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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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2nd gen Holiday from Spriter Alt Mutamore, can breed to Mistletoe, Solstice, Ribbon Dancer, Gold Winged Snow Angel






 2nd gen Garland from CB Gold Tinsel or CB Gold Shimmer



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Holly_egg.png3G female Holly x Gold checker



4G Solstice x Pillow checker, unrelated to wolkC (any wing colour, although rosy is preferred)

3G Mistletoe x Chrono checker, unrelated to r9ksS & h9HLl, from nicely-named ancestors

Other offers? I like SAltkin but I'm open to anything. No more than 1 egg per offer, only Holiday eggs, non-Holiday hatchlings are okay.

For lineaged dragons, nicely-named ancestors (fairly short names; no "CB" or numbers in name; no or few unnamed dragons; name codes are okay) are strongly preferred!


Make an offer on the Holly!

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CB female gold shimmer available to breed with a CB holiday of your choice tomorrow [except enraged aegis]





2nd gen aegis from male pacified aegis x female silver shimmer
2nd gen holly from male holly x female bronze shimmer

Other prizekin from female gold shimmer



3rd gen snow x gold shimmer checker available to breed in two days

Will give a sibling to this





3rd gen aegis from male enraged aegis x female bronze tinsel checker


Send a PM?

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user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image  - CB Holly, Yulebuck, Ribbon Dancer, Winter Magi, Mistletoe available for breeding

- OR I can do straight up bloodswaps for everything but the 2g Enraegis!



user posted image - 4g/5g/6g/7g Yule from White checker, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/YmcrN https://dragcave.net/lineage/hN8FH https://dragcave.net/lineage/tOGGE

user posted image - 5g Ribbon Dancer from Golden Wyvern checker, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/CCWtx https://dragcave.net/lineage/6fNUo https://dragcave.net/lineage/nj0U8 https://dragcave.net/lineage/nj0U8

user posted image - 5g/6g/7g (higher is better) Winter Magi from Gold checker, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/WdeeK https://dragcave.net/lineage/ywzBh https://dragcave.net/lineage/skOjR

user posted image - 3g Spring x Mistletoe checker

user posted image - 2g Enraegis from Lumina



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3G Silver Tinsel x Mistletoe Checker


CB Silver

Only trading for teal line in "Wants"


2 CBs of every Christmas breed, available to breed to your choice of mate including:

CB Gold (M & F), CB Silver (M & F), Guardian of Nature (M & F), Upside down Mint (M)

Only trading for teal line in "Wants"


Spriter's Alt Checkers!

Sibling linked


-3G Almandine x Yellow Mistletoe Checker

-3G Almandine x Yellow Mistletoe Alternating Checker

-3G Orange Pacified Aegis x Aeon Checker

-3G Winter Magi x White Val '09 Checker

-3G Black Radiant Angel x Gold Wing Snow Angel Checker

-3G Gold Shadow Walkers x Mistletoe Checker

-3G Blue Enraged Aegis x Hellfire Checker

-3G Red Enraged Aegis x Hellfire Checker

-3G Bolt x Blue Solstice Checker

-3G Green Desipis x Blue Solstice Checker

-3G Marrow x Silver Ribbon Dancer Checker





2G from Spriter's Alt/HM (excluding F Hollies) :) Will trade, hatch and/or breed multiple, see signature.



-Bloodswaps, must include Spriter's Alt

-3G Spriter's Alt swaps, even gen only



Mistletoe Trade


I will decline lines I already have, PM me to negotiate ^^ 

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CB  user posted image hlOve + CB user posted image + CB user posted image + CB user posted image
2g prize / 2g spriter's alt / CB holly with name code. (All letter that can be pronounced.)

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Can breed:

Mystery.gif CB Christmas dragons (have CBs of all breeds except Prize available as mates):

  • 2x Yulebuck
  • 2x tri-colored Snow Angel
  • 2x Ribbon Dancer
  • 2x Winter Magi
  • 2x Wrapping Wing
  • 2x Solstice
  • 2x Mistletoe
  • 2x Snow

Mystery.gif Lots of checkers



Aegis_egg.png 3rd gen pacified Aegis x Omen checker, unrelated to this (can provide 3rd gen Spriter's Alt bloodswap)

Aegis_egg.png 3rd gen pacified Aegis x Rosebud checker, unrelated to this (can provide 3rd gen bloodswap)

Mystery.gif Bloodswaps for lines on this page marked as "(Bloodswap?)"

Snow_Angel_egg.gif 2nd gen Snow Angel from Purple Floret or Purple Ridgewing (tri-colored mother)

Solstice_egg.gif 2nd gen rosy Solstice from Green Copper or Black Truffe

Aegis_egg.png 2nd gen pacified Aegis from Spring, Script, Purple Floret, Diamondwing, Leodon or Purple Ridgewing (permanently pacified father)

latest?cb=20171225071828 2nd gen Garland from Melismor, Golden Floret, Summer, Anagallis, Golden Lunar Herald, Tan Ridgewing or Terrae


2nd gens from nicely named parents only, please!




Can breed:

Holly_egg.png CB male Holly

Plus the things above!



Holly_egg.png 2nd gen Holly from male Swallowtail

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I have a cb male neglected-would like a 2g spriter's alt-prefer no Halloween unless its more than one, and can be holiday or regular egg/s

< pm offers please>


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CB Female Silver Tinsel

CB Male Bronze Tinsel


-- to breed with Christmas mate of choice on 21st/22nd Dec



2G Holly from MALE Silver/Gold


Accepting 2G Christmas hatchlings from silver/gold (priority from Snow and Garland) in return for an IOU of a 2G Prize after the Christmas period is over


Also have a 2G holly from white, looking for another 2G holly from named parents

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CB silver and G2 silver by female holly hatchis - both male







Can add more; Xmas and not Xmas, SA lineages and CB hatchis I can catch in the cave after the event







G2 garland by male silver shimmer


Please PM to discuss

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Can breed: user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageWrapping-Wing_egg.gifAegis_egg.pnguser posted image 2G male Christmas dragon from female Bronze Tinsel


Want: A bloodswap


Please PM me to arrange a trade! traded

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user posted image 4th gen Ribbon Dancer x Silver checker with both Spriter's Alts in the line.



Mystery.gif Spriter's Alt line swaps


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


CBs of all Xmas breeds, I have CB Gold M/M/F, Silver M/F, PM me if you'd like to set up a trade for any of these.



2nd gen Mistletoe x Spotted Green

2nd gen Holly x White
2nd gen Holly x Frill
2nd gen Holly x Gaia Xenowyrm
2nd gen Holly x Blue Nebula
2nd gen Holly x Winter Seasonal


3rd gen Mistletoe x Silver checker

3rd gen Winter Magi x Caligene
3rd gen Winter Magi x Mint
3rd gen Solstice (Rosy Wing) x Pillow

3rd gen Solstice (Rosy Wing) x Frostbite
3rd gen Ribbon Dancer x Shadow Walker

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