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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Huh, I'm weeks behind with posting my AP finds, once again...



3rd gen Frostbite x Solstice (she was waiting for one with a blue-winged mother!) - thanks PolarVortex!



Magma from Desipis - thanks aussieJJDude!



Gaia from Caligene - thanks mystery breeder!



Grabbed for the code, kept for the lineage. Thanks natayah!



Chrono from Gold - thanks rrattts!



4th gen Turpentine with a blue Arsani in his lineage. Thanks mystery breeder!



4th gen Brute x Solstice - thanks sfts



Antarean from GoN - thanks Mesmerizer!



3rd gen Turpentine x Gold - thanks "Freyr" breeder!



Z code from cool code parents. ^^ Thanks Wortgewaltig!



3rd gen Seragamma x Desipis checker - thanks mystery breeder!



3rd gen Pebble x Vine... and it's a Thuwed! Thanks Flaviel!



These dragons have opinions about writing tools. Thanks munificent!



Thalassa from Heartstealing - thanks mystery breeder!



Z code BBW with Frills (I'm breeding him a mate) - thanks Terces!



It is impossible for me to ever have a perfect mate for this Alt Sweetling x Chrono, but I will find something appropriate. smile.gif She was just too beautiful to toss back. Thanks Terrafreaky!



2nd gen PB Black found as a hatchling and kept for the parents' names. (I have opinions about films. tongue.gif ) Thanks JettRyu!



Z code Astrapi from Mageia x Ice. I like how it looks like a hybrid of the parent breeds. Thanks mystery breeder!



3rd gen Pyrope x Mistletoe with a Z code. Thanks Avarule!



Electric from Thunder, found as a hatchling. Thanks user560!



Celestial from GoN. Thanks Rokkan!



4th gen Cassare with a Spriter's Alt Sweetling, some Marrows, and Commondant Lassard. Thanks Areous!



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Thank you AngelsPunishment, for this awesome baby. It's so Fluffeh! wub.gif

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Thalassa from Heartstealing - thanks mystery breeder!


Obviously, I didn't manage to change my account settings properly xd.png . Hope I got rid of the anonymity now.

I'm only breeding that pair because someone on the board is looking for a Gaia from that combination, but they keep breeding true.

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You're welcome for the Cassare, Confused Cat, glad it found a good home! The Turpentine's grandparents are mine, too laugh.gif

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Thanks beefcake for these Holiday checkers!

https://dragcave.net/lineage/pQ3Lw - Lurker x Ember

https://dragcave.net/lineage/pNJ60 - Flamingo x Rosebud <3

https://dragcave.net/lineage/3DgwY - Sweetling x Striped River

https://dragcave.net/lineage/2A8ln - Desipis x Pyro


Wow, beefcake, thank you!


You're both welcome, enjoy!

I love seeing my babies going to good homes wub.gif

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I've got a great story for this one...


So I really don't know what made me pick up another Nebula egg for the BAZILLIONTH time... But I always check the lineage to make sure that I am not abandoning a Dorkface or something cool like that.


I came across this.


Where is this particular pattern from?


Well, as a sophomore my high school put on the musical Cinderella, and we had a fifteen-piece orchestra for the music. I was the only trumpet player in the ensemble, and my part was extremely important. One of the most sensitive moments in the musical (and one of my personal favorite parts of the show) was the song "Ten Minutes Ago", which, if you haven't seen the show, is basically the point in the show where Cinderella and the Prince are dancing at the ball.


These are the lyrics to the song. Thanks so much for whoever bred this. It will be well cared for.

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My friend gave me a dummy from the AP for the egg I was sending over to influence. I checked on the lineage out of habit and saw this beautiful thing.

Whites and Golds look so wonderful together aahh

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