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Hetalia: Your Destiny

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Please read if you do not know about Hetalia!

What is Hetalia you may ask? Well, Hetalia is an anime where there are stereotypes of a country that are turned into something like a person. For example, N. Italy is a weak but cute pasta and pizza loving guy who is happy-go lucky, and America is a loud, boisterous guy who loves junk food, archaeology, etc., and always thinks he's the "hero." But the countries are not the land masses.

You start out at the meeting in New Zealand where you begin to discuss what could have happened to The Roman Empire and why he might have vanished.




A long time ago, there was a man who had conquered the Mediterranean Sea. He had it all; he was strong and had riches. His name was The Roman Empire. One day he just vanished and is now just a well known legendary figure that is adored by many for his power and wealth. Now it is up to you and the other countries to find out what happened to him, as that has always been wondered about.

Nowadays, countries do not always get along, like how England and France fight constantly. The Axis (Japan, Germany, and N. Italy) were chased by the Allies (America, France, Russia, England, and China) all the time. What is your destiny? You could be the one that brings world peace, total destruction, make your own side, do absolutely nothing, or just add to the fun! Only you can decide!

You start out at the meeting in New Zealand where you begin to discuss what could have happened to The Roman Empire and why he could have vanished. There will be little side-plots and like the manga/anime, there will be Christmas side-plots, Easter side-plots, etc.






Country/Island/OC name:




Appearance (likes pics the most):

Good Traits:

Bad Traits:







Playable Characters (characters in BOLD are not available)


North Italy


Japan Taken by UchihaAce

America Taken by FallenAngel

England Taken by Frost

France Taken by FallenAngel

China Taken by DragonGirl

Russia Taken by TMD

Canada Reserved

Prussia Reserved








South Italy (Romano) Taken by Frost




Denmark Taken by Poke








Hong Kong



Australia Taken by Poke

South Korea







Northern Ireland




Vietnam Taken by DragonGirl












New Zealand Taken by me











Vatican City






(If there are any I have missed, please tell my)

OCs Made











  • Do not overdo yourself with characters.
  • If a character dies, it is reborn as a child.
  • PG 13. Enough said.
  • Please do not join if you are disturbed by death...
  • Please be fair and kind to ALL users.
  • Please put OOC comments in the OOC thread.
  • No Godmodding.
  • Do not argue or you will be banned from this RP.
  • Keep user to user fights in PM.
  • No one-liners.
  • If an OC or country dies, anyone else can RP them.
  • You NEED to be literate with at least four sentences. I can understand writer's block once in a while but not often or all the time.
  • Dieing only occurs when a country is killed.
  • Battles may occur between regular characters, OCs, or both, but the RPers decide that.
  • You may not play as the Roman Empire as he might make an appearance in the role-play.
  • You may not also play as Chibitalia, The Holy Roman Empire, or any ancient empires under any circumstances.
  • I may change the rules as I please.


You may have OCs such as Argentina, Iraq, etc. but you must have a good reason. Like, if I said: "I want to have an OC Niagara Falls," (which would be fine) "because I want to so bad," would get a no.

A example of what is right might be: "I would like to make this OC because I feel as if there are to many eastern countries and not enough western countries." It would be something like that.

You may only have one to three OC(s), and they must be real places, or have been real places.

If your OC is a state/province/capital, then you have to play that country.



Accepted Character Sheets




Username: Weblo123

Country/Island/OC name: Niagara Falls

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: She is a kind girl who loves to draw, cook, play piano, and play basketball, even though she says she isn't that good. But, when there is a challenge at play, she will be the first to say that she'll win. She might be grouchy sometimes but only because of her little sister Nicaragua keeping her up all night with constant requests. Being the straight A student that she was, if you have a question, Niagara Falls (Or Niagara as she calls herself) could probably answer it! She is the younger sister to America and Canada, but is closer to Canada seeing as though she grew up with him. Niagara does get along with America, but thinks that some of his ideas are not realistic.

