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Great Lineages Found in AP

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eta: Also, I never got to posting these. A while back, I picked up a few purebreds from harlequinraven.

A 4th gen PB red

And a breeding pair of 3rd gen PB purples

Thanks Harlequinraven. I've had purebreds of both breeds sitting on my scroll gathering dust for a long time and these gave me a reason to start working on them again. smile.gif

You're very welcome! biggrin.gif I am glad you can put them to good use. happy.gif

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I love these Sunstones!


#1 and #2


Thank you, Dirtytabs! wub.gif

You're welcome!


Thanks, joanwhatson for this gemshard for freezing and whoever for dropping a CB seragamma wyvern and hooktalon. I was looking for a few more of those. smile.gif

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Omg, thank you so much, iznasha87!


A beautiful male pink x female silver checker!


Now if only I had one opposite of it...male silvers x female pinks..*plots plans*



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Thank you tishavara for this lovely checker! biggrin.gif I needed more incubates and this was a wonderful find.

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