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Great Lineages Found in AP

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I just picked up a deadline Tinsel off the AP. Just curious, since the tombstones don't have any traceable lineages, does that make its parents closer in value to CBs...?

No, it just means that the parents were killed before the change in deadlines. It used to be that dead dragons were completely erased from the system, and were therefore unclickable. It has absolutely nothing to do with what lineage they had (I have an older one, too and his dad was nowhere near being CB).


Great find, though!

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This lovely for my frozen collection; it coloured "right", too =)

glad one of my christmas checkers finally ended up here :3


i went terrae hunting!


3EG checker with female Ices

3EG checker with female Ices, unrelated!

3EG checker with male Pebbles!

3EG checker with male Pebbles, unrelated!

5EG checker with male Pebbles!


i tried to find pebbles in the AP that were hopefully bred by the same breeder but no luck :c maybe i'll try to make my own mates for all of these squishies.

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Few hours ago I bred for the first time my 3rd gen gold x black dragons, and got un unexpected gold egg.


And now I just caught a black egg in the AP, expecting the usual messy lineage to have an alt lotto. Instead it was an unrelated 4th gen from gold x black lineage!

One of my best AP catches ever biggrin.gif



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Hey! My sister bred that! Hahahaha. She loves the little pygmies, she also did the They Might Be Giants ones, and whatnot. She's now working on a Miss Lucy.

Ahh! So I have a few of hers. Tell her thanks - I have two (IIRC) from TMBG. =D



That is pretty. o.o

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