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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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- Any unbred Valentine in the database in my sig, including CB Val '09, Heartseekers, Heartstealings, Mutamores, and Radiant Angels!



Rosebud_egg.gif - 2g Rosebud from Aquilo

Rosebud_egg.gif - 2g Rosebud from Statarae

Rosebud_egg.gif - 2g Rosebud from Elux Lucis


Rosebud_egg.gif - 3g Rosebud from Lumina (Dark) checker, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/FwqBC I can bloodswap!

Rosebud_egg.gif - 4g Rosebud from Copper (Green) checker, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/8g4CF https://dragcave.net/lineage/TzAOV https://dragcave.net/lineage/76SO6 I can bloodswap!

Rosebud_egg.gif - 5g Rosebud from Xenowyrm (Gaia) checker, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/B26uF I can bloodswap!


PLEASE PM BEFORE BREEDING - locked til Friday!

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Erador_Lindwyrm_egg.png 2G Erador x Umbra https://dragcave.net/lineage/tBL0d

user posted image 2G S8TEN code - Mutamore x Spinel https://dragcave.net/lineage/S8TEN

user posted image 2G Mutamore x Cloudplume https://dragcave.net/lineage/k5tYz

user posted image 3G Mutamore x Silver Tinsel Prize Checker https://dragcave.net/lineage/efC8h

user posted image 3G Alt Black Sweetling x Cloudplume https://dragcave.net/lineage/1qePy

user posted image 3G Alt Black Sweetling x Silver https://dragcave.net/lineage/i26eS

user posted image 3G Alt Black Sweetling x Pink Zyu https://dragcave.net/lineage/A1VHZ

user posted image 4G Alt Black Sweetling x Silver Checker https://dragcave.net/lineage/n3eMP



user posted image 2G Rosebud x Alt/Black Sweetling, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/HW3OK

user posted image 2G Alt/Black Sweetling x Arsani, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/S3KCV 

user posted image 2G Alt/Black Sweetling x Ribbon Dancer, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/iFuPq

user posted image 2G Alt/Black Sweetling x many other mates, please see link in sig or PM to inquire (no Thunder, Black, Silver, Gold, Red Dorsal mates)










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Soulstone_egg.png&key=b14966bf6d23467618 4g sALT base lineage ~~OFFERS~~




for Soulstone - open to offers but really looking for 2g Erador x Tri-Colored/rainbow wing Snow Angel.



Thanks! :)



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2G Rosebud from Bronze Shimmer | Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Traded, thank you!

2G Sakuhana from Bronze Tinsel | Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Traded, thank you!

2G Sakuhana from Silver Tinsel | Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Traded, thank you!




2G Arsani from Bronze Tinsel (not Journey, Dalek, Danny, ARMY) - Please PM me if you have/can breed this. 

2G Heartseeker from Gold Tinsel (not Ammy, Gold Epica)- Please PM me if you have/can breed this. 

other 2G Valentine prizekin swap (I use decline if already have, can PM to ask or just offer - NOT from MALE silver tinsel please, coz I already have all)


Thank you.


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traded all, thank you, but please PM me if you have egg(s) on my want list.

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3rd gen thuwed checker: looking for 2  2nd gen any valentine with any breed or 2 cb cantormaris hatchys






2nd gen from gold tinsel: want blood swap only  has cute mum code

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A 2g Cantormaris from Blue parents who wants you to supply your own beverages (byob)



2g Floral-Crowned, Soulstone, or Sakuhana (2g Sweetling from alt is a pipe-dream autoaccept); offers?


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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On 2/9/2021 at 5:04 AM, WWECornSerpent said:

My daughter, Sunstar23, Has:

Sakuhana_Wyvern_egg.png 2g Sakuhana X Mundus Cantomaris, name code "BAnne" (B. Anne)


She Wants:

2nd gen SAltKin


Offer Here!



She also HAS:

Sakuhana_Wyvern_egg.png 2g PrizeKin from Gold Shimmer




Other 2G Valentine from male Gold Shimmer


Offer Here!

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I did not know this thread was here. o:



CB Erador

CB Radiant Angel

CB Sweetling (with Luv or Lov code)

CB Canto (Hoping for Sophos/blue)

CB Saku, Floral, Mutamore, and 2009 Val

2g Sweetling x Black Tea (or longer lineage)

Named Ancestors Please!


