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The Congrats Thread, V5

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lookie lookie. I haven't bred an alt in AGES


Perfect Checker I'm stopping !

Oooo, very nice! Wish my Blacks would take the hint - when they're not breeding fails, they're not breeding at all. rolleyes.gif

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I was gifted these two beauties: this one is from a very good friend and this one is from my sister. wub.gif

I'm specifically happy for the silver one because:


1. everything my sister gives to me is special by itself

2. it's a relatively short gen tinsel (4th gen isn't so long)

3. it's from an uncommon mate

4. it's also the first ever descendant from its father and it turned out to be a shiny on the first ever breeding! wub.gif


Bonus happiness: finally a descendant that matches its parents in color!

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My luck today is so amazing - I've caught a CB Blusang, CB Ice, and CB Copper all within 3 hours. Thank you wonderful DC server.

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This one colored correctly despite the fact that I wasn't able to influence him! ♥

Ooo, very nice ^^ Love the checker

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I found a Neglected Dragon hatchling in a clicksite!

(Not my ND, but I want a complete encyclopedia.)

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"Hmmm, work is boring and the office haven't emailed me back yet. Ooo, nearly the top of the hour, maybe I'll check the cave."


Alpine: "This egg feels like polished stone."


YUSSSSSS! (It's fogged. Don't even try.)


(In other news, why do I always seem to end up with valuable stuff to trade right before I can expect to be mostly unavailable? :s)

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