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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Found this


Lovely, but what makes this extra special and dear to me is that it seems every generation is from a different owner, like they all had the same idea.


I hope my egg is a female, so that if one day I'll get a male Golden Wyvern CB, I'll continue to cycle and drop an egg in AP for the next person. xd.png


OMG yesssss it gender right! biggrin.gif

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I'm trying to catch up with posting my pretty AP finds once again. They are too many, so I'm just picking the most interesting ones:


Finding a name for this one drove me crazy. It's what I call a "diamond" lineage, there is "Unbelievable" in the ancestors' names, and Neil Diamond wrote "I'm a believer". But there is also "I want to believe" on a poster on Fox Mulder's wall, and the dragon's father has "Fox(glove)" in his name.  biggrin.gif  Thanks tarotlover.

Awesome. This is the first time I have been mentioned in this thread, albeit I noticed it a little late. xd.png


So glad you like the lineage, Confused Cat! happy.gif I am glad you had fun naming it as well. happy.gif I love finding nice names for all of my dragons. Like you, if they are lineaged ones, I like to name them based on their lineage. smile.gif





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Glad you like it!

It is just beautiful! Thankyou for dropping that. Did you breed that other silver too? I just missed that one.

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