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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Oh wow, that pairing worked out gorgeous! There's just enough red hints in the Embers to pull the whole thing together. Nice catch! <3

It looks like Blacks to me - instead of Embers.

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Look at this beauty I found after a day of hunting. With all of the red nebula's I have lying around, I think I'll try to breed them a mate.

@Odds: Derp. I meant this one! <3



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I'm way behind posting some recent lucky catches, but this one was really outstanding, one of the most beautiful pairings I've ever seen: https://dragcave.net/lineage/veGrm. Thank you so much, patterns!

You're welcome. If you need a mate, call me, i got plenty of 2gs.

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Found a few pretty ones in the past few days!


Super pretty, love the use of tinsel/metal fails.

Purple Ridgewing from Tan Ridgewing and GoN. Caught as a hatchling! And I can breed it a mate, too.

Pretty summer with a few different types of seasonals.

Got a few different shimmer lines in there.

Golden Wyvern x Red checker


May have posted these already but I'm not sure...

Nhiostrife x Hellhorse checker

Silver x Water... Actually don't remember picking this one up.

Water x Shinies


Thank you breeders!

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Good luck catching the gift I threw in! ~Removed~This is somewhere in the AP...


~This topics is for finds not announced gifts.~

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I caught one just like yours, & won the nebula coloration lottery with it, crossing my fingers yours does the same!

Oh thanks SO much! My luck with Nebs of late has been non-existent. So any help at all is muchly 'preciated!

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