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Great Lineages Found in AP

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I've never liked the Teimarr dragons that much, but this combo is absolutely gorgeous




Thank you so much, perzephone!

Wow, I never thought about that combo, but it does look really nice. Heck, I may start my own checker for that.

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Thank you breeder! I can't believe I didn't have a dragon from this line.



What a great checker, thank you Lavinia! These two look really good together.



Thank you breeder!



Thank you breeder! This is my second dragon from this line!



Oh my gosh, what a beauty! Thank you breeder!



I don't find 2nd-gens from this matchup, thank you breeder!



Thank you Nakuru! I can only imagine the dedication it took to make this.

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Unfortunately I don't have CB wrapping wings and probably won't get a proper mate for this, but it's so beautiful I'm keeping it anyway. Thanks angelicdragonpuppy!



Really pretty combo, thanks Infinis!



Unfortunately colored wrong, but still nice, thanks breeder!



Another miscolor, but still nice, thanks moulder!



Sigh...yet another miscolor, but I've been having some great luck with catching short prize lines recently. Thanks jerzeeshadow1!

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https://dragcave.net/lineage/ATD7F - a pairing I never knew I needed on my scroll until I saw it. laugh.gif Thank you Glyndlamir!

Breeding her a mate is going to be interesting.

I love brutes, but I hate checkers with them because they produce NOTHING BUT BRUTES! Kind of like black teas... xd.png

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This Mint, unfortunately related to one of the Mints on my scroll, but I'll get a different mate for him instead. Thanks AngelsPunishment!


This Bleeding Moon, it's the last BM from Desipis I needed for a checker I'm working on. Thanks Wahya!

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I just caught this lovely mint, and I can breed it a mate the next Christmas! Thank you, natli wub.gif

OOH can we talk - I am doing those too !


I caught this over Valentine's - I have always wanted the alt WW on my scroll somewhere and BINGO ! Thanks, breeder.



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5th gen lurker x crimson thuwed checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/777nd =o

Wow, was just picking based on code and ended up with this wonderful beauty.

Thanks, Waldmensch!

Ooh, that's awesome. Great find! biggrin.gif



https://dragcave.net/lineage/NqOw3 - Guardian Prizefail, thanks breeder!

https://dragcave.net/lineage/eNhK9 - Royal Blue Prizefail, thanks breeder!

https://dragcave.net/lineage/AWOS7 - Pillow Prizefail from Penk, thanks breeder!


Thank you sara4cows for these 5g Pink x Val 09 checkers!



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Just found this in the AP. I'll probably never be able to find a mate for it, but it's way too pretty to toss back.

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Just found this in the AP. I'll probably never be able to find a mate for it, but it's way too pretty to toss back.

I wouldn't worry about that, there are plenty of 3rd gen Prizekins like that out there - you just need a mirrored version of what you have already biggrin.gif

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Just caught this beauty.


And I am thrilled with this one!! I have the building blocks to breed his mate. wub.gif


Thank you, breeders.

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