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Great Lineages Found in AP

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More from the Halloween department...


4G with seawyrms Thanks, stargazer_7 smile.gif

2G lurker with nebula... which is extra nice because of the code: Punqn. Surely I am not the only one who reads that and thinks "pumpkin", right?? Thanks, cuppycake08!

3G shadow walker with with non-SW thuwed grandparents Thanks, 5ilence!

This 4G distant relative of King & Queen Pumpkin, whom I had to influence to be the mate for this magelight equivalent of Queen Victoria. Perhaps their kid will be interested in a diplomatic marriage to this grandchild of another great AP catch Thanks to anonymous, ADP, and jerzeeshadow for the spriter's alt descendants!


And, a non-halloween with an extra-cool Thuwed lineage Thanks, dragonpuck!!


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My greatest Halloween catches this year:

5th gen pumpkin x dark myst checker - and I was actually gifted an uncle of this one. Well, looks like I might have to continue my own line (4th gen) with a different mate. wink.gif

Marrow x Roseubd - who would've guessed they'd look so lovely together?

3rd gen gold x SW checker with one spriter's alt. wub.gif

too gorgeous to pass up

love the new horse sprite wub.gif


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Grats, all! For me:


2nd gen Pyralspite from Pyralspite x Val '09 - love this combo - makes the think of gummy bears. xd.png Can't wait to get a Val '09 mate to make a checker. Thanks, dragonpuck!

2nd gen Gold from Gold x Arsani - very pretty, thank you Princess_of_dragons!

2nd gen Lunar Herald (bronze) x Caligene - thank you, breeder! Hopefully will serve as a mate to another Lunar Herald x Caligene I caught in the Departures thread here. Will plan to create a checker next Halloween 2016. smile.gif

2nd gen Lunar Herald (gold) x Golden Wyvern - so shiny. *__* Thanks, breeder!

2nd gen Lunar Herald (gold) x Astrapi - wild parents, so...thanks, wild dragons! xd.png

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It's great catching up on this thread, seeing all the lovely Halloweens!


My babies~

https://dragcave.net/lineage/Cql2I - Thank you Tecca! I'll have to seek out a Nebula mate for this lovely guy from someone after Halloween.
Terces, I know just the thing. Will PM you soon. smile.gif


http://dragcave.net/lineage/CDkCr - Thanks anon for this 3rd gen grave from graves x prizes in the base

http://dragcave.net/lineage/sF36c - Thanks anon for this 3rd gen lurker x sunrise

This is just perfect - Lurker x Sunrise is utterly beautiful anyway, but the parent names are wonderful, content- and length-wise. And I already have a 2nd gen to breed a mate from (though I might have to shorten his name a little bit). Thank you, breeder! happy.gif

I'm glad you guys liked them!

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Gorgeous! Shame I have Tricoloured Snowangels myself, but I'm working on the same checker so maybe next year I can breed a Snowangel mate for it.

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Been wanting to show off what I caught during Halloween...

too many to show them all, but here are a few of the best ones:


First, This amazing 6th gen! thanks, Terces!


Second, this unique and beautiful marrow. Have no idea if I'll build or find a mate, but too cool to throw back! Mystery breeder on this one....


Lastly, SW x heartseeker, I just love heartseekers and couldn't resist!


Also, thank you to sfts, who dropped so many EGs in the AP a few days ago, I think I have 3 of them!

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