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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Oh wow, didn't even notice that code! Might have kept it if I had. xd.png

S/he will probably live up to it--check out the parents' descriptions. wink.gif


Thank you for posting as well!

Descriptions are great laugh.gif

I can give it back to you, I don't really care about codes. I just thought it was nice coincidence - that evil code and halloween lineage biggrin.gif

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Just realized that I had this little beauty, caught from the ap a year ago xd.png

and also caught this pretty tsunami a while ago


thanks so much, breeders!

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Aw bad luck Ruby. Still it will look quite striking.


I keep finding Caveborns at the moment so no interesting lineages to post. Why are there so many Caveborns in the AP?

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I was looking for a second gen to be a mate for the one I caught yesterday but this was too pretty to toss back.


Thank you Sany. smile.gif

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I happened to pick up a handful of some 2nd gens with fun parent codes a while ago. smile.gif

Bathroom humor

Thanks Rally Vincent. smile.gif

Love the bathroom humor one. Its code even adds to the fun. biggrin.gif

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