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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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Silver_egg.gif CB  (on cooldown)



offers of Purple line in sig please


PM to make an offer/discuss

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Have: A bunch of 3G Mistletoe SA offspring, and one beautiful 4G








Want: I would love some 2G Gemshards from Greens x Mistletoe.

If you have 2 pairs, it would be great if you could try both, but I will accept one if you only have one pair or just one produces

Or, if you happen to have a 3G green gem non checker with mistletoes in the base, that would be perfect. But I wont hold my breath for that. XD

(I would love to try and finish that lovely Gemshard x Mistletoe line I have up for trade right now)


Sorry, but no IOUs please!!

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  • BI6SxqJ.gifpMi2MIm.gifPZJN88K.gifpyqYdeQ.gifK3kKh02.gifvzF0a2k.gif (6) CB Xenowyrm Hatchlings. Sub-type doesn't matter (ie if you gave me 6 Astrapis that'd be cool). Gender doesn't matter.


MY GREEN SIGNATURE NOTE APPLIES! No Time Limits or Constraints.

Please PM me to arrange a trade. =3

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I really most stop making offers when I don't have my spreadsheet to hand because I keep ending up with eggs from lineages I already have.


Gold_egg.gif 2nd gen PB Gold



Gold_egg.gif 2nd - 5th PB Gold (If I decline, it will be because I already have that lineage)

Gold_egg.gif 2nd gen Gold from female Black, Black Zyu or Blue Zyu

Gold_egg.gif 3rd gen Gold checker from female Daydream, Blue Lunar Herald, Neotropical, Red

Zyumorph_alpine_egg.pngZyumorph_jungle_egg.pngZyumorph_volcano_egg.pngZyumorph_forest_egg.pngZyumorph_desert_egg.pngZyumorph_coast_egg.png  Any 2nd gen Zyu from two Sinos

Will consider:

Silver_egg.gif 2nd gen Silver from female Spirit Ward

Silver_egg.gif 2ne gen Silver from male Kingcrowne

Silver_egg.gif 3rd gen Silver checker from female Royal Crimson

Silver_egg.gif 3rd gen Silver checker from male Purple, Spitfire

Gold_egg.gif/Silver_egg.gif  Other Gold or Silver checker

Mystery.gif Other offers


TRADED - Thank you.


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CB Thunder Eggs!
user posted image qBk7t at 6 days. Offer here.
user posted image GVRQf at 6 days 17 hours. Offer here.

Deeply Desiring: 
user posted image CB Autumn Eggs. (!) Must be stolen on 9/22. 9/23 ones may be considered.  

Other offers I'd consider:
user posted image CB Gemshard Egg or Hatchling. If hatchling, precogged to male.
user posted image CB Aeon Egg or Hatchling. If hatchling, precogged to male.

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  • x3ohJvw.gif CB Yellow/Jungle Zyumorph
  • KD8m9P7.gif CB Pink/Coast Zyumorph


WANT (In order of preference):

  • See Signature(AUTO)
  • BI6SxqJ.gifpyqYdeQ.gifPZJN88K.gifvzF0a2k.gifpMi2MIm.gifK3kKh02.gif Any CB Xenowyrm Hatchling (AUTO)
  • sIYfwMl.gifmhVNLzM.gifwmWe89M.gifCjgQd8B.gifEc2t6FB.gifXMCNxMZ.gif Any CB Xenowyrm Egg (AUTO)
  • 79KwIeS.pngCB Khusa Hatchling
  • utcp6ih.gif CB Pillow Hatchi OR  ts0FNlh.gif CB Common Pygmy Hatchi OR vQqhnQb.png CB Tri-Horn Hatchi OR ZCMMqMv.gif CB Falconiform Wyvern Hatchi OR 7qaT1Xq.gif CB Monarch Hatchi OR E6HzvgN.gif CB Celestial Hatchi
  • Vampire_hatchi.png Vampire hatchlings



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