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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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Golden_Wyvern_egg.gif  CB Golden Wyvern Egg (x2)
Chicken_Egg.gif Chicken Egg


CB Silver (preferably hatchling, but an egg is fine!)


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CB Rift Wyrm from Forest





Fun offers?

Eggs from the 21st

BSAs always welcome (pink, red, aeon)




Golden Wyvern

Halloween lineages

Pyro Xeno from Caligene or Enraged Aegis



~ Teleport link ~


Thank you ^^

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I have the following CBs:

golden wyvern hatchie,

magma hatchie,

mageia egg,

blue zyu egg,

red zyu egg


I'd absolutely love a CB silver (or gold...) for those all; please either message me or offer on this trade and leave a dummy on the other. IOUs are also welcome! Otherwise, I'm just looking for nice offers for one or more of them. New post is up!

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On 10/22/2019 at 12:08 PM, TerraAnne said:

Have: 3 gen bronze shimmer prize checker with almeralds


Want: Bloodswap unrelated to those in this group 4305

(copy then paste that number while looking into one of your groups in the url bar where your groups numbers are) It can be either a prize or an almerald
Teleport link...


Still available but will be poofed in 20 hours.

I lied and forgot about Halloween stuff so this offer is now poofed early.

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  • 2x CB Silver
  • 1x CB Copper (brown)
  • 3x CB Trio (1x Magma, 1x Ice, 1x Thunder)



  • One egg per person only.
  • First come, first serve.
  • Only gifting to players who don't have any dragons of the requested breed, yet.
  • Bronze trophy required.
  • No dead eggs/hatchies on your scroll (except if Vampire/Zombie attempts); please provide me with an explanation if there are dead dragons on your scroll.
  • No items hidden on your scroll; please provide me with your scroll name.
  • No killing/trading/freezing.



PM me! I'll check my PMs in a few hours. And be nice! :)

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Silver x SA Cavern Lurker!



Would like to swap for a different Silver x SA Halloween checker with the same pattern (Silver x SA Halloween) x (Silver x regular Halloween), or a Silver with such a lineage (after the event)


Can breed more Silver x SA Halloween of the same pattern, and even perefect Metallic x SA Halloween checkers!


Please PM me before breeding! :)

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Silver_hatchi.gif CB silver influenced male
Silver_hatchi.gif CB silver influenced female


Hatchlings from my sig. PM me!

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"For trade" group 

Gold_egg.gif CB Gold

Chrono_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif CB male Chrono Xeno

Copper_Dragon2_hatchling.png CB Copper (influenced female)

Silver_Shimmer-scale_hatchi.png 4g checker shimmer from Jewel (influenced female)


CB Codes:


Guardian_hatchi.gif "meBOB" | Guardian  (influenced male)

latest?cb=20100326232320 "AmYZx" | Skywing

latest?cb=20090310172424 "beTH7" | Stone


Morphodrake_egg.png "StARi" | Morphodrake

latest?cb=20100326232320 "GFOOL" | Skywing

Nebula_hatchi.gif "Eache"--each, and ache! | Nebula (will be red)

Script_mature_hatchi.png "kiing" | male Script


Want: (happy to do many:1)

Mystery.gif 2g Halloween from 2 Spriter's Alts, PB Witchlight/Omen/Caligene/Arcana, or Spriter Alt x White/Black (prefer m black)

Mystery.gif 3g Halloween from 4 Spriter Alts (either 4 different breeds, or with PB Witchlight/Omen/Caligene)
Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gifBronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png 2nd gen pb bronze prize from M Silver Tinsel x F Bronze Tinsel as a mate for this one (other 2g pb prizes definitely considered!)
White_egg.gifBlack_egg.gif 2nd gen white or black from Spriter's Alt for a project I'm working on (if interested please DM for whether black or white!)
Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif 2nd gen silver tinsel from white

Tinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gif 2nd gen tinsel from male tercorn

Gold_egg.gif 2nd gen gold from gold prize (from female Gold Tinsel most wanted)

Silver_egg.gif 2nd gen silver from female silver prize (from female Silver Tinsel most wanted)

For non-asterisks:
Mystery.gif 2nd gen prizekin: white**, black**, tercorn from Silver Tinsel, harvest from bronze, a mate for these guys
Mystery.gif CB 5-letter-word codes

Tinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gifShimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif PB prize checker

Tinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gifShimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gifGold_egg.gifSilver_egg.gif prize or metal checker from prize x metal

Mystery.gif See sig!

** From certain pairings

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perfect z-code EG3 omen by silver SAlt (pink omen)







EG3 double SAlt omen (blue arcana and pink omen) by mint - upside down mints in the base







perfect EG3 calgene double SAlt







G2 grave by gold male








G2 desipis by silver male
G2 arcana by male almerald
G2 desipis by blue fire gem (male and female) - especially by blue alt desipis
G2 arcana by gold female and silver male and female






Also have:


G2 omen by gold female




Want: G2 omen by gold male (genderswap)

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Have: Multiples of all breeds of previous CB Halloween dragons available to breed with any mate except those only obtainable through raffle (CB Prizes, Hybrids, female Hollies, etc).  CB Metals are limited, but I do have at least one of each gender for each breed.  Also currently have a CB Witchlight egg, if that floats your boat.  Happy to hold/hatch anything I trade with you to sweeten the deal.



TOP PRIORITY: 2nd gen Caligene from Silver Shimmer father.  Will trade multiples for this.


Also always interested in ultra-rares (CB Metals/NDs, 2nd gen SAkins).  Will trade multiples for any of these.


May consider offers of higher gen SAkins from the following alts (the egg itself need not be holiday):



Omen (blue male)
Arcana (deep blue female)

Garland (Odeen's)
Starsinger (Both)


Please PM offers.  CB Witchlight is still on cooldown.

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I have the following hatchies:

CB golden wyvern (female),

CB magma,

CB mageia,

CB blue zyu,

CB red zyu


I'd absolutely love a CB silver (or gold...) for those all; please message me! IOUs are also welcome. Otherwise, I'm just looking for nice offers for one or more of them. New post once more.

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Gone, thanks a lot! :)

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Neglected_hatchi.gif CB Neglected  -traded- Thank you! ^-^


Want: (in order of preference)

latest?cb=20171031053452 2G  Omen x  red Copper for Shake That Noodle (mate from Process' SA)

Arcana egg 2G Arcana x  Aeon for Failed to Hear (mate from TheCompleteAnimorph's SA)

latest?cb=20171031053452 2G from gold or silver Shimmer

Arcana egg 2G from gold Tinsel

Gold Shimmer-scale egg 2G from female Blacktip for egg

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png 2G from male Striped River for River Minnow

Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png 2G from male Khusa for Flatfooted Syryn

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif 2G from female Pillow for Samson Fluff

other 2G Prize or SAkin - ANY 2G SAkin accepted, prefer either gold or silver Prize (I have tons of bronze)


Feel free to PM me too. ^-^

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