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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Randomly wandered into the AP and grabbed this out of curiosity. What a lovely magi stairstep, plus it has a caveborn alt black on top! It would be fabulous if it alted by any chance. biggrin.gif


Edit: Its first ancestors are a pair of Thuweds! ohmy.gif

That was mine. Glad to see it found a good home. smile.gif

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I remember I felt so lucky snagging this precious bab, because, oh my gosh! Silver Tinsel! So pretty! Then I looked at the lineage, and...




I don't even care that much about lineages but I have to appreciate this. Plus, SHE'S RELATED TO PENK AAAAAA

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This RC x RA check. (Why yes, I do have a lot of those. Too many! I need an intervention!)


Now I have a White x Yule that's NOT inbred. I hope I can find a mate for her.


A high gen White x Rosebud unrelated to mine, though mine's two generations down so it's not likely they're going to be used together any year soon.


I was fishing for pinks and was delighted to find a poem lineage in this one.


Thank you Keolah, stargazer_7 and KakashiMorph!

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