Appearance (likes pics the most): Pic

Good Traits: Smart, Caring, Thoughtful, Good Cook, Artist, Athletic, Pianist

Bad Traits: Sarcastic (sometimes), Competitive, Doesn't Believe in Herself


Allies: Nicaragua, America, Canada, Britain, Israel, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Iraq, France, Germany

Likes: Candy, Basketball, Animals, Her sister: Nicaragua

Dislikes: Flowers, asparagus, pink things, mean people, wine

History: History+Page


Username: Weblo123

Country/Island/OC name: Nicaragua

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Personality: She is a super shy young girl who is the little sister of Niagara Falls. She was found by her dying in a forest when she was three, and Niagara Falls nursed her back to health, and then became sisters. They are super close, and Nicaragua likes to stick by her and tries not to wander away unless she's told. She wants to learn how to play guitar, but doesn't want to show off, so she never learned. Since she was a little girl listening to lullabies on the piano to go to sleep, Nicaragua has to have some sort of music to fall asleep.

Appearance (likes pics the most): Pic

Good Traits: Kind, Caring, Thoughtful, Smart, Pretty

Bad Traits: Shy, Gets Confused Easily, Talkative

Enemies: Kind of America (they have a rocky relationship), Germany

Allies: Niagara Falls

Likes: Her sister- Niagara Falls, daisies, and a lot of other things

Dislikes: Bullies, Math, Pink, Baseball

History: History



Username: Weblo123

Country/Island/OC name: New Zealand

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: New Zealand is a cheerful man. Even though he can be an idiot at times, he is good at heart and is kind to many people. Even though some of his bad cooking skills developed from England, New Zealand can make a really good Pavlova. He owns many yachts and loves to go yachting with his friends or go by himself. Much like a kid, one of his biggest weaknesses is loneliness or lack of food, so he is nice with almost everyone and keeps a few pieces of candy in his pockets for just in case situations.

Appearance (likes pics the most): Pic

Good Traits: Good heart, outgoing, nice, can make a good Pavlova.

Bad Traits: Forgetful, can be an idiot, and can be annoying.

Enemies: Not really anyone...

Allies: Many people like Canada, especially Australia, America, England, etc.

Likes: Pavloa (a popular dessert in New Zealand) and most other foods, Rugby, Australia, Yachting, and pretty much everything else.

Dislikes: Nothing much, except for mean people who think too highly of themselves.

History: History




Username: TheFallenAngel6236

Country/Island/OC name: America

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: America is very profound when it comes to his personality. He loves to butt into conversations of others whether it concerns him or not. Constantly making fun of England who is technically his brother, America shows affection through brotherly love.

Appearance: America

Good Traits: Does have some sense of sympathy and justice

Bad Traits: Is often oblivious to the feelings of others, not the smartest person.

Enemies: No extreme enemies but has a rivalry with Germany in some ways.

Allies: France, Russia, England, and China

Likes: Fast food, fairy tales

Dislikes: English food,


Username: TheFallenAngel6236

Country/Island/OC name: France

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: France means well but can sometimes be extremely creepy or perverted. He often sticks around with England despite his past hatred for the fellow European country.

Appearance: France

Good Traits: Has lots of love,

Bad Traits: Abuses his good looks and charm, is quite sadistic

Enemies: Hated England in the past but eventually sorted out issues. Current enemies with Austria.

Allies: America, England, Russia, and China

Likes: Love, himself

Dislikes: Physical labor, any cuisine not French.

History: History




Username: Poke11

Country/Island/OC name: Australia

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Australia is kind at heart. He might seem loud, too much energy, and self-centered, but he means no harm. He has a pet koala and his best friend is New Zealand, but some countries say that he has a crush on New Zealand (Australia does, but he denies it). Also, when he's angered, Australia's ahoge rises. He hangs out a lot with New Zealand, who he has known since they were children, and they travel a lot.

Appearance (likes pics the most): Pic

Good Traits: Means well, kind, caring

Bad Traits: He is too rambunctious, too loud, self-centered

Enemies: None really...

