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The Hatching Dragon Spriting Contest

Will you participate? If so, how?  

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Well, since nobody has posted or PMed me asking for more time, I will crown the winner!


user posted image

This egg was sitting in a crater


user posted image


The 3rd category 1st place winner is:


Floralpikmin99's Meteor Amphiptere


user posted image


Meteor Amphipteres are well known for their bright red bodies and strange behavior. These dragons live in the heart of volcanoes and rarely leave. They get their name from their action of smashing their strong bodies into prey or enemies, leaving their bones shattered. They breed only with other Amphipteres and they mate for life.


And that concludes the the Hatching Dragon Spriting Contest. Please post when you send a prize to a winner. Once all of the winners have received prizes, this thread will be closed.


Thank you to everyone who was a part of this!



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Sorry for disappearing, and thanks for the third place! c:


If you decide to do something like this again, I would probably participate if I'm not so busy and flustered like I was this time. X3


But Congrats to all who won! This contest was a really good idea. c:



Blessed Be! ~Rain

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Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been watching this thread much since the contest ended.


Yes, I am planning another one. However it won't be until summer at least. Keep an eye out for it!




You are free to use your sprites in dragon requests if you choose. First place winners may use the category egg as well.

Not that I'm telling you to, but I think some of these have potential, and I'd hate for it to be wasted.

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