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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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CB Balloon

CB Coastal Wavething

CB Purple female Ridgewing

CB Spring female

CB Magma egg

CB Harvest male

3G Z-code bronze tinsel stair from Marrows egg (PM if you want to see)

2G Silver Shimmer egg from GoN (PM if you want to see it)





See sig. Monarch from lineage just like that (no relatives), or 3EG tea from similar checker lineage (unrelated, of course)

ND for whatever

CB Gold female

Various 2G Black Tea from Monarch mother, or Monarch 2G from Tea father


CB Gaia Xeno(s)


Tan Ridgewing female(s)

Eh, offers?


PM if interested. Shimmer was a gift from my cousin...tempted to keep her. ><

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CB Spring female

CB Gold Wyvern male

CB Magma egg

CB Purple Ridgewing female


CB Purple Floret egg (on CD)

CB Aria hatchie (ungendered)

CB Sunsong male

CB Howler Drake female

CB Red egg (on CD)

CB Alamandine egg (on CD)

3G Bronze tinsel male from Marrow flipped stair (proper gender to continue lineage)

2G Silver Shimmer female from GoN (shimmer is mother, hatchie influenced correctly, PM if you want to see this, don't want viewbombs)




CB Gold (for shimmer, she's my first 2G shimmer, tempted to keep)

3EG Tea from Monarch female checker

4EG Monarch from checker w/Teas like in sig (I'd love you forever if you could provide one of these!)

2G Black Tea from Monarch mother

2G Monarch from Tea father

2G Falconiform from White father

2G White from Falconiform mother

CB Black Teas/Monarchs/Falconiforms/Whites


Just offer?


PM if interested. Chicken and Magma are in public trades. 

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3rd gen Prize Checker (esp from M Silver Tinsel, F Bronze Tinsel or F Bronze Shimmer)


Other offers 


Offer here

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Posted (edited)


Red_hatchi.gif CB Red Hatchlings x2

Purple_hatchi.gif CB Purple Hatchling

latest?cb=20190310171511 CB Blancblack Hatchling



Thalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Thalassa_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.png CB Thalassas or Male Thalassa Hatchling


Red 1 | Red 2



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Posted (edited)

I am looking for my AP'ed bleeding moons (Ge7z2) and/or (UoEtv). It seems something is stopping me from grabbing the extras from my celestial breeding, and I need at least one of them.


Have: a neotropical hatchling and a royal blue egg:

Make an offer on this royal blue!

Make an offer on the neotropical!

Traded; thanks.

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