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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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2nd gen. Sweetling hatchie from Pillow  ~ Teleport

2nd gen. Radiant Angel hatchie from Spessartine Pyralspite (with BB code! Tempted to keep) ~ Teleport

CB Astrapi Xenowym ~ Teleport




Lihnseyre from Sakuhana

Pillows from Sakuhana, Alt Sweetling, or other Valentines

Sakuhana from Lihnseyre, Pillow, other pretty pair

Any Valentines from Pillows 

Sweetling from Alt Sweetling and Pillow

BB codes

Pretty Lineages?

Fun Codes?

Fun offers?


Thank you ^^

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2G Sakuhana from BS Tempt me!

2G Sakuhana from Aeria

2G Sakuhana from Black

2G FC from Tercorn

2G FC from Silver w/ code HoPP2 tempted to keep good offers only




Val's I need


********* (High Priority) mates for:

3G Val'09 from Gold Shimmer checker

3G Mutamore from Bronze Shimmer checker unrelated to this

2G Rosebud from Black unrelated to EB0Eh

3G HSeeker from Nhiostrife checker


2G Val's-

Arsani: Tercorn, Rift, Aranoa

FC: Rift, Aranoa

HSeeker: Tercorn, Rift

HStealer: Tercorn,

RA: Tercorn, Rift

Rosebud: Tercorn, Aeria, Black***

Sakuhana: Tercorn

Soulstone: Tercorn, 

Sweetling: Tercorn, Rift, Aeria

Val'09: Tercorn, Rift, Aeria, Tea


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All Hatchlings:

*CB Erador Lindwyrm with code: 50Tj1 Looking for good offers or will keep! Offer

*2nd gen Silver Lunar x Rosebud Offer

*2nd gen Mutamore x Tercorn Offer

* 2nd gen Sweetling x Black Truffle Offer

* 2nd gen Sweeting x Black Tea Offer

* 2nd gen Silver Lunar x Heartstealing Offer

* 3rd EG Sweetling x Silver and comes with unrelated 2nd gen Sweetling x Silver Offer

* 3rd EG Sweetling x White w/Alt Black x2 (siblings) Trade 1 Trade 2

*3rd gen stair Sweetling x Solstice from Alt Black Offer

*4th EG RA x Gold Lunar with code: MRTJ1 and comes with an unrelated 3rd EG RA x Gold Lunar Offer



Willing to trade any and almost all for a 2nd gen SAltkin or 2nd gen Prize. PM to discuss.


Otherwise I'm open to all offers. Hatchlings and CB hatchlings preferred.

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3G SAlt-Alt Sweetling Mutamore https://dragcave.net/lineage/uOe4W



4G Gold from Heartseeker mate for him and unrelated to this

3G Silver from Floral, mate for him

3G Silver from Arsini, mate for her

2-3 CB hatchlings (Luminox or Teracorn or Seasonal)

Interesting offers?


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

Green line in siggy applies. Feel free to PM me

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Radiant_Angel_hatchi.png  -- 2G Radiant Angel x Gold wing snow angel
Lineage: mmhfI

Sweetling_hatchi.gif -- 2G Sweetling (pink) x Gold (1)
Lineage: yokkx

Sweetling_hatchi.gif  -- 2G Sweetling (pink) x Gold (2)

Lineage: FrbyK


https://dragcave.net/images/KpWf.png -- 2G Sakuhana x Luminox Traded! 

Lineage: G2FGJ

Pyralspite_Spessartine_egg.png -- CB Orange/Spessartine Pyralspite Traded! 

Lineage: iYsXP



Sweetling_egg.gif -- Bloodswap 2G Sweetling (pink) x Gold

Radiant_Angel_egg.png -- 2G Radiant Angel x white wing Snow Angel unrelated to one I already have (Please PM me first! I'd had to decline 3 offers because they're the decedents of my own dragons.)


Make an offer on my Radiant Angel!
Make an offer on my 2G Sweetling x Gold (1)!

Make an offer on my 2G Sweetling x Gold (2)!

Make an offer on my Sakuhana! Traded! 

Make an offer on my CB Pyralspite! Traded! 

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2nd gen Silver Shimmer from Sakuhana - Lineage




2nd gen Silver Shimmer from FEMALE Holiday mate (Preferred - Rosebud, Grave, Omen, Solstice)

Best offer of 2nd gen Sakuhana/Soulstone/Floral-Crowned (Didn't manage to get many of them this year)

2nd gen from Spriters Alt

Other clean offers (but please no unbreedables or CB xenowyrms/trios)


Offer here - Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! or PM me to discuss offers.

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Have: 4g Tri-Horn SAltkin (2 Blue Kohraki); first egg from pair (Tri-Horn x Nhio x Kohraki)


Want: Any 1 of the following (nicely named only):

  • 3g SAltkin
  • 3g Prize
  • CB Gold
  • CB Silver
  • 2g Sakuhana hatchie
  • 2g Floral-Crowned hatchie
  • CB Red hatchie
  • Other offer
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Traded! Thanks.

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H: 2 gen PB Aeon low-time eggie. Want - 2 gen Lihnseyre from Mageia Xeno=) Muight consider other interesting Lihnseyre offers though=)
Aeon wants to join you!


Thank you, traded=)

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2nd gen radiant angel from female silver shimmer

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Would like:

Radiant angel from female bronze shimmer

Sakuhana from male bronze shimmer

Other prizekin from male bronze or female gold shimmer

Other holiday prizekin

2G prize

CB neglected

Any nice offers!

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Heartstealing hatchling (3G checker from Xenowrym)

Heartstealing hatchling (3G checker from Yulebuck)

Mutamore hatchling (3G checker from Electric)

--No Magis on my scroll yet (I only joined this month, sorry), so if you want any of them I ask that you please toss me a trade link in PM so I can send them.



Honestly, anything will do - hatchlings or low-time eggs preferred but if you want to just offer a random common from the AP I'm fine with that too. I just want to get rid of these and feel bad abandoning them.


NVM, they grew up

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