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i used to have a hamster who would always get out of his cage, climb up the steps, and then he would be in my room, trying to climb things or hide in piles of clothes. it was bizarre and it probably happened like five times. probably more. he eventually passed after like 8 months of having him. for some reason, he tried eating his own bedding (like the hay for his cage) and suffocated. he had food in his bowl and plenty of water so i don't understand why he would eat it. i wasn't too sad because i was so young, but looking back he was such a weird little guy.

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i've had a lot of fur-brothers and fur babies pass away over the years





was my companion for 7 or 8 years. he passed away in 2010 due to very bad hip displacia(sp). he was my best friend through high school. i learned a lot from him, including how to groom dogs. he was a buff colored Chow Chow and the sweetest dog i'd ever come across, and a good dog too. he was a rescue that our neighbors at the time threw out when he was about 10 months old (apparently they couldn't turn him mean to fight him so just kicked him out of the house). my mom didn't want another dog, but my step dad and I took turns feeding him and hiding him until she finally gave in.


he loved to play the "come chase me" game when he escaped from the yard or bolted out the door; he'd run just out of your reach but keep you in eye sight and turn back and laugh at you, you could see it in his posture and eyes. one day he got out at like 2 am, so i jumped in my car and asked him if he wanted to go bye-byes (god he loved going for rides) and made him chase me around the block at a nice steady trot until he was tuckered out. laugh.gif


i'll never forget him and will always miss him wub.gif





was my moms baby, he passed away quickly after Max did. mom and bobby (my step dad) got him at 8 weeks old back in '96. he was a good dog, but a brat. didn't house break until we got Max; had horrible breathe xd.png





was a chocolate lab i grew up with. she lived to be about 13 and passed away of old age. she was my dads dog to the end. i recall many days playing doctor on her as a tot, or painting her nails, or taking her to the park. Dad would hook her up to a harness and attack my sled behind her when it snowed and she'd pull me.



Goliath (aka Limey)


i always think about him around Halloween. was a huge black cat my parents had. i dont recall much of him as he passed when i was still a young child, but i do recall him bringing home dead and live animals as thank you gifts xd.png Dad used to box with him while in the bathroom, but had to wear wielding gloves because of Goliaths claws. he had to be put to sleep around this time of year back in the late 80's because some stupid kids in the neighborhood believed in the superstition of black cats and took a baseball bat to him.





was another cat i dont recall too much about as he passed away when i was little (he got hit by a car). but mom found him as a tiny kitten in the middle of the road and took him in. he got his name from the fact that he used te dig and dig and dig in the litter box xd.png he loved to sleep in the shower, would push an empty food bowl around the floor, would sit in an empty water bowl and meow and loved my moms spaghetti sauce (like demanded his own bowl)





was a ferret i had for about a year. i was about 5 years old and I LOVED THAT FERRET! he was sooooo cool! i'd put him in the basket of my bike and he'd be my little E.T. we took a bath together, and my mom was not pleased when she found out. he'd hop around and i'd chase him and he'd crawl across other peoples laps just to get on mine. he was like my very own Rikki-Tikki-Tavi come to life <3 when we got him from the pet shop, i fed him McDonalds french fries and that was the starting mark of a beautiful friendship wub.gif


but the down side to a ferret is the smell, so my dad built him an out door hutch, the we put right by Britney's dog house to keep people from stealing him. mom came home one day while i was in school to find the cage knocked over and britney's chain looped around one of the legs, ferret no where to be seen.


i was told that Nicky ran off to the sewers to join up with the Ninja Turtles. suddenly a sad experience became bearable for a 5 year old because ... dude my ferret was gonna be with Mikey, Leo and Splinter learning Karate and battling foote solders and Shredder!





who i have no pictures of but was the best fish i ever had This is what he looked like tho. he was a black shark, and i had him for, gah probably about 3 or 5 years. i got him at Walmart. and yes he was named after the X-Files


he ... was ... AWESOME! the fish lived upside down. i had a self in his tank and he would suction to the bottom of it and sleep; or wedge himself between the glass and the heater upside down and sleep. scared the crap out of me the first few times he did it xd.png i had these little green aliens in the bottom of his tank, and he'd pick them up and move them around. and at feeding time i'd stick my had in and he'd brush against it. he got huge too, ended up too big to flush.


i felt bad for Mulder though, he had no friends in the tank so one day i came across another black shark at PetSmart and i bought "her" and named her Samantha thinking Mulder would love a play mate. i was wrong. Mulder killed "her" and then died of some sort of ick or scale fungus the other fish gave him.



Spider, Nipper & Moe


back in 2009 my hubby was mowing the lawn and he uncovered a rabbit burrow in the area we used to chain up the boys. we ushered the little swamp rabbits (who still had their eyes closed and ears down) inside to check to make sure the lawn mower didn't injure them, then decided to take care of them to release them when they became old enough. (by this time our scent had rubbed off on them and we couldn't put them in the original burrow as it was completely shredded and our dogs would get the babies (or a hawk or a snake or a cat ...)


