, armor on his upper and lower legs (unconnected) and a simple head plate that fits to his horns. He wears a saber on his left hip and on his right leg armor is a dagger, this he always has on him, no matter what the case may be.


Powers: Fire. He is a general pyromancer as he is a fire dragon. His favorite technique is to create a wall of fire to blind his location, then jump through it as a surprise attack. Due to this power, he is immune to fire and most forms of heat.


Soul Touch. He has an ability called the Soul Touch. Which allows him to borrow strength and give strength to those he performs it on. The effect is only short lived however as it takes a great amount of energy to maintain it. During it's effects, sometimes one can use the powers of the soul connected. For example, if he were to use it on a normal person who didn't normally have powers, they could use his fire abilities while the soul touch was performed. If used on someone with powers, he could borrow them and perform them (with some difficulty however, as the powers aren't natural to the users. A person with no power would have great difficulty using any sort of powers gained from this.)


Weaknesses: Lightning. He can't stand it in any way as he has had bad experiences with it. He'll never go flying in a storm for this reason. It is perhaps one of the only things that will ever make him quiver in fear.


His own Soul Touch: Anytime a Soul Touch is established, it opens up a link directly to Treasach's soul via the person it is performed with. If someone could attack him through this link, it could potentially destroy his soul. At the very least it would knock him unconscious for anywhere from 12 hours to 6 months.


History: Trained as an Elite Dragon in the world of Dawn, he is known as simply as Treasach, he denied a title. Much like his teacher Tidous, a water dragon.


Treasach was trained in many forms of combat, ranging everywhere from Aikido and Tae Kwon Do, to western wrestling and boxing. Fighting him in hand to hand would not be a wise choice. As is required of an Elite student, he also mastered a weapon style, swordsmanship. However his teacher urged him to learn other armed combat styles. He also knows pole arm combat, ranged, and thrown arm combat, making him perfect for any job in battle. Since his world bans firearms, such as guns, he often dislikes seeing anyone use them. Energy guns don't seem to bother him though.


Long ago, he was accidently teleported to the universe where Fell Haven exists. He has lived quietly in this world for a long time, avoiding contact with the outside. One day he met Ryan. Ryan told Treasach of a special energy source he was working on, a synthetic magic crystal. When Treasach heard of this he decided to investigate, hoping it could one day lead him back home. Later on, he also met Psi, a creation of Ryan's. Over time, Psi and Treasach have become rivals. They constantly compete to see who's the best, even though they're on the same side.


At Treasach's suggestion, Ryan has been working on finding other uses for his renewable energy source other than just to power Androids or Cyborgs.

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Fell Haven Graduates


Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Eli

Age: 23

Gender: Male



1) Necromancy: Eli has the ability to converse with and summon the dead to do his bidding. Feeding off their echoes in the mortal plane he can construct devastating monsters whose only weaknesses are fire and holy relics. These abominations are truly terrifying beasts, often misshapen and deformed, and Eli’s control over them makes him a formidable foe.

2) Bind/Curse: Using his powers over death Eli can bind the dead to earthbound objects, effectively cursing them. The curses work differently depending on what Eli wishes them to do. Binding a spirit to a door can deny people entry or even cause pain to those who touch it, a music box becomes deadly to those who hear it and a coat can take possession of its wearer. The more spirits bound to an object the stronger the curse becomes.

Those with holy or purifying powers can usually purge the cursed object clean of possession.

3) Spirit Realm/Land of the Dead: Eli used to be able to become invisible, but he later discovered this was actually a very weak attempt to enter the Spirit Realm, or Land of the Dead. Now he can fully submerge himself into this plane, allowing him to escape perilous situations.

While in the Spirit Realm Eli can still see and hear what happens in the mortal world, although he can not be sensed in anyway (unless someone is clairvoyant or a necromancer themselves). He can also pass through physical objects such as walls, furniture or even other people, as they do not exist in the Land of the Dead.

It’s a bad idea for Eli to remain in this world for too long, as he may attract unwanted attention.

4) Pact: For a price Eli can act as a medium between the living and the dead, granting them power or other favours, such as resurrecting a loved one. He is unable to turn down anyone looking to make such a pact, although he is allowed to name any price he wishes, such as material objects, body parts or even servitude.

Weaknesses: As a Necromancer Eli is weak is his polar opposite, holy magic and their users. The monsters he creates via his craft are weak to pure light (sunlight or magical, but not artificial) and fire and most of his curses or pacts can be undone via purification. He must also follow certain rules tied to Necromancy or suffer the punishment.


1) He must not kill unless there is either a direct threat to himself or another.

