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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Thank you breeders!

Yey one of my eggs made it into this thread. I kind of dump some there instead of using departure threads on the hopes of getting a mention here smile.gif

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Whoever bred this incredibly lovely copper, thank you x 1,000,000 because I thought I was going to have to bend over backwards to find my lonesome gold a mate. wub.gif Much appreciated!!!

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Just got this from the AP biggrin.gif


First I saw it but was locked, then someone else grabbed it. But after half an hour that someone dropped him again and I had time to abandon one of my eggs and grab him.


she & he will look after the little prince biggrin.gif


And I acn't believe none of their countless children so far has been named Kheva blink.gif


Thanks Vinr biggrin.gif

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Hehe, someone finally recognized the names! Ah, that's awesome. Glad you got him! xd.png

Felt a bit bad making Porenn a balloon, but Rhodar... it was just too perfect.


Gotta love Eddings. <3


As for catches, just caught these two. At about the same time. Kind of shocked I managed them both. O___o

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