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Great Lineages Found in AP

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I know! I had to go back and change the post where I was trading it. Got 2 lovely nebula for my friend Katty for it. She was so happy, but I was secretly mad because I so didn't want her to get good bids so I could breed her something nice to trade for something so nice.  dry.gif Oh well. She's happy and that's all that maters. happy.gif That girl and her nebulas!  rolleyes.gif

Oh my God you guys! Apparently the person that bred that awesome egg saw my post and bred me one! Isn't she beautiful. I can't wait to give out some of her babies. I bred her tonight and she made an egg that I released into the AP just to see where it landed. Sometimes I'm weird like that. I remember what it was like trying to find eggs before I came on here and I like throwing a nice one in the AP for the lurkers. happy.gif


Oh and Katty scored in the AP with This little beauty! How pretty is that? wub.gif

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I've found almost all of my dragons from the AP(certified lurker).


Thuwed Magi I PRAY for a CB Black to continue the lineage with.

6th Gen Gold Tinsel Has a CB Vine that I am continuing the lineage with.

5th Gen Sunsong A Dorkface that wasn't continued as a gold but is still one of my favorites.


I just noticed my Thuwed and Dorkface are the same generations long and also female. Would have made an amazing lineage if they could become a mated pair.

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Beautiful lineage, AND its a white! I'm surprised I got

it since I didn't click it as fast as I could. My best guess on

why it was abandoned is probably because the owner

wanted someone to continue the lineage. Hopefully it

genders right so I can!

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Here's a few of mines that I especially like c:



http://dragcave.net/lineage/rg0o5 (my favorite yet)


http://dragcave.net/lineage/0ToLU (look in bottom part of lineage)




Especially rg0o5 tongue.gif


But they are all awesome to me biggrin.gif

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Not just AP'd, but AP'd as a hatchling. It boggles the mind, but my newest Tinselkin has a good home now.


Also AP'D as a hatchling: http://dragcave.net/lineage/hfDK8

Gorgeous. I'm hoping it's a female, and that she'll breed with my very first dragon, who was an AP egg. I have a weakness for Wyverns.


Edit: Good God, I was browsing for a CB Water to breed my own Bluna and grabbed THIS. I was literally speechless. I might PM the breeder thanking them, this is my best catch yet and I can't stop freaking out over it. God.

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