Allies: New Zealand, America, (kind of) Singapore,

Likes: Pavlova (He insists his country made it), New Zealand, his koala, traveling,

Dislikes: England, England's cooking, being wrong, people saying he likes New Zealand (even though they were right)

History: The first uncontested landing in Australia by Europeans was by Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon in 1606. European explorers followed intermittently until, in 1770, James Cook charted the East Coast of Australia for Britain and returned with accounts favoring colonisation at Botany Bay (now in Sydney), New South Wales. A First Fleet of British ships arrived at Sydney in January 1788 to establish a penal colony. Other colonies were established by Britain around the continent and European explorers sent deep into the interior throughout the 19th century. Introduced disease and conflict with the British colonists greatly weakened Indigenous Australia throughout the period.

Gold rushes and agricultural industries brought prosperity and autonomous Parliamentary democracies began to be established throughout the six British colonies from the mid-19th century. The colonies voted by referendum to unite in a federation in 1901, and modern Australia came into being. Australia fought on the side of Britain in the World Wars and became a long-standing ally of the United States when threatened by Imperial Japan during World War II. Trade with Asia increased and a post-war multicultural immigration program received more than 6.5 million migrants from every continent. The population tripled in the six decades to around 21 million in 2010, with people originating from 200 countries sustaining the 14th biggest economy in the world.


Username: Poke11

Country/Island/OC name: Israel

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Personality: Israel is the opposite of her capital, besides the fact that she believes the Jewish religion She is loud, sloppy, and can be annoying. She might seem like most of the other countries, but when it is just herself and her capital, Jerusalem, she is the opposite of her normal personality (mainly). She is the only one who knows about Jerusalem's love of cookies and making them, and always is with him for Chanukah (Hanukkah).

Appearance (likes pics the most): http://quizilla.teennick.com/user_images/M..._9824_full.jpeg (plus a small curl on the right side of her head near her forehead to represent small islands near the beaches there)

Good Traits: Nice, kind, fun, easygoing

Bad Traits: Loud, (can be) sloppy

Enemies: Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and the Palestinian Authority

Allies: US, UK, Germany, Italy, India, Micronesia

Likes: The holidays, lighting the menorah, dancing, singing, playing instruments

Dislikes: Being sad, bad food, England's cooking, having no Hanukkah songs on the radio in December

History: The State of Israel declared independence on May 14, 1948 after almost two millennia of Jewish dispersal and persecution around the Mediterranean. From the late 19th century the Zionist movement worked towards the goal of recreating a homeland for the Jewish people. Israeli independence has been marked by massive immigration of Jews, by conflict with the Palestinians and by wars with neighboring Arab states. Since about 1970 the USA has been the principal ally of Israel. In 1979, an uneasy peace was established with Egypt and in 1994, with Jordan. About 42% of the world's Jews live in Israel today.

Modern Israel is roughly located on the site of ancient Jewish kingdoms which were the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity and contains sites sacred to all of the world's principal monotheistic religions. The Jews were mostly driven out of the country by the Romans over the course of centuries of conflict, although some Jews remained. In the Middle-Ages, the area formed the focal point of conflict between Christianity and Islam. The expulsion of the Jews from Spain led to an increased, though still small, Jewish presence. In modern times, persecution in Europe led to the creation of the Zionist movement, which was able to win international support and establish the world's only Jewish-majority state.


Username: Poke11

Country/Island/OC name: Jerusalem

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: He the capital of Israel and is a very holy man who is very quiet. He rarely talks to anyone but Israel except for in meetings, where he will only speak if addressed or has something important to say. Bethlehem is a strong believer in the Jewish religion and prays every day, no matter where he is. The capital also has a secret craving for chocolate-chip cookies and is good at making them. He always spends Chanukah (Hanukkah) with Israel.

Appearance (likes pics the most): http://www.youthink.com/images_quiz/2010/0...l_903752624.jpg

Good Traits: Not annoying, selfless, kind, smart

Bad Traits: Shy, too quiet, (can be) a neat freak

Enemies: Same as Israel

Allies: Same as Israel

Likes: The quiet, his home, chocolate-chip cookies

Dislikes: Being too far from his home, too much noise, techno music, his enemies, no Hanukkah sings on the radio in December

History: During its long history, Jerusalem has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times. The oldest part of the city was settled in the 4th millennium BCE, making Jerusalem one of the oldest cities in the world.

