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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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2nd gen spotted teal (new drake hybrid) with quite nice 4-number code


I'm just looking for offers, I don't know if this is worth anything! ūüėł CB female alstro floret hatchie would be great, or some other nice CB hatchie. You can always see my wishlist for ideas and I use decline if not interested.


Traded, thanks!

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Have: TRADED, THANK YOU! still available; I offered it on another trade. Please PM me if interested.


* 2G Prizekin Storm / Fog from Bronze Tinsel x Kar6n (‚ÄúKaren‚ÄĚ) ¬†¬†Storm_egg.gif¬† ¬†View Lineage






Want one of these:


 * CB Purple Floret (Iris) egg Floret_Wyvern_egg_purple.gif 


* CB Gold Floret (Iris) egg (any color Iris) latest?cb=20180424231846


* CB New Gemshard egg Gemshard_egg.png


* CB Copper offers Copper_verdigris_egg.png  Copper_rainbow_egg.png Copper_egg_variations_rotator.gif

* CB Trio egg: Thunder_egg.gif  Ice_egg.gif  Magma_egg.gif 


* CB metal egg  Gold_egg.gif  Silver_egg.gif


Hatchies may be considered, eggs preferred.


  :nyan: still available. PM me. TRADED, THANKS!

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Have: CB Pink Sapphire



- Staterae (non messy, non inbred)

- CB Copper (rainbow or liver of sulfur) 


Make an offer here: https://dragcave.net/teleport/0b2f1a5baf8d639aad7249c1b393dfbe


I received an offer by Steven that I was about to accept then it disappeared. I dont know if it was cancelled or if I hit decline by mistake… anyway, would be glad to accept if reoffered.


If you’re an experienced active user, I may accept an IOU, please PM me.


Gone, thanks Yvanne!

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2G Blue Sapphire from Heartseeker x Blue Sapphire Sapphire_egg.gif  View Lineage 






Want one of these:

In order of most wanted:


CB Purple Floret (Iris) egg Floret_Wyvern_egg_purple.gif    (I would love :wub: this)

CB Gold Floret egg   Floret_Wyvern_egg_gold.gif    or  (I would love this)

CB Offers?  Mystery.gif  qyu.png (CB Thunder/Ice, CB Coppers loved) or

CB Peach/Pink Alstro egg   Floret_Alstro_pink_egg.gif  



Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!   :nyan:  

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Gold_egg.gif CB Gold



2G Prize from Sapphire_egg.gif Blue Sapphire from -

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif Male or Female Bronze Tinsel

Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif Female Silver Tinsel

Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif Male Gold Tinsel

Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.pngGold_Shimmer-scale_egg.png Male Bronze or Gold Shimmer


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
PM's okay

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Sitting Alt Black hatchling, Precog as female and messy lineage




Gender Swap!


Need Sitting Alt MALE, lineage means nothing cause I'm gonna freeze him.


Willing to consider other offers, like Alt Pink Sapphires or new color Gemstones



Make an offer on my hatchling!

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Looking for a CB pink sapphire as a mate for the one male I have.

I have 3cb cantos and a cb sapphire for trade. I can add 3g thuweds or spriter alts if desired. Feel free to message for options.

TRADED- Thank you so much!

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Have Chicken - please could I swap for a CB Thursday or Friday Gemshard or a CB blue sapphire?



Thanks :D

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OtVaV.png.8982beb5c0b645a9720d0a34bbc4dfeb.png 2G from Heartstealer  --  Trade me!



2G Prize from list below


Gold-Tinsel-egg 2G from female Lihnseyre for Plantarum Poaceae

Gold-Tinsel-egg 2G from male Witchlight for Witch's Pendant

Silver Tinsel egg 2G from male Razorcrest for Storming Lilies

Silver Tinsel egg 2G from Snow Angel (tri) for Feline Gaze

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif.b48545f0716d49af9310e0fd026dec76.gif 2G from female Arcana for Raznior

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif.b48545f0716d49af9310e0fd026dec76.gif 2G from female Kohraki for Gallant Offer

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif.b48545f0716d49af9310e0fd026dec76.gif 2G from Mistletoe for Swamp Dandelion

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif.b48545f0716d49af9310e0fd026dec76.gif 2G from female Pillow for Samson Fluff

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif.b48545f0716d49af9310e0fd026dec76.gif 2G from Sakuhana for Toshia and Bronze Blossom

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif.b48545f0716d49af9310e0fd026dec76.gif 2G from male Xeno (ke'maro) for Cruelly Silent

Gold Shimmer-scale egg 2G from female Blacktip for Azehid

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png.d5f007b987aacd7203650cb19acabfc3.png 2G from female Astaarus for Zenetil

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png.d5f007b987aacd7203650cb19acabfc3.png 2G from female Kohraki for Darkheart Othraki

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png.d5f007b987aacd7203650cb19acabfc3.png 2G from Mistletoe for (TAgfP)

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png.d5f007b987aacd7203650cb19acabfc3.png 2G from female Omen for Insightful Bitterness

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png.d5f007b987aacd7203650cb19acabfc3.png 2G from male Striped River for River Minnow

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png.d5f007b987aacd7203650cb19acabfc3.png 2G from 09 Valentine for Flirting with Aryan

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png.d5f007b987aacd7203650cb19acabfc3.png 2G from Yulebuck for Bucking Tinsel

Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png.ca0cf15e7284a015655744093f5b02d6.png 2G from male Aether for Brass Chimes

Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png.ca0cf15e7284a015655744093f5b02d6.png 2G from male Khusa for Flatfooted Syryn

Staterae Xenowyrm egg CB Staterae 

May also be interest in several (8 or so) new CB Gemshards (especially purple females - PM to discuss) 



also have:

228428326_silvershimmeregg.png.a53dd37277d571a80af303e7534afdad.png 3G checker with Wintertide  --  Trade me!



also want:

one or more eggs is fine

Purple_egg.gif.a88fc14570cd86f017e93fbe6aa5b740.gifFloret_Alstro_pink_egg.gif.7329075e1d1e8972a3e03de01989c0da.gif 2G from male Purple x female pink Floret (need one Purple and three Florets, named parents please - example)

or bloodswap¬†¬Į\_(„ÉĄ)_/¬Į

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