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Great Lineages Found in AP

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I found a couple of pretty Stripes today - I really must pick up more Stripes, I only have one adult of each colour. Anyway, this one is a Green Stripe colourfail from an alternating White/Black Stripe EG - little guy obviously wants to stand out from the crowd. laugh.gif Meanwhile my other catch is an absolutely stunning White Stripe from a male White Stripe x female Silver checker. wub.gif

Thanks to LadyAmlaruil2 for the first! The breeder of the second has their scroll name hidden, but if it's someone here, I'd just like to say that I adore it and it'll have a good home!

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I just caught this Moonstone. It's related to the Shimmerscale, Jewel! biggrin.gif

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I've had a good evening and a decent week of AP finds:


From AngelsPunishment I got a 3GE Guardian x Silver Checker that I gifted to a good friend (so no link here) but still thank you!

2G Black from HS x Black - Its code makes it a very special mate for another very special 2G V-day Coded Male - So perfect - Thanks Ryuu Dragon Owner!

Igoreete - Thanks for the 4GE Shimmer Checker Shimmer x Moonstones - Very Pretty, makes me want another moonstone to continue this, so angelic looking!

Balloon from 4GE Balloon x Silver Checker - Double Bonus Here, found it as a hatchling! So thanks to the Mystery Breeder and Hatcher!

Found a CB RB Hatchling as well - So another thank you mystery hatcher!


Think that was most of it!

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Found this pretty shiny in the ap - thanks to the breeder! smile.gif


Grabbed this white a while ago - valentine's in the base with alts. - thanks to natayah!

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