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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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I still have the following CBs:

gold floret hatchie,

purple floret hatchie,

gemshard egg,

ice hatchie,

spessartine hatchie,

pyro hatchie,

thalassa hatchie


I'm looking for nice EG SAltkins, CB coppers (green and red preferred) and other good offers! Please message me if interested, I can trade either all of them or just some depending on what you want and what you'd like to offer. New post!

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Have: 2d gen bronze tinsel hatchling from Xeno, female

Want: CB ND, 2d gen prize (non-holiday mate, not bronze tinsel) or several CBs: Baikala, Two-headed Lindwyrm, Blancblack, Red-Tailed Pygmy, Kyanite Pygmy

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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On 2/25/2020 at 9:17 PM, alyelle said:


Bleeding_Moon_egg.gif 3G bleeding moon x rosebud (lineage) - offer here

White_egg.gif 4G white x rosebud (lineage) - offer here




Prefer an exact bloodswap if possible! A lower gen I can build from is also fine. Failing that, my wishlist is here on the wishlist thread (search 'alyelle' if it loads slowly/midway through a comment).

Focus would be on absolute priority (mate for this wonderful gift: https://dragcave.net/lineage/JznCE) or the Valentine mates category ^_^


Green line in signature applies, and as always, feel free to discuss via PM! It's late in Australia already so if I don't reply, assume I'm sleeping!


Still available! And currently morning my time, so replies will be faster ^_^

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- cb blue zyu hatchie

- cb female pink zyu hatchie

- cb black zyu egg

(can precog on request)



cb male/egg redtail

OR  1-2 cb hatchies/incuhatchables of:

- female/egg purple ridgewings

- male sunset/sun eggs

OR 2-3 cb hatchies/incuhatchables of:
- greenwings
- celestials
- olives
- fire gems
- aeria gloris
- lihnseyres
- honey drakes
- tatterdrakes
- vremya drakes
- pipios

pink zyu

black zyu

blue zyu currently offered in a trade

PM to offer/reserve/discuss

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Indigo Lunar Herald from Indigo Lunar Herald x Omen Wyrm ~ Teleport








Thank you ^^

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Have: CB Purple Dino


Want: Any 1 of the following:

  • CB Red Dino
  • 2g Prize (nicely named)
  • 2g SAltkin (nicely named)
  • CB Gold
  • Other Rare offer



Have: CB Word code for cat lovers; “Meow” (on cooldown)


Want: Any 1 of the following, unless otherwise noted:

  • 2g SAltkin (nicely named) OR 2g Prize (nicely named)
  • If you’d like to combine with Dino, must be able to offer 2 2g SAltkin for both eggs 2:2.
  • Same terms apply for Prize; 2:2.
  • It’ll be super awesome if I can choose the mate, PM to discuss.
  • CB Gold
  • No other offers for this particular trade.


Will provide link once egg is off cooldown and is at least under 6 days.

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Dino trade cancelled. Word trade claimed.

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I can influence and hatch the eggs!


CB Blusang x2 egg
CB Puple Floret x2 egg
CB Tercorn x2 hatchlings
CB Rainbow Copper egg
CB Khusa hatchling
CB Blue Siyat hatchling
CB Pink Zyu hatchling
Red and Magi hatchlings


2G Spriter's Alt (Black, White, Aria, Eletric, Terncorn, Gold, Silver) from Erador, Kohraki, Rosebud,  Sweetling, Arsani, Floral-Crowned, Omen,  Yulebuck, Aegis, Garland, Wintertide, Tinsel

CB Gold

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Have CB very inappropriate code Spitfire.


Looking for any the following 2g from SA in order of preference:

Azure Glacewing from pac. Aegis

CB Shimmerscale (any ver) x Wintertime, female Kohraki, or Erador

Gold Floret x Starsinger

Gold x Garland

Male Monarch x female Kohraki

Any cb prize x SA

Other 2g from SA offer


Trade link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/b62024845563f1fac0b138b09479b990

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I have a 4th gen Winter Seasonal egg (precoged female) from the lineage I've been working on all last year (all CB Springs > Summers > Autumns > Winter) and would like to swap lineages if you have the same (egg or male hatchie). No inbred ones please :)

UPDATE: traded. Thank you! ❤️

It's my first time posting here so I hope I've done it right^^
Thank you :)

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Z-code 4th gen. BBW from Grave dragon. Hatchie, influenced male ~ Gone!







Thank you ^^

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Posted (edited)

Good luck everyone



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