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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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Gold_Shimmer-scale_egg.png 3rd gen Gold Shimmer from stair with Radiant Angel, code "EoRpa" (Europa?) - Offer here!



latest?cb=20191031040549latest?cb=20191031040549 2 new Halloweens

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I  H a v e . . . .

user posted image 2g Cavern Lurker x Aerias (precog female) ~ [Trade]

user posted image 2g f Black Marrow x m Luminox (precog female) ~ [Trade]

user posted image 3g m Black Marrow x f Balloon checker (precog male) ~ [Trade]


I  W a n t . . . .

latest?cb=20191031040549 New Halloween hatchlings / eggs please


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New Halloween hatchies x5

2x CB Arcana hatchies (male/female, already gendered)

CB Witchlight hatchie

CB Red copper hatchie

CB Brown copper hatchie

CB Magma hatchie

Chicken egg

CB Autumn male hatchie




Cheeses (always need Cheese)

CB Silver (for..whatever you want)

CB Light Lumina

CB Silver Lunar Herald

2G Light Lumina from Silver Lunar mother

2G Silver Lunar from Light Lumina father

Eh, offer?


PM if interested. 

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Witchlight_egg.png&key=d6850c3a33f4baf6d  2nd Gen Witchlight from CB Silver Shimmer (rare line)




Same gen line swap (Shimmer x Witchlight)

ND male or ungendered (auto)

or New halloween eggs with great codes


Offer Here

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6g stairstep Bronze Shimmer, Eastern Bronze Shimmer x Lightning



8g stairstep Gold Shimmer, Eastern Gold Shimmer x Magi



6g stairstep Bronze Shimmer, Eastern Bronze Shimmer x Ice



5g even Gold Tinsel Thuwed



3g even Gold, Gold x Magi




One 2019 Halloween egg or hatchling each.

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Halloween 2019 Hatchi

(F) 2019 Halloween Hatchling    

Cave Born / Jungle


Peered into YexZC’s (f) future with Glory Tin Kin. Nov 02, 2019, 3:45 am EDT



(M) Omen Wyrm and (F) Omen Wyrm

Cave Born





Grave mature hatchi

(F) Grave Dragon Hatchling

Cave Born



(F) Witchlight Dragon

Cave Born


Message me if interested.

I don't have Magi Dragon.

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4  Halloween 2019 hatchlings (1 with Z-code!)

Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif - Spiral-ish with sunset (Lineage)

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif - 5G stair with Golden Wyvern (Lineage)

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png - 4G spiral with Daydream (Lineage)


- CB Gold

- CB Zyumorphs blue, yellow, or pink

- CB green Baikala Male or influencable egg


PM to split or combine.


Trade Links:


Z-code hatchling

2 Halloween Hatchlings


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Gold egg 2ndGen Gold from female Desipis, named parents. [Lineage] [Trade Link]


Desipis egg 2ndGen Desipis from a male gold! Named parents please.

Gold egg A random 2ndGen gold from named parents, holidays welcome!

I use decline if I'm not interested!

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CB kohraki hatchling. PM me if you want me to precog it.



2g Halloween, either a gendered hatchling or influencable egg (or send a PM letting me know you've precogged it.)


Especially looking for any of the following:

*female shadow from male skywing
*female grave from male leodon, freckle, melismor, ash or lihnseyre.

*male desipis from female summer or lihnseyre

*female desipis from male gold floret, colossus, or seragamma

*male witch from female falcon, green purple dorsal, gray, striped river, sunset, gold wyvern,

   almandine, colossus, galvanic, rift, speckle, shadowwalker, lurker, or arcana
*female witch from male GoN, sunrise, celestial, or black
*male omen from female dark lumina, stripe, script, purple siyat, skywing, aqualis, galvanic, witch, or luminox
*female omen from male witch, lacula, ravenclaw, truffle, pyrovar, frostbite, royal blue, sunset, sunsong, white, blusang, or marrow

*male arcana from female fever, freckle, leodon, red, silver, stripe, undine, gaia, red firegem, sunstone, silver lunar,

    luminox, heartstealer, shadowwalker, witch, mistletoe, or garland
*female arcana from male brimstone, purple neb, green neb, fever, magi, red, undine, gaia, or pillow 


PM me or offer on this link, thanks: https://dragcave.net/teleport/1f15cdb271b641ec21a9aa160953dc03


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CB Omen x2 (male/female gendered pair)

CB Lurker (ungendered)

CB Pumpkin x3 (2x male, 1 female)

CB Shadowalker female

CB Marrow male

CB Witchlight male

CB Desipis female

2G Gold metallic from Fell father (z-code https://dragcave.net/lineage/zQXVo)





CB Silver (for...anything)

CB Gold (I can add stuff)

ND (can add 2G silver tinsel w/common mate to all these, yes I have the egg, not an IOU)



PM if interested. I really don't need/want these Halloween hatchies. They were low time AP grabs. Halloween hatchies are NOT low time. Sorry. :(


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Aeria Gloris X Arcana checker with two blue Arcana SA grandparents 




-New Halloween/Halloweens

-CB arcana/arcanas


This is auto^



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- 4 new Halloweens hatchies (influenced correctly (2x f, 2x m)
CB metal or 2G Prize are auto, but I'm open to any good offers


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STILL HAVE - most of them ready to mature

2x 2nd gen Arcana_hatchi.png  from Alt Blue Arcana (unrelated, influenced to be the same gender as the Arcana parent)

2x 2nd gen PB Grave hatchi from Alt Grave (unrelated, influenced male and female)


WOULD LOVE - will trade 4:1, can combine with other items I'm currently offering

2nd gen Silver_egg.gif from SA/HM (I can dream... ^^)


WILL TRADE 1:1  (might combine for very good offers)

2nd gen Gold_Shimmer-scale_egg.png / Gold_Tinsel_egg.gifSilver_egg.gif from Gold Prize x Silver

2nd gen Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png / Silver_egg.gif from Silver Shimmer x Silver



3rd gen Silver_egg.gif Alt Blue Omen / Alt Grave / Alt Wrapping Wing / Alt Orange Mistletoe / male Alt Cavern Lurker x Silver checker (with this lineage pattern, i.e. the 2nd gen Silver being an Altkin)


Please PM me before breeding! :)






2nd gen Witchlight_hatchi.png from male Bronze Shimmer

2nd gen Witchlight_hatchi.png from female Silver Tinsel

2nd gen Caligene_hatchi.gif from male Silver Tinsel

(the Witchlights are influenced to be the same gender as their Halloween parent, the Caligene will misgender)


WANT - All:1

2nd gen Shimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif / Tinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gif / Silver_egg.gif from Prize x Silver


Please PM me before breeding! :)

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