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Great Lineages Found in AP

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I thinks eggs from scrolls being burnt end up on the AP, too.

nope, they do not. So someone probably dropped it.


I have found so many lovely things in the AP over the past few weeks! Thank you so much to:


Thanks patterns for this cool Sunsong/Copper/Shimmer lineage. smile.gif

You're all welcome. smile.gif


BTW: I breed all those 4g lines for crimson hatchies, if anyone does not want to wait for AP-stuff to show up. biggrin.gif

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I managed to snag these glorious babies which is nice because Gold-tipped SA lineages (which are the ones I own) seem hard to catch for whatever reason. Thanks Breeder!

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Damn! I had a chance to get both the tinsel, and a copper shimmer, was that shimmer yours?

Don't think so. xd.png The other two Shinies were a Bronze Shimmer from White, Gold Tinsel from Ribbon Dancer and White from Bronze Tinsel (this one got vamped).

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After umpteen long/messy/inbred lineaged rejects, I finally found a CB Albino egg in the AP last night. Need one to mate one of my 2nd gen Halloweens from last year (though personally I dislike the sprite and don't have an adult on my scroll), and have been searching the AP and Cave for over a week. Funny how what used to be a frequent cave blocker seems to have vanished from there now.




Thank you so much to whoever dropped this, it's really appreciated smile.gif

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