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Great Lineages Found in AP

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I usually dont grab coastals but there were so many and Well, i just hoard holiday checkers!!

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Thanks Terces! As always, i wish i could have grabbed more but was locked with new releases. We should do a pre holiday breeding and flood the AP with our checkers together lol!



Haha, you're very welcome! That kinda of flood would be funny to see. xd.png


I always forget to post here when I find lineages I love >.<


Thanks Terces!


You're also welcome! I know the feeling. xd.png


Thanks mystery breeder for this Black x Silver checker! I have an unrelated Silver who is without a mate, hopefully they approve of each other.


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/zI7jb]Thank you, perzephone![/url]

You're welcome, but you might want to change that link to a lineage link smile.gif


Oh, and while I'm here, thank you, anonymous breeder, for this gem:


Spessartine x Desipis

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Hunting the AP has been very fruitful of late:

Sunstone from Desipis

Sunstone from Wrapping-wing

Gray from Graves

Brute from Graves

Moonstone from Shadow Walkers

Sunstone from Speckle-throat

Colossus from Anagallis

Some cool codes: Lucy and Moreu

And, perhaps most surprising of all, a Cheese


Thanks to all the breeders, and to whoever dropped Lucy and the Cheese. Best AP hunting I've done in a while.

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I got one of these as well!


... the mother's name should be "Gespenstisch" though wink.gif


You're welcome. Thank you for posting these; I always love seeing the eggs I breed go to good homes.

And thank you Ruby for pointing that out. The name's been changed. smile.gif


Here is my own lucky find. Thank you so much Terces for this lovely Gold x Canopy checker!

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Holy balls, caught this already-gendered-the-right-color tinselkin as a nearly ER hatchling in the cave! Thank you unknown breeder (and whoever dropped it, if they were somebody besides the breeder!)


EDIT: And we can add a lovely gold x marrow checker to my lucky grabs tonight! Thanks Shinypants!

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Some more holiday checkers:

https://dragcave.net/lineage/aBLyr - Blue Banded x Shadow Walker, thank you sfts!

https://dragcave.net/lineage/vNncl - Moonstone x Lurker, thank you sfts again!

https://dragcave.net/lineage/0zsD1 - Dark Myst x Pumpkin, thank you sfts again!

You're very welcome, it's good to know that my eggs got a good home!



Here are a few of my recent beauties:

Thank you, jerzeeshadow1 & idril, from whom I got this pair.

Thank you, munificent & anon breeder, for these nice combinations.

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What a beauty! Thanks so much, tishvara!




ETA: OMG http://dragcave.net/lineage/kgLm1 Just. Wow. Thank you mystery breeder!


ETA2: This one made me laugh out loud at the code. I don't generally collect Black Tips, but THIS one stays on my Scroll just for the giggles. I think it's from the same breeder as above. Again, thanks for laugh.



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