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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Someone dropped a CB ember into the AP. Why would you do that? I love you for it anyways. It's going to a loved home.

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Oh wow, I just found this amazing pretty on the AP. Thank you SO much to whoever dropped it. It will be loved. wub.gif

That's a lovely lineage! Wow, I'm so jealous. ohmy.gif That's one of the nicest looking lineages I've seen in ages. Great combo!

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Not sure if it's a Thuwed, but it's my first alt vine:





Can someone tell me if it's a Thuwed or not?

It's a Thuwed. You can tell by the number of views/unique views/clicks the 1st gen Thuweds have. Also, only TJ could have a 1st gen Alt.

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Click. Picked this one up a couple days ago. Pretty. <3 I'd like to continue the lineage...

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Found this one in March: http://dragcave.net/lineage/1pAB4


And this awesome one I grabbed in January: http://dragcave.net/lineage/0oDuv


found this one yesterday: http://dragcave.net/lineage/GeVQF

I would kill for that arrowhead. ohmy.gif


I've got a lovely set here.


How often do you see a quadriple stairstep lineage with tinsels? There's, bronze tinsel x skywing, silver tinsel x blue nebbie, silver tinsel x mixture (also descended from Penk, forgot to mention), and another silver tinsel x mixture. It's name is fully based on it's code. Exactly as the name looks is it's code.


Short tinsel fail but the names are funny. The whole lineage (Except for the 1st Terrae I think) has something to do with waffles. Hence the name I've given the terrae hatchie. Also the code has 'Joze' in it. Also, my first male terrae.


This was a lovely catch. Silver Tinsel x Ice. stairstep. Sadly, I cannot continue it. I think I chose the perfect name for the hatchie. It's based on it's lineage. The tinsel it is descended from's name is 'Dawn's Silver Medal' and there's ices. It's name is 'Ice and Dawn'.




Terrae x Gold tinsel stairstep. I'm planning on breeding this one with the other Terrae tinsel fail. ^^ It's name is a mixture of it's parent's names. Which I think turned out nicely.

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