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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Just found this Bronze shimmer x copper in the AP.

Thanks, chemirecat!

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Shoutout to Stellaluna22 for breeding this beautiful xeno.

Awe no prob happy.gif I breed my xenos weekly!


This is the first time someone's said I dropped an egg here xd.png


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You're welcome. smile.gif


Thanks Alectrona for this beautiful Undine.

You're welcome, I'm glad to see he's gone to such a good home! I expect many more siblings will be going to the AP while I try to get an alt from them tongue.gif

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I thank the person who dropped this beautiful gift off at the Abandoned Page <3!!!




I wuv him so much ^-^



Wow OMGoodness another <3



Thank you for whoever droped this lovely off too <3!!


I thank both unnameable people for these amazing gifts, I will love and cherish them ^-^!



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Oh my goodness ;o; Thank you so much; I'm always happy to find Black Tea eggs in the AP but this lineage makes it all the more special to me.

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I managed to fish this beauty from the Pillow wall, thank you so much breeder!



This combination is always gorgeous, thank you Iside!



I rarely find Guardian checkers this large, thank you breeder! It will be treasured.

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Thank you breeders! biggrin.gif Now I just need to find mates for them.

Aww, that's one of mine! You're welcome; I'd offer to breed a mate for it but I haven't yet found a Pumpkin to make a pair. Maybe this Hallowe'en!



I've mostly been picking up CB eggs from the AP, so I'd just like to thank those people for helping me fill my scroll goals absently while I'm busy with university and things.

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Thank you breeder. I haven't tried breeding for PB's yet, but this was a big help! happy.gif


Also, thanks to the one whose been dropping a bunch of CB's in the AP. I've caught seven nice new dragons. Three magelights, a water, a vampire, Two-headed green lyndwyrm and a Nhiostrife.


Also thanks to Umbee for this and this! biggrin.gif



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