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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Thank you, Rally Vincent, for bringing out my inner geek with this great little nebula. I've got a name to go with the reference all picked out & ready on a placeholder.

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Herk found this pretty pink and gifted it to me since I love Sweetling lineages and luckily I can breed a mirrored mate. It's gonna be the pinkocalypse. <3


Thanks to tjenni for breeding it!

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Today was a lucky day - got a few very pretty lineages from the AP smile.gif

All gold mixes: Gold Wyvern, Sunsong, and Terrae


~Thank you to the breeders!~


Also, this 5th gen Magi with a Sweetling base...(Sweetlings are one of my favorites)


~Thanks to the breeder!~ smile.gif

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I...I am at a loss for words...


I just...WOW...




And I've had such a hard day. What a wonderful treat happy.gif


Edit: It's a lucky night for me o.o


Double Edit: Seriously, what is going on ohmy.gif


Not that I'm complaining tongue.gif

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Latest beauties:

4th gen Tri-Horn from Tri-Horn/Ice checker - Thank you breeder!

3rd gen White with 3 Spriter's Alts! So pretty. - Thank you norbercik!

3rd gen Purple Dorsal Tinselfail too bad it didn't color correctly, still gonna keep it though - Thank you Absolute!

3rd gen Mint Tinselfail - Thank you again Absolute!

3rd gen Mint Tinselfail - Thank you 42!

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7GE PB Magi Thanks Herk! I wanted a higher gen PB BSA because I have a few other PBs and PB BSAs that are looking for loving in all the right teleports! I grabbed it to be an "any AP egg" for a teleport offer, but obviously I went fishing for something else and kept this gem!

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