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Great Lineages Found in AP

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*cheers Silversnout on to produce a silver*

What do you know - it worked!! Silversnout gave me a Silver egg yesterday.

And could I leave well enough alone and be happy I'm finally on my way to a 4th gen (IF there is no refusal and no misgendering)? No, not me...

I picked up this beauty from the AP:




Unfortunately, it's related to my other 3rd gen, and I don't have 4 male CB Silvers. Therefore, this project is far from dead. It will, however, rest a while after I've got that 4th gen.

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2nd gen. Pink from Old Pink x Gold, Thank you sara4cows!


I've got zero chance of a matching mate, but thank you lollipop00 for this copper!

Hopefully you will find one someday, and your welcome! Glad you like it biggrin.gif


I still need to find another blood line so I can keep the line going xd.png

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I've got zero chance of a matching mate, but thank you lollipop00 for this copper!


And I'd be surprised to find a similarly lineaged black for this pink from an unknown breeder.


Thank you for this pink lady, tishavara !

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Thank you Alectrona! You breed some beautiful dragons.

I was just breeding these guys again and realised I never replied to you! I meant to thank you for your lovely words, it's so nice to know when something you've bred is appreciated. It's also nice to see them go to such a good home, I know you take good care of them smile.gif

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user posted image user posted image


I also have to give a big thank you to whoever is dropping all the CB Fleshcrown eggs in the ap *w* I have gotten 4 babies this way.

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I found this guy in the AP. Why would you abandon that?

Because Golden Wyverns are actually fairly common.


Anagallis from Gaia - thanks SunsetRose

Cassare from Nocturne - thanks tishavara

Cassare from Mint - thanks cyradis4

Cassare from Whiptail

Tercingo from Thunder

3G Flamingo from Silver

Cassare from Cavern Lurker - thanks Dark_Cynder

Flamingo from Horse

Flamino from Gold

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Thanks harlequinraven - although I don't agree with the code wink.gif

Haha! That was one of my ones bred to auto-abandon, so I didn't even see the code. Glad it went to a good home! biggrin.gif

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