Given the city's central position in both Israeli nationalism (Zionism) and Palestinian nationalism, the selectivity required to summaries more than 5,000 years of inhabited history is often influenced by ideological bias or background (see Historiography and nationalism). For example, the Jewish periods of the city's history are important to Israeli nationalists (Zionists), whose discourse reminds us that modern Jews descend from the Israelites and Maccabees, whilst the Islamic periods of the city's history are important to Palestinian nationalism, whose discourse suggests that modern Palestinians descend from all the different peoples who have lived in the region. As a result, both sides claim the history of the city has been politicized by the other in order to strengthen their relative claims to the city, and that this is borne out by the different focuses the different writers place on the various events and eras in the city's history.


Username: Poke11

Country/Island/OC name: Denmark

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Personality: Denmark is full of youthful vigor and humor, though he is also very stubborn and doesn't listen very well to others. As a result, he is known to be very controlling, bossy, and demanding, to the point where it is hard to get along with him. He declares himself to be the "King of Northern Europe" also. He is also a heavy drinker. He appears to have a certain priority for maintaining his own self image too. Denmark blatantly ignores offensive and aggressive social tones, maintaining a cheery demeanor. He also hangs out with Niagara Falls despite his

Appearance (likes pics the most): http://i.animecrazy.net/Denmark001_20090530092439.jpg'>Pic

Good Traits: Doesn't get mad at offensive and aggressive social tones, full of youthful vigor and humor, can be kind to some people like the Nordics (mainly Norway) or Niagara Falls

Bad Traits: Carries around an axe (sometimes), stubborn, known to be very controlling, bossy, and demanding, hard to get along with, heavy drinker

Enemies: Some Muslim countries, especially Pakistan

Allies: America, most of NATO

Likes: Drinking, partying, having fun, snowball fights

Dislikes: Hangovers, England's cooking, being too warm, being too cold

History: The history of Denmark dates back about 12,000 years, to the end of the last ice age, with the earliest evidence of human inhabitation. The Danes were first documented in written sources around 500 AD, including in the writings of Jordanes and Procopius. With the Christianization of the Danes c. 960 AD, it is clear that there existed a kingship in Scandinavia which controlled roughly the current Danish territory. Queen Margrethe II can trace her lineage back to the Viking kings Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth from this time, making the Danish Royal Family the oldest in the world.

Denmark's history has particularly been influenced by its geographical location between the North and Baltic seas. This meant that it was between Sweden and Germany and thus at the center of the mutual struggle for control of the Baltic Sea (dominium maris baltici). Denmark was long in disputes with Sweden over control of Skånelandene (Scanian War) and Norway, and in disputes with the Hanseatic League over the duchies of Schleswig (a Danish fief) and Holstein (a German fief). Eventually Denmark lost the conflicts and ended up ceding first Skånelandene to Sweden and later Schleswig-Holstein to the German Empire. After the eventual cession of Norway in 1814, Denmark retained control of the old Norwegian colonies of the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland. During the 20th century Iceland gained independence, Greenland and the Faroese became integral parts of the Kingdom of Denmark and North Schleswig reunited with Denmark 1920 after a referendum. During World War II Denmark was occupied by Nazi Germany and liberated in 1945, after which it joined the United Nations.




Username: Dragongirl10188.

Country/Island/OC name: China.

Age: 19 and a half.

Gender: Female.

Personality: China is a soft girl who likes everything that is cute. She tries to keep her life balanced but will fall into the wrong decisions sometimes. She likes to help, but not too much. She tries not to lie and will only lie at her most critical moment, she knows she can get into trouble. China doesn't like being flirted and will often creep out of situations easily. She is also easily bored and impressed. She is a peacemaker of all the countries and herself, which gets her into more trouble.

Appearance: >:D

Good Traits: China tries to stay a good girl.

Bad Traits: China can be too soft sometimes and will make the wrong decisions pretty much every decision she will make, she is also shy.

Enemies: Not any really... She tries to make friends and solve fights.

Allies: America, Russia, Japan, France, Niagara Falls.

Likes: Cute things, flowers, nice boys, not getting into trouble and books.