Spider had long legs, Nipper loved to nip everything and Moe had a little Moe Hawk. we had the babies for about a week. at this point their ears were up, their eyes were open and they were starting to explore, so i moved them to a bigger box with a bowl of water and some alpha to chew on between bottle feedings in prep to ween and release them back into the wild. this turned out to be a big mistake and things went down hill fast.


Nipper fell into the water over night and got chilled, by morning he was too far gone to bring back even with trying to warm him up, by mid day he had passed on. Spider became weak, like he caught a cold and faded that night. scared out of my wits that i'd lose Moe and reading online that if they nibbled alpha they could be released, my husband and i released Moe into our back yard and burried his brothers. 3 weeks later we saw a juvinille swamp rabbit that wasn't as skiddish as other rabbits we'd seen and had a moe hawk happy.gif


its been about 2 years since i've seen Moe, but in the wild Swamp Rabbits only live to be about 5 years old and orphaned ones like what we had have a very high mortality rate (about 70%)



theres also been numerous Beta Fish (Bubba, Jeff, Daniel, Ghost, Arubix, Liberty, USA, Spazz, and a few others i can't recall), most lived for between 2 & 5 years, except Bubba who i swear lived 7 years


a jumping spider named Monty Python i had for about 6 months. he was cool, i'd catch flys for him with a fish net and built a terrarium out of a double beta bowl for him. he built a oval web nest between the circle humidity and temperature gauge i had in the terrarium. watching him stalk and jump on flys was awesome!



i had a green tree frog named Fozzy. didn't last very long, maybe a month or two.



a feeder mouse named Dip Stick who i had for 6 months. he was black with a black tail that had a peach end on the tip. he would curl it around my finger when i held him. ended up going all grew and passing away of old age.



and 3 guinea pigs who i dont have pictures of either.


Snickers - a tri color american satin, i had for 6 months. he was the sweetest piglet. i fell asleep with him on my chest and my dad's cat Ricky killed him :/


Roxy - was a black and white american satin. i had her for 2 months (dad bought her for me to replace Snickers). she passed away from pneumonia; it was a nice spring day and i opened the windows but apparently it was too cold for a guinea pig.


Skeeter - a black and white Abyssinian who lived for like 7 years. seriously, the obstinate little guy was too stubborn to die xd.png he had his sweet moments though. he LOVED romaine lettuce, if he heard you open the fridge he'd start up his squeeling. he would popcorn all the time in his cage, getting bedding every where and chitter his teeth at you (but never bit) as a sort of greeting. when i say obstinate and stubborn i'm not lieing laugh.gif he had a personality for sure. he ended up getting so old that poo would get stuck in him and he'd have to have help and a few years after that started up, he passed away in his sleep of old age.

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My cat Lovey, who I've had since preschool, passed away recently.

She was 17 which is a good long life for a cat but, I still miss her.

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Our family dog Harry died 12/31/12

I can't really say anything, because there is too much to say... All I can say is, he was like a Father to me, even though I have a good Father, it's strange.


My turtle Speedy ran away. We just came back from the longest vacation we ever had so I wanted to play with all of our pets, and so I did. I took Speedy outside in the backyard with the new dog and I took my eye off him for a moment and.. He was gone we tore bushes apart to find him but still nothing...


Our new dog in which we didn't ask for but then grew on us, Alister Just got away but he ran back to us. It's Ironic because I wanted to give him a walk tonight and he ran the path we normally walk him on. When he ran back to us he wasn't sure to be scared or happy because he knows we never let him go out there alone.



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I had a cat when I was ...9-ish, I think.

It ripped up every piece of furniture we had one day, after having been a good pet for over a year. The day after, mum and dad said it ran away, but let's face it. Even a little kid could figure out they'd gotten rid of it.

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My first real pet was a gerbil. I had named her for my best friend I had to leave behind when we moved. My gerbil has been dead for over 15 years but I still miss her.

The last pet I had was a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach named Cuca (short for cucaracha). That was within the last two years. I miss being able to talk to her. She wasn't cuddly and most people didn't think she was cute but I liked her and she amused me.

