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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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CB male influenced Plated Colossus hatchie, almost naughty code fLKeD Plated_Colossus_hatchling.gif




One or two CB hatchies from the following list: 


** In case of gender preference, either influenced or precog is fine **


Female influenced (or precog'd) Fell Fell_female_hatchi.png Fell_hatchi.png


Male Gold Lunar Herald or Male or Female Silver Lunar Herald,  Lunar_Heralds_gold_mature_hatchi.pngLunar_Heralds_silver_hatchi.gif Lunar_Heralds_silver_mature_hatchi.png


Male Ash  Ash_hatchi.png Ash_mature_hatchi.gif


Male Blue Zyu  Zyumorph_desert_mature_hatchi.png  Zyumorph_desert_hatchi.png


Male White Zyu Zyumorph_forest_mature_hatchi.png Zyumorph_alpine_hatchi.png


Male Sapphire Sapphire_mature_hatchi.png


Male or Female Aeon Aeon_Wyvern_hatchi.png


Female Anagallis  Anagallis_female_hatchi.png


Female Blue Gemshard Gemshard_blue_mature_hatchling.png


Also any pretty even gen checker will be considered. :wub:


(Looking for CB unless you have a SA or pretty even gen; in which case feel free to just offer!) qyu.png


** In some cases I show only the pic of the gendered hatchie out of laziness; it can be S1 as long as it is influenced or precogged. :) 


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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canceled trade

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3G Gold tinsel from Sweetling (only second offspring from this tinsel line/pairing https://dragcave.net/lineage/TUjEo)

2G Gold tinsel from Arcana (first and only, so far, from this 2018 Gold tinsel and Arcana https://dragcave.net/lineage/VxwkO

3G Silver Shimmer from Chrono Xenos (fogged cuz he got sick, PM if you want to see lineage)

Chicken (just caught, on CD)

Stage 2 Paper hatchie

CB male Celestial

CB Water hatchie x2 (one male, one female)

CB Daydream hatchie (ungendered)

2G Risensong from Sunsong father

2G Setsong from Sunsong mother




Are Cheeses too much to ask?

Tinsel swaps? (no Bronze tinsel/shimmer, unless from Arcana or Blacktips)

Offers? I love Blacktips, Mints, Balloons, Albinos, Xenos (CB Gaia REALLY wanted!)

CB silvers

CB Gold (FEMALE ONLY or egg, no male)



PM if interested or offer here for the two gold tinsels:


3G from Sweetling: https://dragcave.net/teleport/fddf0ec11648b50343d2cecd9e283413

2G from Arcana: https://dragcave.net/teleport/b18b59fab08621850a1eb68bf3f2d993


If the 2G is not up, PM about her. It means she got view bombed and I had to fog her.

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H: cb low-time incubatable Z-code green Baikala from Forest

W: Any 1 cb rare

or 1 non-messy red/purple hatching

or 1 cb Black hatchling 

or 1 2G black egg from any gendered black truffle

or 2 or more random cb hatchlings



PS: Gone


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CB neglected from coast.


  • 2G Prize (preferably a shimmerscale).
  • 2G Spriter's Altkin (especially xenowyrms, though really any is fine).
  • CB metals - I especially like green coppers.
  • Xenowyrms.
  • BSAs, especially Reds (lots).
  • Cool offers? I can't really think of much else, but if you have something you think is very good, please do offer. I do like codes, especially programming-language ones.


If I haven't declined your offer I'm considering it.

Please see the last line of my signature.


I have offered on a trade up with a 2G SAltkin asking for a ND hatchling; if it's declined or something, this will return.

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Gold_egg.gif 2nd gen gold x white-tipped snow angel (precog'd male)

user posted image 2nd gen frilled x F bronze tinsel TRADED



Gold_egg.gif 2nd gen gold x full gold snow angel

user posted image 2nd gen prizekin (especially from F bronze tinsel for checker lineages)

user posted image interesting offers




I use decline! If your offer stands, I'm considering it or haven't seen it. 



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Gold_hatchi.gif CB gold hatchling (influenced male)

Silver_hatchi.gif CB silver hatchling (precogged female)



Eggs from my sig. Two for the silver hatchling, four for the gold. Named parents only. PM me, thanks!

Edited by tjekan

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Silver_female_hatchi.png 2g Silver x m Rainbow Copper (L7kIT)(influenced female)



Black_egg.gif 3G Black x f Desipis for this

Nhiostrife_Wyvern_egg.gif 3G Nhiostrife x m Cavern Lurker for this

Turpentine_egg.png 3g Turpentine x m Gold

user posted image 2g Silver x f Aeon, Almerald, Anagallis, Bleeding Moon, Brimstone, Diamondwing, Falconiform Wyvern or Skywing

Wishlist offers



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Silver_egg.gif  Silver_egg.gif - TWO 2g silver eggs from female silver lunar herald (I needed a herald!) - egg 1, egg 2 


- 2g metal I actually need for my lineages -- 2g gold from male thalassa/gaia/Yulebuck, 2g gold from female gaia/black/yellow zyu/almandine/sunsong/Val'09/upside down mint, 2g silver from male thalassa/gaia/almandine/tan ridge/Wrapping wing
- 2g metals from other non-holiday pairings I like -- either gen gold, only female silvers -- chrono, gaia, blusang, black, ice
- 2g red nebula from male gold (will take eggs with promise to rebreed if miscolors)
- 2g pizekin, esp from male silver tin or female bronze shim

- 3g prizes (checkers; stairs/spirals with non-holiday mates)
- offers? I hoard CB blusangs and GWs


PM to split up if desired. May be willing to trade 2:1 for the rarer 2g's I need. 


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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CB Gold




mass amounts of cb common/uncommon hatchies


Please give me a PM, blue line in sig does apply. 🙂

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CB Red Zyu egg Zyumorph_volcano_egg.png 






CB Black Zyu egg Zyumorph_alpine_egg.png

CB Blue Zyu egg Zyumorph_desert_egg.png

CB White Zyu egg Zyumorph_forest_egg.png




CB Aeon egg Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif




CB Thalassa Coast Xenowyrm egg Thalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Traded! Thank you. :)


Edited by missy_
trade completed

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3rd gen gold shimmer checker with royal blues

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

3rd gen bronze shimmer checker with sunsets

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

3rd gen gold shimmer checker with snows

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

3rd gen bronze shimmer stair with pinks

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

3rd gen bronze shimmer stair with hollies

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

3rd gen silver tinsel stair with magis

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

3rd gen silver tinsel stair with hellfires

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!



Prize swap- checkers preferred

A bloodswap for any of the checkers is auto [PM me if you can offer one].

Auto: any of the prizes or prizekins listed in my interests/profile. This involves 2nd gens from almost every variant of prize, and a bunch of 3rd gen checkers. Check it out?

Auto: 2nd gen prizekin from female gold shimmer

2nd gen prizekin

My signature note- PM me

CB rare offers

Pretty checkers


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