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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif CB Aeon with (CatL2) Code

Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif CB Aeon



Carina_hatchi.gifCarina_female_hatchi.pngCarina_male_hatchi.png 2G Unrelated Carina Hatchlings from named parents (6 for 'Cat' Aeon, 3 for the Other)

(Must not be related to any in This Group)

Gold_egg.gifGold_female_hatchi.gifSilver_egg.gifSilver_female_hatchi.png 2G-4G Gold/Silver x Radiant Angel from named parents/ancestors (2 for 'Cat' Aeon, 1 for the Other)

(Must not be related to any in This Group)

Mystery.gif Prize/Prizekin Offers from my Wishlist

(Willing to combine and/or add for some offers)

Mystery.gif Offers

Green Line in Signature Applies!

Feel Free to PM me to Negotiate!


Offer on my 'Cat' Aeon

Offer on my Aeon

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**NOW ER** 







Just make an offer...  (will not be staying on my scroll as I already have a sibling)



This egg MUST go!


Offer here

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On 4/6/2019 at 9:06 PM, Montre said:

Have: See attached photograph.


Want: Caveborn golds and/or silvers. Automatic trade would be for an unknown caveborn neglected. Also willing to negotiate- mail me.


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


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CB Brown Copper hatch

Paper hatch





user posted image Cheese
1-2 CB hatchie from this list:



user posted image Colossus (M/F)
user posted image Red Gemshard (M)
user posted image Blue Gemshard (F)

Baikala_brown_female_hatchi.pngGreen Baikala (M)
Baikala_blue_female_hatchi.pngBlue Baikala (M)
Black_Truffle_hatchi.gifBlack Truffle (F)
Floret_Wyvern_hatchi_gold.png Gold Florent (F)
Siyat_purple_mature_hatchi.pngPurple Siyat (F)
Siyat_green_mature_hatchi.gifGreen Siyat (F)


or 1-2 2g hybrids from this list:

Carina_male_hatchi.pngCarina (M)
user posted image Two-finned Bluna (F/M)

user posted image Shallow Water (F) 
user posted image Hellhorse (F/M)
user posted image Avatar of Change (M)
user posted image Avatar of Creation (M/F)
user posted image Avatar of Destruction (M/F)
user posted image Storm-Rider (M)

user posted image Blue Stripe (M/F) 
user posted image Red Stripe (M/F)
user posted image Black Stripe (M/F)

Other offers from my wishlist?




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Gold_egg.gif - 3G Gold x male Caligene



One of these:

2G or 3G bloodswap

2G Silver from Heartstealing

CB green Copper


Or two 2G holidaykins from this list:

Guardian of Nature x Heartseeker

Gold Floret x permanently enraged Aegis

Pebble x Garland

Sunsong x Mistletoe

Sunsong x Solstice

Gold Lunar Herald x Snow (x2)


Trade link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/9f4d3c1a60c73d0a6d0958b9d6f77912

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Curled black alt, super messy, ready for the freezer!


Want: Nothing in particular, so give it your best shot, you never know what will catch my eye. No unbreedables please! I have plenty of chickens, papers and dinos.


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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latest?cb=20190310101609CB Aqualis

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Want - Any (can be messy):

Ice_egg.gif | Ice Dragon

Magma_egg.gif | Magma Dragon

Thunder_egg.gif | Thunder Dragon


Want - any of the following CB - Eggs or Hatchlings:

Antarean_egg.gif | Antarean Dragon

latest?cb=20170930230350 | Bauta Dragon

Black_egg.gif | Black Dragon

Black_Truffle_egg.png | Black Truffle Dragon

Daydream_egg.gif| Daydream Dragon 

Gemshard_egg.png | Gemshard Dragon

Lunar_Heralds_silver_egg.gifSilver Lunar Herald

Nebula_egg.gif | Nebula Dragon

Spring_egg.gif | Seasonal Dragon

Sunrise-Sunset_egg.gif | Sunset or Sunrise Dragon 

Sunsong_Amphiptere_egg.gif | Sunsong Amphiptere 

Mystery.gif qyu.png | Offers 

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Gemshard_egg.png 2g Gemshard from Floral-Crowned x Blue Gemshard (lineage)




Gemshard_egg.png Bloodswap

or  Gemshard_egg.png  2g Gemshard from Radiant Angel x Green Gemshard (example lineage)


As gemshards are tricky, I will rebreed in case of miscolours, just shoot me a PM, and hopefully you'll do the same


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Also if you can't breed either of those but are interested, I will look at other offers

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3rd even gen S1 Sitting Black Alt from Floral-Crowned checker; WILL BE FEMALE Alt_Black_sitting_hatchi.gif




Nice, rare offers.**


Any of the following four are AUTO:

* A 2G Prize would be lovely); 

* 2G Saltkin would be awesome,

* I'd love a 2G Thuwed (100% Thuwed base), or

* a CB Silver.  



I prefer names with no tags (no CB, generation) but will consider nice offers with tags.


Will especially consider: 


* CB Aeons

* 2-3G Prizes nicely named, (I prefer Stairstep lineages for Prizes as I can continue them more easily than even gens; prefer non-Metal mates; holiday mates are fine; love commons)

* 2-3EG (even gen) Saltkins (with half of base lineage SA

* 2-3EG (even gen) Thuweds (100% Thuwed base)

* CB Verdigris (Green) Copper or CB Rainbow Copper


**No Xenos, Zyus, or trios, please. Not interested in prizefails. Nothing messy. 


Make an offer on my Sitting Alt Black hatchling! :nyan:

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CB Black Zyu

CB Gold Floret hatchie

CB Dark Lumina

CB Forest Baikala hatchie

CB Tsunami hatchie

CB Red hatchie

CB Razorcrest hatchie

CB Turpentine hatchie

2G Silver from Mageia father




CB Black Tea(s)

CB Monarch(s)

2G Black Tea from Monarch mother

3EG Black Tea from Monarch fem/Black Tea male checker



Random offers?


PM if interested.

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