Dislikes: Stinky things or just plain disgusting things, dead or dying nature, natural disasters and death.

History: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China#History





Username: Dragongirl10188.

Country/Island/OC name: Vietnam.

Age: 24.

Gender: Female.

Personality: Vietnam is a nice woman who often acts motherly. She likes to help everyone and is the first one seen when a fight starts to get out of hand. She doesn't like anyone flirting her, so she often keeps away from those awkward moments. She pushes herself to the limit sometimes and tries to prove she isn't weak or anything if she is told that. She tries to accomplish all her life goals no matter what.

Appearance: Vietnam :3

Good Traits: She likes to help people.

Bad Traits: She drives herself to do too much sometimes.

Enemies: Australia is leaning towards it, but that's all.

Allies: America, Niagara Falls, Japan, Russia, China and Canada.

Likes: Hot drinks after a cold day, cold nights, hugs, and a little swimming.

Dislikes: Sweating/Hot days, being flirted, unable to do something, and water that isn't clean.

History: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vietnam#History

Edited by Weblo123

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I think this is a great idea! I didn't see anything wrong from my part, but there still may be something.

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Just a question, if- for example- I wanted to play England, would it have to be the England from the manga/anime? Or do you make your own interpritation of the country?


And what sort of 'good reason' would I need to make an OC?

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Well, you would need to make your own interpretation of the country.

For your other question, an example might be: I would like to make this OC because I feel as if there are to many eastern countries and not enough western countries. It would be something like that. I hope that helps to answer your question.

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Hey there hun! Seems like you haven't had anyone critique you as of yet so I'll take a gander and see if there is anything.


* ganders *


Okay, I can't see anything by spelling or grammar in your RP. There are only two things in your character sheets though and since you have them posted, the would need to be corrected.


Allies: Nicaragua, America, Canada, Britain, Israel, Japan, Austrailia, New Zealand, Poland, Iraq, France, Germany


Austrailia -> Australia


Since she was a little girl listening to lullabys on the piano to go to sleep, Nicaragua has to have some sort of music to fall asleep.


lullabys --> lullabies




Okay, with that out of the way, I just have a few questions to pose.


How does The Roman Empire play into this? Is he going to re-appear?

Is there another empire that is planning to come back?

Are you wanting battles to occur between OC's?

You said to not be bothered by death; does this mean that you want death to occur between OC's?

You said for there to be "One player please" in you rules section. What does this mean? Are you wanting a one on one?

No one liners, do you want a paragraph? A minimum of five lines?



Okay, so there is what I have to offer and I'll be watching you! smile.gif


~LL wub.gif

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Thanks for gandering. I will change those two mistakes in a moment.

The Holy Roman Empire might come into play. I can't really give that away.

There isn't another empire trying to come back again that I know of.

Battles can occur between OC's. But it's all up to the RPers to decide.

Death could occur, but that would only happen if they get into a battle or something. They can't die from old age.

Well, I do not think I meant to put in that rule. I will go change that.

For your final question, yes. I can understand a little writers block once in a while, but at least a paragraph so things can be a little more fun to read.


Thank you and I hope that helps answer your question!

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OKey dokey, you may want to add what you told me about the whole paragraph in the rules. And make sure that you are specific otherwise people will make their sentences really jumpy.

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Sorry for my double-posting, but I feel like this RP is ready yo be approved! If not, would someone please tell me or... BRING ON THE APPROVERS!! laugh.gif

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PLease don't double post unless you are bumping. Also to address what you said about feeling that it is ready to be approved. There have been several people who post about their RP being ready to be approved and it makes it hard on approvers especially when they are checking several RP's at once to keep the public happy. Plus, if it hasn't been approved as of yet, more than likely, that means that there is something that the approver has to think over and see if the RP truly is ready.


All that aside, you really need some more in your Plot section. There isn't really anything to get people going other than plop them in on a city and tell them to interact. There isn't any impetus or "reason" to have people stay active. This is something that can be hard to figure out and see what you want to do. In other words, there needs to be a goal, conflict, or purpose for the characters.

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I'm truly sorry for my double post. As I was reading this, I did come up with something. I edited saying that they need to find out what happened to the Roman Empire.

