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The Congrats Thread, V5

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While on the hunt for CB White eggs today I caught only 1, BUT I did end up catching 5x CB Magmas in the Volcano (I hunt there for whites since I usually find them there and yes I do biome skip) and egg locked myself with them. I think I caught them all in less than 2 hours. Best trio catching feat for me yet. biggrin.gif Best part is, I can trade them for multiple CB White hatchlings wub.gif


1, 2, 3, 4, 5. (All in lineage links can't post view links, just click and check time if you want c: I'm just so excited, I just returned hunting in cave a few weeks ago biggrin.gif

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Was trying out these two just to see and I kind of like the outcome. wub.gif

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After 1 and a half months, and 5 failed fertilities...



Congrats, dear!!!

If you need a mate, I'll attempt breeding one for you when my Silvers wear off cooldown ^w^

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All the eggs on my scroll are nice ones.

5/7 are holiday mates

1/7 are rare 4th gen Prizes

1/7 are project eggs


I am a happy person right now. :3

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Just bred this! Hopefully he'll like her and I'll have my very first self-bred 4th gen checker. happy.gif


Edit: Oooh, and I managed to catch a CB Copper against all odds. I decided to grab a CB Spring as the next biome was loading, and after checking 3 other biomes I clicked back to the Forest to find that Copper waiting patiently for me. xd.png Either I was very lucky or I revealed some other rare when I took the Spring.

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So, I just figured something pretty neat out. Since I have three of every past Valentines dragon, all second gen, if I were to get mates for all of them before next Valentines I could flood the AP with a predicted wall of 63 3rd gen EG Checkers.


(The math

3x7=21x(an average of 3 offspring)=roughly 63 eggs.)


Yeah, that's pretty neat.

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