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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Yeah, I am a bit mad at myself haha. I had a 2G Flamingo from Terrae and got them mixed up. I suppose I can breed another next week ;;


In other news, I did just pick this up, so I'm a little less upset now.

Always next week. I know how that goes. sad.gif


That's a pretty find! I like it. biggrin.gif

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These two little ones were actually misclicks that I was just going to throw back to the AP, but after checking their lineages, I am glad I didn't wub.gif


2nd Gen Sapphire from Shadow Walker Thank you very much, anon breeder! smile.gif Hopefully get a mate for this at Halloween.


2nd Gen Red from Mistletoe Thank you, anon breeder! I can breed a mate for this happy.gif


3rd Gen Pink from Sweetling checker with some special ancestors blink.gif Huge thank you, shinypants!

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Well chuffed with this, thank you breeder! I think I can breed it a really nice mate. smile.gif

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I'm swooning, thank you iznasha87!

Glad you like it. tongue.gif


Also I found some dragons in the AP :



I always love 2nd gens from Bright Pink. Thank you, Tango



Nice checker, thank you munificent



Actually I need this for one of my Valentines. Thank you, breeder

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Thank you breeder. This is pretty. happy.gif

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Ahhhh *adds to list of future lineages to breed*

This is me lol. I am always doing that.



This are prize fails, but I think they are very lovely.


Thank you breeders!


wub.gifuser posted image


wub.gifuser posted image

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