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The Congrats Thread, V5

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My 2G Holly haul for this year:





Bringing my total to 5. Not too shabby. smile.gif

Nice, not combos I have really seen before ^^


I made it to 8000 on my scroll.



Now he's safely grown up, I can show off this gorgeous guy!  biggrin.gif  My plan for an even-gen Holiday lineage with CB spriter alts just got that lil bit closer!  happy.gif


ETA: *screams a bit* Never thought my offer for this beauty would be accepted, I am SO happy right now I cannot even describe it!  biggrin.gif


ETA2: Coming soon to an AP near you: http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Lineage.ph...en=2&mate=fnSPi and http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Lineage.ph...en=2&mate=IA1Cs  tongue.gif

Awesome, love the ideas x'D Congrats

Taking inspiration from that (aka known as stealing a great idea!) ninja.gif



Santa was good to me this year, made some awesome trades!

Congrats, nice trading



From me: my holly (which I forgot to influence) gendered correctly x] Sooo relieved ^^

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I made it to 8000 on my scroll.

Congratulations! biggrin.gif


I missed 6000 by the year-end, but even with some heavy rl stuff, I have reached 5700, and with almost 2000 of my adults raised with ZERO clicks! biggrin.gif

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Congrats all! smile.gif

I'll start the new year with 7474 dragons - not a round number, but at least a funny looking one. biggrin.gif

And I finally got to 1.00 children per adult. (6904 adults on my scroll, 6914 children.)

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oh, I love the Xenowyrm Lineage, if they don´t refuse, may I perhaps request a future offspring?

Of course! happy.gif

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I made it to 8000 on my scroll.

Congrats smile.gif


I will not make it much beyond 12,915 before the years end.



edit: Caught two purple dinos, a CB Gaia and a CB winter (now I just need to wait for my CB brown copper to hatch and I can hunt again)

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Look Closely its the spriters alt biggrin.gif

Nope Nat it isn't - check out the News thread about "Enraged" Aegis wink.gif

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am i missing something here unsure.gif

It has the "new" enraged Aegis dragon in it. ^-^

edit ... ninja.gif 'd twice. xd.png


As for this holiday season, these are my favorite things I got.


Wrapping Wing from cb Silver Tinsel

Mistletoe from a cb Silver Shimmer

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@Pandalf - wow!




Some pretties:







And these will be a pair:



And if something goes wrong, I can breed another! Perhaps I'll try golds on top afterwards. happy.gif

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