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Great Lineages Found in AP

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Something I've been wondering about with the AP.  Sometimes people find an egg that have a well-known dragon in its (distant) ancestry.  When naming the hatchling, is it considered proper to choose a name that includes that ancestor's name?  (Like they do with horses, or dogs.)  Or is that something you need to get permission from the famous ancestor's owner to do? 


I see a lot of lineages with dragons that have long complicated names that end in something significant, like Thuwed or Dorkface, so I'm curious how the naming comes about.  (And, admittedly, daydreaming.)  rolleyes.gif

If a dragon comes from a Thuwed or Midas Dorkface, even if it's 37 generations back, and even if none of the other dragons carried on the name, it's still perfectly fine to add the name to it. You don't have to get any kind of permission for that at all. smile.gif


Of course, it's also perfectly fine to not continue with the name, even if you're naming, say, a 2nd gen Thuwed. People often choose to add the names, but it's not an issue not to.


I should mention here that, technically, you're allowed to name any of your dragons with those names, regardless of lineage. But for the sake of avoiding confusion and a kind of general consensus on DC lineage etiquette, those names are usually just given to dragons that descend from the originals.

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Thank you very much for the info, skauble! I'm really enjoying seeing what turns up on the AP. smile.gif

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gloryKAT, looking for your Silver I found this one. Thank you breeder!



My first bronze Shimmer, thank you Zylara!


CDM, thank you for the offer! I may take you up on that.

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Over the last couple of days I've picked up a bunch of pretties, including a 3rd gen PB GW, a 4th gen stairstep icex gold tin ice egg, a gold tin x moonstone stairstep gold tin egg, and just now an 8th gen even gen silver tin that I really should abandon because I'm now locked...but the fact that I'll be able to breed 9th gen even gen tins now is just too tempting to resist. xd.png Thanks breeders!

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I've been Shimmerkin hunting recently and I've had a lot of fun. No idea what I'll breed these lovelies with but I love the lines!






smile.gif Also found this beauty:



Would like to construct a mate for it. Halfway there (by random finds ... though I'm unsure if I should keep hunting for a bronze and make it a perfect match).


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