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Great Lineages Found in AP

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I snagged her from the AP.


Today, she actually accepted my Yulebuck, and they produced this! Which I dropped into the AP, because I am awesome like that biggrin.gif

I was just going through the older pages of this thread and found this. I'm the one who snagged the vine egg you dropped. Thank you! Luckily, she liked my Frill male; I dropped their offspring in the AP to continue the trend.


A few of my other AP catches:

2nd gen Silver from years ago

2nd gen Ridgewing Tinsel fail

4th gen Shallow Water


I caught most of my tinsels in the AP as well.


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I am so tired of picking up vine hatchlings (Its an impulse to click on any hatchie in the AP I see)


And I was just about to abandon this little guy when I saw the lineage



I was so surprised, usually the vine hatchies I pick up are ugly sleep.gif

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I caught this beautiful 3G white egg earlier, but I had to drop it back into the AP to make space for a gift. Not at all regretted, mind you - the gift is so much more awesome laugh.gif and I was going to trade the eggie out for miscellany anyway, but it was one of the prettiest lineages I've picked up.

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I was very impressed when I picked up this bronze tinsel. :3 8th generation evengen madness, I should say. Maybe it's not super tidy where all dragons are pretty much the same breed, but I find this more interesting. It's like a map of different lineage projects that people found interesting and then combined into this baby.


If anyone owns ancestors to this dragon, or was the one to breed him, you have my thanks. =)

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