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Great Lineages Found in AP

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This is simply gorgeous. I hope to find a good bottom arrow lineage to go with it. Thank you breeder!



I love finding Vampire checkers like this! Thank you breeder and biter!



AngelsPunishment, another beauty for my scroll, thank you!



I love grabbing species I normally don't collect and finding lineages like this, thank you breeder!



Thank you CloudLift! Naming it will be fun.



Mistylakequeen, thank you for breeding this! Wanyuudo, thank you for biting it!



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Yes, it is.  smile.gif

I got another unusual combination:


Thanks, anonymous breeder!

Huh. I bred that for someone upon request. Good to know it ended up in the AP. Enjoy, Fly!


And thanks, Tawanda! It's nice to see my naming weirdness noticed! <3

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Yes, it is. smile.gif

I got another unusual combination:


Thanks, anonymous breeder!

Beezlebub and Agnes Moorehead? Great catch Fly-by-Night, that is absolutely hilarious, and an awesome breeding pair Stardust

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This! - Thanks, Joker22!

That pair never gives Tinsels for gifting, but I'm glad someone gave the little Brute a nice home! smile.gif



Lumina from Mistletoe (I don't have a mate, but maybe I will next year) - thank you Joker22!


Hah you're welcome! Had to dump it to make space, but I'm glad it went somewhere that someone will appreciate it. The father will be named shortly.

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I'm glad you liked it, enjoy!

Yes - even more so as one of my own Mistletoes' offspring died on a user's scroll. sad.gif


Fanorina's prospective mate will grow up in a couple of hours. smile.gif

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I hunt the AP sometimes but this 3G Moonstone Shimmerkin from Jewel is a fun find ^^ And a great gift for my giftee, so thank you =]


Edit: More moonstones tonight =D Thank you to whoever breed these two (3G Moonstone X Rosebud Checker & 4G Pink X Moonstone Checker).


Beautiful finds in the AP ^^

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christmas babies. finally getting around to listing them (most were gifts from the AP from my Hubby. though the butt-head kept the silver he caught)




Jolly Wonderful Bloke thanks anon.

Sunspark Starswirl thanks anon wub.gif

HollyBell Thuwed thanks anon!






Odkie Junour Lady thanks SickThing smile.gif

Faerun Blurp thanks Faenyx happy.gif

Spirit of the Goat thansk Vampyre, i love your Angelwings name xd.png




Ribbon Dancer


Theif's of Katsuragi thanks Thief-of-Hearts

Yulaineon thanks anon.

Dance of the Future thanks anon.

Beautiful Lunar Orb thanks anon. wub.gif

Langer de Noel thansk anon. a very interesting combo o.0



Winter Magi's


Joy to Our Birthstone. thanks twol8sue!

Lurking for Nightlia. thanks anon.

Pink Eye Joy thanks AlucardxAnderson.




Wrapping Wing's


Packing Shuang Dong thanks anon

Wrapping Massive Foil thansk anon.

Smeb thanks anon



Solstice's (2/3 going the correct wing color i wanted is great happy.gif)


Wild Berry Slushie wub.gif can't wait to find a mate for her. thanks anon, i love your babies names as well

Flippy Disco Bear thanks anon, and i also like the parents' name's

the Yellowstone Cauldera thanks shortaxel



Mistletoe's (all gendered correctly happy.gif )


a Jaded Kiss thanks milkaq! i love catching from friends xd.png

Arkana o'Lothlorien thanks anon!

River of Toes thanks Merit

Cheer Le'mon thanks anon

Night's Ride thanks Quinn'sGold smile.gif

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Pretty Pebble checker from Amberfly! I like the pretty greens.

Oh hey, one of mine! I'm a little late but glad you like it! I found both the parents in the AP on the same night so it's neat to see their baby here too.


I found this little one in the AP as a hatchling the other day. Wrong color, maybe? I don't know but I love the little one. Thanks, dragonsforbreakfast!

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