2) He must not use necromancy for money.

3) He must not use necromancy for personal gain (can sometimes get away with it, depending on the circumstances).

4) He must not discuss the proceedings of the Rite of Mavet (considered a major offence).

Should Eli break any of these rules he is usually punished. Light offences leave him bleeding from the eyes, weakening him and rendering him temporally blind, although a major offence will strip the flesh from his bones and cast him into the void where he will be left to wander for all eternity.

History: Eli was found as a very young child by a Vampire Lord, who adopted him and raised him a mix between a child and a soldier. Eli was captured and sent to Fell Haven, where he realised that no matter how much he loved his father, he would forever been seen foremost as a tool by him. Saddened and having no real desire to murder of his own will Eli strived hard to build a new life for himself. Even though his countless past crimes were greatly stacked up against him, Eli graduated and was given a second chance on the condition that he never had any further contact with his adopted father.

After leaving Fell Haven Eli travelled to New Mansburg, like many former students and within a few months proved useful to the police force after using his powers to interview a murder victim and provide evidence to arrest their killer. Since then he was worked alongside the NMPD and provided them with sources of information they would not possibly be able to get on their own.

Two years ago Eli underwent the Rite of Mavet, a dangerous and compulsory test for all Necromancers reaching their 21st birthday. A week later Eli returned to the human realm with Caim, a servant and gift from those on the other side.



Username: Warewolves

Character Name: Fikel/Klyce

Age: 20

Gender: Male


Fikel: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/320...ves-d4gccos.png

Klyce: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/320...ves-d4gcda1.png


Fikel himself doesn’t have any powers. However when certain demands are met, Fikel blacks out and his alter ego kicks in. Klyce has a multitude of powers, and cares nothing for his masters life. He can regenerate fast, has a dosage of speed, is a master when considering small bladed weapons, specifically knives, feels no pain, and is very hard to capture, let alone defeat.


As said, unless certain conditions are met, Klyce does not come out.

1: Fikel has to be in a life or death situation.

2: Fikel has a nervous breakdown, usually caused by too much pressure.

3: Fikel falls unconscious during a situation similar to 1 or 2.

3: In the future, Klyce will be able to force Fikel unconscious, and vice versa by a large amount of will.

Klyce himself has a few weaknesses:

1: Not feeling pain is a double edged sword. It means he won’t feel small cuts and bruises, nor will he feel a hole in his body. He could freeze to death or be shocked so his heart stops and he wouldn’t notice, until he died.

2: Klyce is easy to goad into a trap if you know him well enough.

3: Klyce depends on Fikel for energy, if Fikel runs out of stamina, then Klyce fades and Fikel is left to fend for himself. In extreme cases where the life is in danger, he can rely on the life force of Fikel, but doing so is only good for healing grievous wounds, which afterwards he reverts to Fikel.


Fikel went to Fell Haven after the day his powers were discovered. He has no memory of what happened, but later reports show that he went crazy and killed everyone in the vicinity. During the time at Fell Haven, Fikel strove to get out as fast as possible, so studies thoroughly. However, there were times he found himself bound and locked in a room or in the middle of a fight with bullies. Fikel is not are of Klyce, while Klyce is aware of Fikel. If people were to try and explain it to Fikel, Klyce would force control and the person would end up dead, with Fikel standing over them in utter horror. Eventually they found out what triggered the attacks, and sought ways to minimise the chance of them happening. It worked, to a degree, and Fikel soon graduated with flying colours.

Fikel now lives in an apartment in Mansburg Plaza, and takes a job at Bobo’s pizza shack to gain the extra cash he needs for rent. When he’s not working, he can be found studying at the academy. On the few occasions he has time to himself, he normally spends it at his home, working out to keep himself fit, but if he does go out it is to the Spyder where he listens to the supers talking of their feats. Fikel is a quiet, and thoughtful individual. He is always welcome to conversation and is often seen helping a struggling member of his class with tutoring and such. He doesn’t drink, and considers himself to be an important, but low ranking, member of the society.

Klyce is a cold and cruel person. He hunts down his targets mercilessly, and does not distinguish friend from enemy. When Klyce is around, people end up dead, or dying. He is now nice to anyone, unless they best him in battle. If that is the case, he treats them as an equal. Every time they meet, he would ask for a match. When he defeats said person, their relationship is at an end. If Klyce were to be the main personality, the streets would not feel safe with him around.


Username: sailing101

Character Name: Talon

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Looks: Talon shows little evidence that he ever once was human. He still retains a humanoid shape, but his new, 7 foot tall, body is made from black alloy, a very resilient memory metal. He also has six foot long black metal wings. An emotionless black mask hides his bare skull, leaving only his lighted eyes showing.


