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Great Lineages Found in AP

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And I am thrilled with this one!! I have the building blocks to breed his mate.  wub.gif


I'm glad you like it! happy.gif I'm hoping to make a 5g checker using this, next year!


CsUii - Its going to take a while to breed a mate for this dragon but its definitely going to make a great checker! Thank you, Waldmensch!

KDDc6 - I love the colours in this! Heres hoping i'll remember to breed a mate to it, next Christmas. Thank you, Aleoleo!

8erxm - Love the colours in this one, too! Thanks again, Aleoleo!

1KjuS - So much purple! Thank you, Tecuos!

HrkRp - So many alts! Thank you, tjenni!

KRIA2 - I was looking forwards to finding a mate for this one. Its a shame it misgendered. Thank you, Undomiel!

NapXL - Also love the code on this one. Thanks again, Undomiel!

3VFhy - I realised I hadn't had a 2g PB Pygmy on my scroll for 4 years so I had to keep this one. Thank you, Honeycomb!

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Just caught this beauty.


And I am thrilled with this one!! I have the building blocks to breed his mate. wub.gif


Thank you, breeders.

I´m delighted that you like the Waterhorse xd.png it was fun building the Holly´s mate =)

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I've never liked the Teimarr dragons that much, but this combo is absolutely gorgeous




Thank you so much, perzephone!

You're welcome! I liked the pastel-ish look of the Teimarrs, but could never find anything 'just right' to pair them with... until the Lunar Heralds came around smile.gif


And thank you, tishavara, for another wonderful Flamingo-Marrow checker!

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Saw a Frostbite and couldn't resist at least seeing the lineage. Didn't expect to find this! Thank you, Draketeeth! Hopefully she won't refuse my Yule. |D

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That's a Lurker, not a Desipis wink.gif . But you're quite right, it's a splendid combo!


I copy-pasted the wrong link tongue.gif

Real one, oops.


I would love to continue all the Halloween x Falconiform ones if I can find/breed a mate for them, though! All of the Halloween dragons thus far pair beautifully with them.

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This one requires a short story to know the full extent of my dumb luck:

Okay, so I needed some BSA eggs, more specifically pinks, so I headed down to the AP so I wouldn't have to deal with any CB Flamingo Wyverns for 5 hours dry.gif. While I was there I found a perfectly good pink egg and snatched it. While I was checking it's huge lineage, I was suddenly struck by the fact that HOLY CRAP IT'S A DORKFACE biggrin.gif. As I scrolled down to look at the rest of it, I was struck with a TON of inbreeding. Upset by this, I went back to the AP to look for another pink, seeing if the second one was better off. Picking up another egg, I checked the lineage. Oh god, it was from the EXACT SAME LINEAGE AS THE FIRST ONE mad.gif. So now, by dumb luck I have 2 severely inbred Pink Dorkfaces. Their strange Lineage

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Just caught this:


Will I ever be able to breed a mate for this? Probably not. But I just like to look at it.

That's one of my babies smile.gif Glad you like it!

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I picked up some absolute gems.


These 2 Spirit Wards, both from the same owner I'm assuming

Ward 1. And Ward 2


A lovely Lumina from Herk.

And this beautiful White from a very dedicated breeder.


Thanks everyone!

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