Have: (I'll keep this list updated)

2 CB Sweetlings

2 CB Arsani 

1 CB Pink Canto Hatchling (It wasn't CB, my bad!)

You may also request eggs from any of my dragons, but I am currently egg locked. I will breed as soon as eggs hatch though.


Scroll name is angelstarcave.


If the owner of the Black Tea x Sweetling (with tea/chai names) sees this, please know I would love another egg/hatchling and will offer anything I can. 

I just adore Sweetlings with cute names. ❤ 


Lineage of above  aforementioned Sweetling:



Don't be afraid to PM me,

I respond faster that way long as I am not asleep. 




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Needed to remove inaccurate information on the Canto.

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Have: 2nd gen Erador_Lindwyrm_hatchi.png&key=c0625f4c1 Erador from Silver Shimmer 

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! traded, thank you!


Have: CB Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png&key=a350968 male Bronze Shimmer available for breeding on the 12th / 13th / 14th with choice of Holiday mate Valentine_egg.gif&key=358d8ee3af19fbb218Rosebud_egg.gif&key=420ed6bfe0e92c28cb32Arsani_egg.gif&key=712e2f39df7dae7b83673Heartstealing_egg.png&key=9c60afa0d659beSoulstone_egg.png&key=b14966bf6d23467618Sakuhana_Wyvern_egg.png


Want: 2nd gen Rosebud Rosebud_egg.gif&key=420ed6bfe0e92c28cb326b3b42b7aa7fb5b4cdfd5fdd1dea5d58f9bdc5d24935 from Bronze Shimmer Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png&key=a350968 (PM me, for the mate of choice, please)

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Got everything, thanks to some cool people, so awesome!!! thanks guys!

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2 CB new xenos (aquilo, aso)


Want for both

Any 2nd gen Valentine's prizekin (egg or hatchie)


For one

Clean 2nd gen or 3rd gen checker Valentine's hatchies

CB hatchie of mistra, nebula, astaarus, elux or seasonal


Or offers, I use decline. Send me a message to combine!


Also have

2nd gen heartstealing from bronze shimmer


I'm looking for

2nd gen arsani from gold shimmer (for him)

2nd gen heartseeker from silver tinsel (for her)

Or 2nd gen erador, radiant angel or regular sweetling from any prize


If you need this for a lineage, I can consider other Valentine's prizekin swaps but probably nothing else (unless it's something really awesome, see my profile for trading policies).


Thanks for the wonderful trades! ❤️

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2g silver Tinsel from Aeria Gloris

Pair of male and female CB pink Cantormaris

Green dino hatchling

CB Thalassa Xeno hatchling

Paper hatchling

CB bronze Lunar Herald hatchling

CB Golden Wyvern hatchling



2g gold shimmer from Wintertide (mate for this) or Aegis (mate for this)


Offer here and here (a dummy on one of the trades is fine) or PM me to negotiate the exact combination.

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Copper_Dragon3_egg.png CB Green Copper hatchable!

Copper_Dragon2_egg.png CB Red Copper 

Copper_Dragon1_egg.pngZ-code! CB Brown Copper

Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif CB Aeon



Auto Accept:

Staterae_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Staterae_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif  Staterae_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif 1 CB Stat (any gender/egg/hatch) 



Auto Accept: 

Neglected_egg.gif Neglected_hatchi.gif Neglected_mature_hatchi.gif 1 Neglected (any stage, any lineage, would love ungendered)




Awesome name/word code offers! 5-letter word code would be dreamy.


Please PM me here if you’d like to work something out or split up... I also have CB cantor, Erador and Xenos


Click to offer on shiny CB goodness!

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CB Sakuhana Wyvern egg.png
CB Radiant Angel egg.png



CB/2G Floral-Crowned egg.png /Floral-Crowned hatchi.gif 

CB/2G Erador Lindwyrm egg.png / Erador Lindwyrm hatchi.png


MUST give me both Floral Crown and Erador or it will be declined. Hatchlings are OK. I will not accept any more than 2nd Gen.


Trade Link here. Make your offers.

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