1. Tecnopath - Talon can build, control, and reconfigure technology to suit his needs However, he can't make something from scratch, and he needs the right components to make it. This takes place in the form of a white energy similar in appearance to lightning.

2. Cybernetic Implants - Much Talon's original body has been replaced with mechanical components. These include, six retractable metal talons in each hand that he can detach and throw, similar talons replacing his toes, collapsible throwing discs stored in his forearms, four energy whips that can be reconfigured into energy swords stored in his upper arms just below the shoulders, oil instead of blood, and a compact, tin fueled, cold fusion reactor that he considers to be his heart. He also gets WI FI.

3. Flight capabilities - Talon has wings with razor metal feathers which, along with two miniature jet engines, allow him to fly at high speeds, albeit a bit noisily.

4. Collective Uplink - Talon's full consciousness is shared between three bodies: Talon, Yamaha, and Cyrus. They remain separate for the most part, but always share their memories. Of the three, Talon is the more methodical one. He has a strong, if slightly skewed, sense of right and wrong.

Weaknesses: Talon is not waterproof. A single drop is enough to put him into retreat, and he refuses to go outside when it's raining. Talon also prefers to toy with his opponents rather than outright tearing them limb from limb. He also refuses to use his power on other AI's.

History: Talon appeared in the middle of an explosion outside fell haven. He was broken into several pieces, and severally damaged by fire and explosives. He spent the next week repairing himself, antagonizing Sheffield, and demonstrating advanced martial arts skills. Once Talon's repairs were finished, he disappeared from the school with a little help from Zygard. Talon promised Zygard that in return, he would search for artifacts with a high magical energy, and send them to the vampire lord.

Since he had no criminal record, (or any record for that matter) not much effort was spared to look for the wayfairing cyboarg. It wasn't long before Talon landed on the black market, renting off his own tech to make money, and amassing a collection of his own. Talon soon rose to the top of the black market, and surrounded himself with wealth and a loyal team of appraisers, auction scouts, and other, more shady characters.

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((From what I understand, I just move this, so I will do that for yas smile.gif ))

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Why is my use of the word 'vicar' amusing, Dragonlord? blink.gif

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Username: Silver_Voices

Character Name: Melodee

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Looks: http://i465.photobucket.com/albums/rr14/An.../animegirl2.jpg

Alignment: Villain

Powers: Regeneration, Siren's call (her singing is so beautiful it will cause men to fall in love with her until she stops singing), and Telekinesis

Weaknesses: Telekinesis takes major amounts of energy, so when used it will take a while before she can use them again. She can not use her telekineses in items bigger than herself.

History: Was caught stealing. Doesn't remember much about her past, just a lot of fire and smoke. Has been living on the streets




Popping here until I can fix the headings tomorrow.

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@warewolves: OH oops warewolves. I'm sorry I missed it entirely! Now I feel bad... =(


@ruins The word Vicar, you know, what we more English types call our preists lol. I live in the states but I was raised around an English family so I have a tendency to spell and use slang that most people here don't understand. I never thought I'd hear anyone else use Vicar in my life other than my family lol


Like in school, they hated it whenever I spelt their "color" as "colour." People here in NY have always looked at me strangely when I call an elevator a lift and that sort... lol

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Ah I see. Good to know I probably won't be the only one like "*insert character here* went to the pictures." and everyone look at me like "Um, what?" lol

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lol I understand what you mean.


I do sometimes use American terms if I'm playing in a mostly American RP and I remember. It's easier than answering several PMs with questions like 'What's a torch?'.

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Both Ruins and I are English. We use English terms.

And me.

It annoys me having tO mistype colour when I'm using colours D:

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Lol. I am from germany. They teach us brittish english in school but most of the english books I've read are by american authors. I am probably using a wild mixture and can't even tell what is what most of the time.

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I find myself with an accent sometimes when I say words, but not often. Sometimes french, british, etc. Australian IS a jumble of them after all.


Edit: This isn't off topic is it? I don't want another warn.

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Well we are trying to make sure we understand each other when we write in the RP, which I think SHOULD be considered legal ooc, but who knows.

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I believe it is on topic Ware, as we are pointing out that the differences in our language that may cause confusion if not addressed.

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Doesn't really matter to me. I don't want to get into trouble but it's not like we're really hurting anyone... are we?


@laura: one of my friends is from Germany! lol

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And the three of you aren't my only friends from Great britain biggrin.gif


Can Leon read thoughts? Fikel only thought the claws were cool.

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