Edited by Weblo123

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Maybe adding a little more to the plot would be good. Say, if you put down something like: You are a personification of a country/place/OC. You could be the one that brings world peace, total destruction, or just add to the fun! I'm not the best at this... But hey, might as well give it a try, right?

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I am still having trouble with this RP because of the lack of information. You aren't really giving a history and I think it is because you are wanting to keep what happened to The Roman Empire a secret. But for this RP to be approved, you need a little more meat into the plot and also where you want people to start out because if you have them starting out in different areas of the world, it will become confusing. Overall, you really only have one paragraph for your plot, and right now you are needing more history on the entire thing. I can see that the way that people are supposed to go is for them to find out what happened to the Roman Empire ( as the basic plotline ) which is great. You need to elaborate more like; are there any hints as the location? Is there any specific anatagonist?

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Well, I added some plot about where to start, so what you were talking about with hints as to where the Roman Empire could have gone will be put in the beginning. Also, there is no main antagonist because the countries all already do not get along so they are basically each others enemies...

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In the rules you said that no one could play as the Holy Roman Empire. Wasn't it just the Roman Empire?

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Actually, poke, Holy Roman Empire was a character in Chibitalia. I think Web meant no one could play the characters younger/older than they used to be..?

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Well, I understand both of your points, but I meant more of what poke said, Twilight. But, I added a rule that also said that no one could play as Chibitalia or the Holy Roman Empire, which would make both of your statements correct.

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Wait, why do you play Niagara Falls when you do not play America or Canada? Didn't you say that with a place/city/capital you needed to play as that country also?

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Hi! I'll be doing a bit of critique on your roleplay today.


First, I recommend adding in a description of each country's stereotype, as many countries have multiple stereotypes, or not even have an obvious one.


You start out at the meeting in New Zealand where you begin to discuss what could have happened to the Roman Empire and why he could have vanished.


If countries are people in Hetalia, then how does having a meeting in New Zealand work? A description of how the world works would be helpful for those who don't know Hetalia--unless, of course, you're specifically going for Hetalia fans.


He had it all, he was strong, and had riches.


The first comma should be a semicolon.


His name is The Roman Empire.


"was", not "is". Before, you didn't capitalize the "the" in "The Roman Empire", but here you do. Please keep it consistent.


His name is The Roman Empire. One day he just vanished, and is now just a well known legend that is adored by many.


Why is he adored?


Now it is up to you and the other countries to find out what happened to him.




The Axis (Japan, Germany, and N. Italy) were chased by the Allies (America, France, Russia, England, and China) all the time.


Maybe I'm just being incredibly ignorant of everything here, but what exactly are the Axis and the Allies?


A list of what different countries' relations to each other are would be helpful, possibly added on to the list of countries.


OC's Made


Should be "OCs Made".


You may have OC's such as Argentina, Iraq, etc. but you must have a good reason.


"OCs", not "OC's".


Like, if I said, I want to have an OC Niagara Falls (which would be fine) because I want to so bad, would get a no.


What other reasons are there, really?


You must also have from one to three OC only, and it must be a real place, or was a real place.


This sentence is a bit clunky. Try this instead:


You may only have one to three OC(s), and they must be real places, or have been real places.

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Thank you for critiquing.

Well, with the stereotypes, it would be too easy to have the same stereotypes as the characters, so I would like them to be different, but they can be similar. I would also prefer that the characters not look exactly like the character in the manga/anime, but they could.

For your first question, the countries are countries, but say, N. Italy is a stereotype of a country, not the country itself, but they live in that country.

The Roman Empire was adored because he had riches, a good life, strength, and was a good ruler.

The countries are trying to find him because everyone only knows him as a legend and they for years everyone has wondered how and why he vanished.

During World War II, there were two main sides: the Allies and the Axis. There were more countries involved like Bulgaria was on the Axis, but the ones listed were the main countries involved.

Ruins asked the same question before, so I'd look at my response to that question.

For the rest of the stuff, I will change that. Thanks!


For poke, I made Niagara Falls because the real Niagara Falls is in both Canada and America, so I do not think it is that fair to have both.

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