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We just had to put our German Shepherd down. Her name is Nevada. She was 11 years old, a puppy mill dog with a lot of health issues. When she was a pup, only about six months old she had to have heart surgery. Nevada had a valve in her heart that was leaking blood into her lungs. She recovered from that well, and faster then the vets anticipated. She always was a little slow and clumsy, and tired quickly but she loved to go for walks and swim. Man did she love to swim. As she aged she really slowed down, and now looking back some of the symptoms I took for hip dysplasia I think was actually degenerative myelopathy. She had developed a cough, diagnosed as 'old dog bronchitis' and giving her heart that made sense. She also had a fatty tumor on her side. But because of her heart and history the vet and I agreed that surgery wasn't a good idea. Besides, the lump didn't seem to bother her. Then over the last few months she really slowed down, she didn't want to walk far. She would need to stop and rest. Her appetite also went down. I had her on some supplements and added a couple more I thought would help and it worked. She still couldn't go far but she looked better and ate like a pig. There were a few times she scared us and we thought that was the end. But she was such a fighter and pulled though. But then yesterday suddenly she lost the use of one back leg, a few hours later the other went too. Nevada couldn't move, only drag herself. It was so fast, just hours before she was taking a slow stroll around the backyard in the snow. She also loved the snow. It was hard, she looked happy, wagged her tail, eating anything and everything. She was happy to the end.

We had brought Shorty, our basset hound, with us to the vets. He loves her with all his doggy heart. After she was gone he was licking her face frantically, like he was trying to get her up. Then he laid next to her, whining quietly. I don't know how he will do without her, he seems lost right now.


Ok, that came out to be much more then I meant to write. Nevada is very special, I love her and will miss her.


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If this is stretching the page please let me know and I'll link them instead. They look fine on my screen but I'm not sure if they are too big to others.

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I had a couple of goldfish for, I think, about 5 and 8 years respectively.


it probably doesn't sound like much, but I really loved them. it's kinda true you don't fully appreciate pet until they're gone, especially as one died while I was away on holiday...

Back when I was a kid, my goldfish would die very early, after a week, the very next day, in less than a month... before I could even get attached to them, but I still felt really sorry for them.

The two pets that I lost, and was devastated about were my two birds. First I had a budgerigar with mint green belly feathers, his name was Bill and I adored him. He was one of my best friends, he would walk all over my computer keyboard, bite my books and make little holes in it with his beak, stand on my fingers while I was playing video games and so much more. When he was only two and a half years old, he sadly got horribly sick and died five days later. He died at the vet's who desperately tried to keep him alive, but he couldn't make it. I didn't even get to see him after he had passed away to even say a proper goodbye to a creature that I loved so much. sad.gif

On that very day when mum told me that he was gone, she had gone to a pet store and bought a lovebird with orange and green feathers to help us get over the loss. That little birdy's name was Margalo, and although I didn't play with her as much I still grew very fond of her. She had lost her parents shortly before she hatched and I was someone who had lost someone special, so I started loving her too. Mum loved her the most, actually. She adored that little bird.

When she was about three or four years old, she died as well. She used to lay unfertilized eggs every once in a while (because she lived alone in her cage and we had no other birds), and one day she had to lay an egg that was too big for her. When her cloaca started bleeding I was expecting the worst, but of course, hoped that it wasn't so serious and for her recovery and the best case scenario. However, the next morning I woke up to go to college, I noticed that the cage was gone and mum had told me that she had passed away, and I had to hold it all in through the entire day in college so that I don't break down and cry in public. But when I came home I couldn't hold it in anymore.

My sister also loved both birdies and she was also devastated. So much that we never bought another bird again, and I'm not sure if we ever will.

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My White CA King snake managed to escape her tank and I am so depressed but at the same time I hope I'll some how find her hiding somewhere. Part of me has given up and part of my is still hopeful that if I keep an eye out I'll find her slithering along a wall towards the heater or hidden away in my closet or something... I just hope that no matter when I find her, I find her ok, hungry, a little skinny, but ok...

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Aww :c I hope you find her too... You should try putting something noisy, like maybe tinfoil, down on the floor and putting what you feed her in the middle, so when she's attracted and goes to get it you can hear her and pick her up.

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On October 19, my dad let my cat Elvis outside at night because he is a indoor and outdoor cat and he was never known to run away. A couple of days passed. It was Tuesday when we realized that Elvis was missing. He had been trapped in a fence that he had gotten into and couldnt get out. it wasnt one of those that he could climb over, it was not wood it was black iron. We put up signs around the neighborhood, we checked the PAWs place and the pound and he was nowhere to be found. It was Friday night at about 7:00 when we were eating dinner then we all heard meowing outside. It was familiar to our ears. We went outside and saw that it was Elvis. He had come back. He was much lighter. Even so now I know what it like to lose a pet. I have 2 other cats besides him but I'm still very attached to Elvis he was the first cat ive ever had, Ive had him since I was about 2 (2006) and my parents found him as a stray in the woods when he was 6 weeks old after a hurricane. He weighed a pound and a half and could fit in the palm of your hand. I was more than happy when he came back. He is a part of our family

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I'm really glad your cat made it back home. I have two cats that go outside during the day. I worry every time they are out, worry if they take more then ten minutes to come home when I call them. These are the last cats I'll ever let out. Hopefully your guy learned from his experience.

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