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Great Lineages Found in AP

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so many beautiful holiday lineages everyone is catching! this doesn't really compare and i have no idea how to continue it next year, but this is the nicest holly i've ever caught myself:



there's also this snow angel, which makes me wish i had tri-color wings:



and this solstice which i think/hope will have the rosy wings:



happy hunting, everyone!

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4g Yule x White checker - completely unrelated to either of the 6gs I picked up last year! biggrin.gif

3g Winter Magi x Royal Blue checker - Unrelated to the three I grabbed last year! This must be a quite popular pairing, I've caught so many of them!

2g Mistletoe from Undine - Was not expecting this color combo to look as cute as it does. Was tempted to put it back anyway to keep that last slot for Holly hunting, but it's too cute >___<

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4G HollyxWhite Checker

I don't know how I managed to this. Unfortunately it is related to my other 4G WhitexHolly dry.gif

Oh hey! You managed to catch one of my lineages after all! Hope you manage to trade it for one with an unrelated lineage. smile.gif

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My shortest lineaged Holly! Thank you Wanyuudo.


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I haven't had as much luck as some people but I found this which I think is lovely. Also, this. Thanks! smile.gif

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A nice Wrapping Wing! There's just something I love about the WW design and seems like BBW's go well with almost all Holiday Dragons..

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Didn't get any AP goodies during round 1, found a few nice ones during round 2 though!



4g Yulebuck x Terrae checker, thank you breeder! I was excited to find this guy because I have an unrelated Terrae who would be perfect for him.



3g Yulebuck x Neotropical checker, thank you celis! Lovely combo. I don't have a matching Neo mate for him but I'm sure I can find one after Christmas.



3g Green Copper x Ribbon Dancer checker, thank you MageKessu! Never seen this combo before. ^^ I'm going to build her a mate.


And that's it for me so far. I have caught very few checkers this year and ended up filling up on eggs from my own dragons. Hoping I'll have better luck in round 3. xd.png

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Getting frustrated by finding so many messy lineages, so to break away from that here are the beautiful lineages I've found this year so far:

2nd gen wrapping from green gemshard--didn't expect those to look so good together, neither are breeds I'm terribly fond of but this is beautiful.

2nd gen solstice from thalassa--exactly as awesome as I thought it would be.

2nd gen wm from gw--needed this as a mate and really happy to get it.

2nd gen snow angel from royal blue--wish I'd seen this before, it's lovely. And I have tri-color angels too, so it'll make a perfect checker!

2nd gen snow angel from caligene--because caligenes are awesome. And because feathers.

Also two messy mistletoes for freezing, but I won't link those. Thank you, breeders!

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