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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Pretttyyy wub.gif

Thank you for breeding Daydreamer09!

Thank you for giving it a good home. :3

Glad I'm not the only one who likes that pattern.


And ckcot... *gives a breeder hug*

That's actually the first non request or gift egg that I've bred from the parents. So I'm really happy to see it being loved. biggrin.gif


And my own special find for the day.


I think I'll try building a waverunner x flamingo mate.

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Oh wow - so it is ! I want one !


I would love to know who got my brain fart auto'd 7th gen even grey egg yesterday. It was all my own fault, and I am kicking myself big time (it was for a gift) but while I am not asking for it back, I'd love to know where it lives ! The finder fogged it at once, so I guess they didn't want anyone asking for its return - it's unfogged now, but no name shows. If it was you...? I just like to know these things ! Enjoy it...

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@fuzzbucket, I assume I have your egg. I just came here to post it, I didn't do so yesterday because I was going to sleep and didn't want to risk it being put in hatcheries too soon. PMing you. smile.gif

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Bless you for telling me. I really do NOT want it back (the giftee has another instead, already) so please enjoy it. I just wanted to be sure it was safe from biting, murder, etc. blink.gif


You have PM too ! I will make sure it has a LOVER, in due time xd.png


But NAME it or I will curse you for ever !

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^The pink Tinsel (Penk) Is a spriter's alt. The person who made the Tinsel sprites received a recoloured version of a silver tinsel and named it 'Penk'. The reason it's a recoloured Silver Tinsel is because all Tinsel offspring from Penk are Silver Tinsels. Spriter's alts cannot make more of themselves.




:> Nice lineage, though. *is envious*

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LOL at this Deep Sea!


I'm just rescuing random eggs in the AP and found that even 4 gen deep sea, influenced female.


And this poor 2 gen ridgewing which was bred from both cb purple ridges are also rescued from the AP.


EDIT: also, that deep sea was a PB. Wonder why that thing would be in the AP.

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I found this rather pretty Thuwed descended Ultraviolet a while ago!

I was hoping I'd find the little baby here. Thanks! biggrin.gif

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Picked up this little guy from the giant flood of Neotropical eggs dumped into the AP earlier today.


Boy am I suddenly glad that I did that.


One person's tinsel-fail is another's treasure. Plus, this is my first stairstep lineage ever. (Shame I won't be able to continue the lineage...)

And it doesn't hurt that green and silver are two of my favorite colors. :3

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