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Great Lineages Found in AP

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When you click random eggs in the AP and find 2nd gens with awesome parents' codes like these...


And you're like "OH MY GOD. S0r0k4 is breeding again..."


Seriously, I have plenty of these but I just can't have enough xd.png

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Found in May:

Epic Tinsel-/Gold-kin Horse - thanks Chanilove!

Terrae from code parents - thanks mystery breeder!

Beautiful EG Shimmer - thanks mystery breeder!

Harvest from Frill - thanks "Freaky" breeder!

Terrae x Ice checker - thanks tjenni!

Olive from code parents (and he already has a family) - thanks Rally Vincent!


Found in June:

Silver x Vine checker - thanks AngelsPunishment!

Z-coded Almandine with super pretty lineage - thanks mystery breeder!

Terrae x Snow Angel (I can't continue it because my Snow Angels are white, but it's sooo pretty!) - thanks Terces!

Almandine x Solstice - thanks again, Terces!

Fever Wyvern x Grave - thanks Chalkboard!

Striped River from Valentine 09 - thanks mystery breeder!

Cassare from Magi + Desipis lineage - thank you s0r0k4! (I bred him a mirror mate to make this and will soon be able to add another generation.)

Purple x Red checker - thanks tishavara!

Black x Valentine 09 checker (ooh pretty!) - thanks Aleoleo!

Black Tinselkin Thuwed with a funny code - thanks Rivera!

Seragamma x Pyrope checker (unexpected combination, beautiful!) - thanks s0r0k4!

Striped River from a GoN who apparently took some time to be summoned - thank you tempestsea!

Brute with Desipis, GoN, and AoD - thanks Lyncerta!

Brute from Desipis (I just love those breeds biggrin.gif ) - thanks tishavara!

Blacktip x Seragamma checker - thanks s0r0k4!

Blacktip with Old Pink base - Oh I remember, there were all those pretty lineages from s0r0k4 in the AP and (as always) not enough scroll space, but in the end I was happy with what I found. biggrin.gif Thank you!

Fever Wyvern with Arsani + Radiant Angel - thanks Wortgewaltig!

Fever Wyvern from Solstice (named after the code - it's either reindeer number 8 d, or a reindeer with a big-eyed smiley) - thanks Beldarius!

Cassare from GoN - thanks herobrine111!

Gemshard from Gold (not exactly the right color, but pretty!) - thanks mystery breeder!

Falconiform with Prizes - thanks tjenni!

Frostbite from Mistletoe (the code justifies the spelling) - thanks kammo!

Another Brute from Desipis - thanks Lavinia!


(Okay, this was just the first half of June, but I'm tired, and you all are probably tired of reading. tongue.gif I seriously need to post here more often instead of letting the AP finds pile up like this...)

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I was too late to obtain ~Please only post dragons you own for the protection of the owner~,but who would ever abandon it o.O?

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Thanks, Dirtytabs for this 3rd gen undine x blacktip checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/eNTiJ ! It's great. An actual blacktip checker. =D

You're welcome, Sock. I have plans for other not-as-loved, common breeds, but they're stalled for obvious reasons. tongue.gif


Managed to nab this wormy in the brief drove of xenowyrm eggs. I hope you don't mind me freezing it, breeder.

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I'm guessing I'm not the only one who completed missed the fact that there was a gold in the AP because I definitely didn't click on this with any amount of speed: https://dragcave.net/lineage/pCUKd A beautiful 3rd gen heartseeker x gold checker from the lovley cyradis4. Thanks!

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I was quite impressed with the work that went into this 7g PB water, especially since it's not inbred. Nicely done, LadyOfAutumn!



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You double posted the second one. I really wanted to see what that last one was. laugh.gif

Thank you. biggrin.gif I just put correct link. biggrin.gif

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